i love servant of two masters because if merlin really wanted to kill arthur he could have just waved his hand and bam - dead. like, he’s killed so many people that way. but he goes through all these convoluted schemes to assassinate arthur instead. and that just tells me that the real merlin was in there fighting. even possessed, merlin would never let anyone or anything - even himself - hurt arthur

maccha-latte  asked:

How would they react to being hit on while already being in a relationship?

2P!America: “…Hate to sound like a cunt but yooooo I’m off the market, babe!”

2P!China: “Wait, are you hitting on me?” After it clicked, he laughed and playfully waved it off with his hand. “Sorry sweetums, I have a girlfriend!”

2P!England: “Aah, th-thank you…! I suppose I… err well, there’s just this little…” He’d have a hard time pointing out he’s taken, because he wouldn’t want to come off as rude or hurt the person’s feelings.

2P!France: “Uh, look. I’m dating someone and I don’t want to screw it up already. So could you just…” Awkwardly, he’d try to send the other person away before his lover could notice.

2P!Russia: “I apologize for any trouble, but I’m in a relationship.”

2P!Italy: He’d smile charmingly and say, “That’s sweet of you, but I’m with someone…”

2P!Germany: “Whoa, slow down there, tiger.” He winked and added, “I have a girlfriend, you know.”

2P!Japan: “What a coincidence, my fiancée says that all the time…” Cleverly, he’d find a way to work his relationship status into the conversation.

2P!Canada: “Uhhh, here’s the thing. I’m kind of going out with someone, so…” Basically, he’d trail off and expect the person to handle it from there.

2P!Romano: “Awwwh look at you, how adorable! I appreciate the interest, but I’m taken… Sorry, boo.” Affectionately, he’d pat the person’s shoulder to show them it’s not a big deal and to just forget about it.

2P!Austria: He chuckled, “Ahh, you have good taste. However… you see, I am loyal to someone else–” He’d probably flash his engagement ring at this point, “Still, I wish you the best of luck, sweetheart.~”

2P!Prussia: Honestly, he’s pretty oblivious so it’d be hard for him to notice someone’s flirting with him unless they straight-up said it. “Wait… you like me?! I mean… I’m so sorry, but I can’t return your feelings… I’m happily married…”

It repulses me, how everytime I look into his eyes, I think of the deep blue waves in yours. It sickens me, how everytime he holds me, I remember the touch of your skin, the feeling of yours on mine. It hurts me, how you left, and I’m with someone that’s not you.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #915

“I love him because he’s my compass.” She said.

“What do you mean he’s your compass?” He asked.

“Well, for someone like me, after everything I’ve been through.. it’s easy to get caught up in the dark stuff. It’s easy to get lost in all the pain of the past and assume the worst of everyone.

It’s easy to assume that everyone wants to  hurt me and that everyone will hurt me. It’s easy to allow the waves of sadness and depression over power me but then I look at him, I think about him and it reminds me that there are good people in this world.

It’s like.. no matter how sad I get.. or how scared.. or how many times I try to run away, he always guides me back to a happier place, a  brighter place, a place I never thought existed without him. He always leads me back home, despite how lost I may get at times, he’s my compass.” She admitted. 

“Who would have ever thought that my compass would have stars for eyes and a devilish smile.” She said with a smile on her face.


~Excerpts from the book I’ll never write #160


8:43 pm

So I was driving with my younger brother, who is in 4th grade, and he saw that I had a small Palestinian flag in the back seat. 

He asked me if he could wave it out the window, and I told him sure. It’s one of those really small hand-waving flags with the short pole attached, so it’s not obstructive in any way at all.

Anyways, just minutes later, he lets out a gasp and asks me, freaking out, “Oh my God did you see that man???” and I thought someone had gotten hurt, I say no and ask what he means

Apparently some shithead in the car next to us aggressively flipped off my freaking 9 year old brother for waving the Palestinian flag

And in our 15 minute car trip, that wasn’t the only encounter, as afterwards he’d say “another one”, “look! He did it too!”, about another 6 times or so.

When we got out of the car, he asked why they would do that, and the innocence behind that question was heartbreaking, as despite him living in Palestine and being subject to Israeli hatred, despite him living in the most conservative shithole in the US that blasts us with anti-Arab & anti-Muslim sentiment at every corner, he still was taken aback by what occurred.

Like what kind of freaking grown-ass adult thinks to flip off a 9 year old?

I flipped two of the guys off in return when I saw them, and in one case, he revved up and got behind my car and started tailgating, him driving a massive white pickup truck and me in a little Camry.

He just stuck as close to my ass as possible, with my younger brother freaking out and closing his window and constantly looking behind us, only to see the dude flip us off again.

After a few minutes of tailgating, he charged ahead of us and started slowing down in front of me, before eventually speeding off.

Like can you imagine what it would take to be that great of a shithead? To be that freaking hateful that you find yourself flipped off children and then aggressively tailgating and attempting to intimidate them?

Good lord these people need to be freaking sent to the sun

Trust God, Keep Going.

Two things God told me today:

“you’re under attack because you’re doing something right.”


“I promise you child, I will get you through this.”

