Mr.Bossy - Happy Lowman

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Knowing your place bullshit. Happy thinks he could boss you around in front of everyone. You couldnt take it anymore.
Packing your suitcase not noticing Happy in the door way. That smug look on his face, tooth pick rolling in his mouth, arms crossed acting like hes God himself standing there.
“What do you think your doing little girl”. wasnt really a question more a demand.
“I’m getting the hell out of here, I cant take you bossing me around anymore in the bedroom is one thing but out in public, in front of my family. Not going to happen any more”.
“Your mine you know that. You took my crow and that ring on your finger says so too”. Cockyness seeping out with every word.
“Yeah your right but when I married you, you were different. Now you treat me like arm candy instead of a old lady”. You saw red in your eyes, you were mad.
“Y/N you knew the deal when we got together, I don’t do good with relationship”.
“Then you shouldnt have married me it was that simple now get out of my way”.
“You come back here now”. He said walking out of the room
“No you aint my daddy”.
“Oh I’m not you say”.
He caught up with you and pushed you to the nearest wall. His tongue fighting for dominance
He didnt stop kissing you as he ripped your shirt down the middle.  He grasped you breast roughly. You moaned at the sudden contact. He hoisted you up on the wall as he sucked your nipples. All you could do was claw his head to steady yourself.
Laying you on the floor he took off his shirt as you undid your bra. You helped each other unbuttoned your buttons and zipper. Grabbing his hard cock you started to move you hand as Happy slipped his hand down yours doing figure 8’s on your clit.
“Oh god Happy, I want you”.
“Whats that baby”.
“Please fuck me Daddy”.
“With pleasure”.
He eagerly took your pants off, seeing your glistening pussy just for him.  He pushed his boxers down lined himself up and roughly pushed in. You gasped at the feeling of being filled.
His pace was hard and rough oh god how you loved it. His rough hand roamed your body stopping at your hips leaving finger prints for sure. You clawed him up and down leaving red marks, your butt squeaking on the hard wood floor underneath you.
“Harder Daddy Harder”.        
“Fuck Little Girl your so fucking tight”. “I’m not going to last much longer”.
“Me either, make me come please”.
“Whats the magic words”. Happy said smiling.
“Please Daddy can I come”.
“Come for me Y/N”
You clenched around Happy as you came, you saw fireworks bursting. Happys thrusting became weak as he pulled out and came all over you stomach. He laid beside you. Panting and all sweaty you laced your fingers together and Happy wrapped his arm around your shoulder.
“Will you stay if I promise to not boss you around outside of the bedroom and if theres no danger”.
“Yes I will, how can I leave when I just had the best orgasm ever”. “Plus I love you and I know you mean well sometimes”.
“I just want the best for you”.
“As do I, I love you Mr. Lowman”.
“I love you Mrs.Lowman
You laid on the floor for a long time talking about what was considered bossy. You knew a relationship with Happy was going to have ups and downs but you would take those any day with the man you loved.

Mrs. Tahira Qazi

It was 16th Dec, 2014 morning when she woke up for the very last time in this world, got ready and was supposed to leave for work at 7:30am, however her driver got late and she left at 8:00 am. She spent her these last thirty minutes with her son, where not only did they share happy moments, but also planned for the day activities. It was 10:30 am when her son received a call from the Rescue 1122 office by a senior officer, who was also his friend, asking ‘where is bibi’. Her son then in a meeting, gave him her number and said 'she must be in her college where else’. Two minutes afterwards, the same guy called again and asked Ahmad to call his mother where she was as she wasnt getting connected and the school had been attacked. Hearing that had literally stopped everything around him as it was beyond imagination that a school could be attacked like that. However, he went back home, informed the family and search for her began. He would continuously call her along with all other family members but she wouldn’t receive the call. Her phone would either be busy or she would disconnect the call until her number was not responding anymore. The family still hoped that she was safe as all officers and her colleagues who would come back, said that she was fine and will be out in a bit. The family was asked to go through all the dead bodies in the hospital and see if she was there, so her son had to gather the courage and went through them but still no luck. Thus, he waited for his mother to arrive safe and sound, praying hard till late at night, where she did come back but not alive. It was surely the biggest jolt ever, losing such a wonderful person, a mother, a wife, a sister, a friend and a Principal, but on the other hand also a person to be proud off who acted like a true captain of the ship, leading from the front and didnt let her children fight the battle alone but instead stood with them, confronted the terrorists and embraced shahadat taking the bullet from the front. She surely has set an example of true leadership for generations to follow.

According to the witnesses, she had a chance of saving her life twice, however twice she refused, putting those children on priority. When she was asked to leave, she replied that “ I will go with the last child leaving the school until then I am here, and will try to save as many as possible”. Also those colleagues who were hiding in the rooms near to the place of her death confessed that she had confronted the terrorists asking them to take her phone and call anyone they want and pose all their demands but to leave the children alone. When the terrorists refused to follow and asked her to hand over the kids, she refused to cooperate and said ’ talk to me, I am their mother, and leave them alone.“ It was then that they heard the bullet shot and soon after a heavy blast inside the administration block.

She was a woman who was chosen for the duty she performed, and that day she refused to talk to her family or any of her loved one, but remained focused saving as many lives as possible of those children who had become a victim of a barbaric attack from the terrorists. She became a mother of those, who needed it bad at that time, not caring for her own. She surely earned herself the highest ranks in the life of hereafter and deserves the same in this world. May Allah grant her the highest place in Jannat. Amin.

Ahmad Qazi (Son of the greatest and bravest person we know Mrs. Tahira Qazi)

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(1/2) what if clear broke down in front of their kid they would know whats happening to their daddy so they start crying and lay clear on their bed. The rest of the daddies are at work but they r able to get a hold of one of them. Noiz tries to fix him but it doesnt work sadly. So daddy clear wasnt there anymore, their kid was around 3 1/2 or 4 so ((From same anon if it doesnt make sense sorry i forgot alittle ovas fault))

(2/2) kinda forgot about clear theyd still know about his agsistance but forgot that clear was there daddy until one day they found a family album and ask who was the man with the white hair

Anon you hurt me ;-; I love you *smooch*

So here, more angsty headcanons this time featuring Clear dying and all the others surviving.

•He wouldn’t give any warning to the boys about it, everything was normal

•Well maybe he mentioned he’s feeling tired, Noiz said he’d take care of it, but due to work and taking care of the baby, they have postponed it

•That day all the daddies are out, Clear stayed to look after the baby

•The child finds his daddy, laying on the bed, still and cold. They cry, moving his lifeless body desperately

•When the others return they cry as well, Noiz tries his best to fix him, hands shaking and sweat cold, yet he doesn’t manage to do much. Clear is gone

•They all dress him up again, Noiz holds Clear to his chest, Mink prays for him to find his own heaven, one for souls as pure as his. Koujaku is the most devastated, Aoba and Ren hold everyone as they cry.

•They all sing the jellyfish song for him

•Now the years have passed, most things have gone back to normal, except the child doesn’t seem to remember their father Clear as anything else but a distant memory of an angel in their dreams.

•They find a family album that they thought was long lost, (from the time they were born until they were 5)

•The album, as expected, is full of pictures of themselves and their family, all five of them… Actually, there are six men in the picture, one of them is all white and sometimes gets lost in the background, but he’s there, he holds the child as he smiles, daddy Koujaku seems to know him, they’re hugging in one of the pictures, and daddy Aoba definitely knows him

•the child feels like crying, they’re not sure why, as the pictures change and the child grows, the white man disappears, and suddenly something seems to be missing in the pictures

•A soft singing voice wakes Aoba up, the rest of them are asleep, he wonders if he’s dreaming. Aoba leaps out of bed, heart pounding almost out of his chest, the voice takes him to his child’s room, now empty, a sudden chill tells him the window is open, he hurries, sticking his head out, no matter where he looks his child is not there, but the singing continues somewhere above him, when he looks up he finds his child, the singing stops. “What are you doing?” Aoba asks

“Singing” they reply

“What are you singing?”

The child shrugs

“Why are you in the rooftop?”

They shrug again, hugging their legs closer to their chest

“Dad…” They say “what happens to jellyfish when they die?”

“…what?” He asks “why do you ask?”

“A long time ago, a man came to me during my dreams and asked me that question, I didn’t know what to answer so I said they spent time with other jellyfish that had also died, while taking care of their families from above” the child explains.

Aoba smiles “I’m sure they do”