If you feel like you’re being spiritually attacked or if people have said things that hurt you, or if you feel like you can’t make it, understand that God will get you through the toughest circumstances, because He is God. He’s tougher than the storm, and not only that, but he controls the wind and the waves, and everything else in this universe. Hold on, trust God, and have hope that you’ll be on the other side one day and you’ll see how big the storm really was compared to God.

no fuckboy zone // middle fingers up, put them high. wave it in his face, tell that fuckboy bye

don’t hurt yourself + monologue - beyonce // no - meghan trainor // he ain’t wit me now (tho) - richgirl // i’m out - ciara ft. nicki minaj // lookin ass - nicki minaj // liar liar - girlicious ft. flo rida // let it go - keyshia cole ft. missy elliot & lil’ kim // i don’t need a man - pussycat dolls // 1 thing - amerie // comeback - ella eyre // confident - demi lovato // me too - meghan trainor // vroom vroom - charli xcx // vanity - christina aguilera // trophy - charli xcx // i’m dat chick - kelly rowland // you’re such a - hailee steinfeld // girls are always right - grl // grown - little mix // up out my face - mariah carey ft. nick minaj // needed me -rihanna // sorry + monologue -beyonce //


Sam Wilkinson - Loving girlfriend


I read his tweets all over and over again with my lips pressed together into a thin line. I furrowed my eyebrows as I scrolled down and read the reactions. Everyone was going crazy since Sam kind of asked Andrea Russett out, which would have been a cute gesture of him… if I wasn’t his girlfriend.

I know that we agreed on keeping it a secret, but that didn’t mean he could act like a single guy. It was disrespectful and I was hurt that he flirted with another girl on Twitter, where everyone could see it.

I locked my phone as I heard his car pull over in front of the house. Sam jumped out of the car and then waved at the driver as he walked up to the front door. Opening the door he immediately leaned closer to kiss me, but I turned away.

“Woah, what’s up baby?” he asked walking inside. I shut the door behind him and walked back to the kitchen not even caring if he followed me. But of course he did. He sat down next to me looking at me with furrowed eyebrows. “Baby, what’s wrong?”

“I don’t know,” I shrugged. “Ask the girl you asked out on Twitter,” I calmly said as I kept my eyes focused on my phone’s screen.

“What? That was just a joke, Andrea knows that I wouldn’t ask her out for real.”

“It may be a joke for you and her, but no one else thinks the same.”

“Come on, you know that I didn’t mean it.” He tried to grab my hand, but I pulled them away so he couldn’t reach me.

“Sam, you know how rude it was? I know that we are not public but it feels awful to see you flirt with other girls.” I stared at him as I felt my anger getting to me, even though I promised myself I would stay cool. I didn’t want to bitch about it, but it really hurt.

“Baby, I’m sorry, now I feel bad, okay?”

“Now? I don’t know what hurts more. The fact that my boyfriend asked someone else out or that he didn’t even think that it was a bad thing to do. I think you should go now.”

“Are you telling me to leave?” he asked with wide eyes.

“I assume yes. Think about how you should act when you are not single.”

I didn’t like fighting with Sammy, but this time he hurt me big time and the fact that he didn’t even realize was even worse. I could tell that he wanted to say something but then just sighed and standing up he left. I didn’t even know what I with sending him away, but I just didn’t want to hear his excuses.

I spent the evening with trying to get my mind away from Sam and what was going on on Twitter. Sam didn’t text or call me, which was also a bit hurtful, I thought he would fight a bit harder. I took a relaxing bath and I was ready to go bed, I jumped under my covers and I thought I would quickly check my social media accounts when I saw that I was tagged on a photo on Instagram. By Sammy.

I quickly opened the app and when the photo appeared on the screen I was shocked. It was a photo of us, we took it a few weeks ago, when I was sleeping over at his place. We were lying in his bed with our heads turned to each other, I had my eyes closed, but my smile was so wide. Sammy was looking at me grinning as my messy hair was everywhere around my head on the pillow.

It was one of my favourite photos of us and scrolling down I saw the caption:

“Hey guys, I’m here to make a kind of announcement. I love this girl on the photo. She is my girlfriend and I want you to know that we are dating. When I was fooling around with Andrea on Twitter earlier I didn’t mean it, because I have a loving girlfriend who I’m thankful for and I adore her more than anything. I love Andrea, but we are only friends. This girl is the only one in my life right now. I’m happy with her.”

I read it all over and over again feeling my heart starting to beat faster and faster, then I saw all the positive comments about us and how his fans shipped us. My grin was wider than ever and then he was calling me.

“You are so crazy,” I giggled answering the call.

“I’m sorry for being a dick earlier. It won’t happen again, okay?”

“Okay,” I sighed smiling to myself.

“Am I welcomed at your place?”

“Of course you are, silly.”

“Good, because I’ll be there in five.”

he looks at her and the moon shatters in the fragments of his eyes; ocean waves come pouring through the valleys and he’s knee-deep in denial and heartache and saltwater but there’s still a fire in his heart - still some hope left burning in the cradle of his ribs.

he tells me, “real love doesn’t hurt,” and i want to ask why he’s got those scars on his palms, then - why he’s got that smile stitched up around the corners so it won’t fall even when i can see avalanches breaking in his chest.

i ask him, “what do you see when you look at her?” and he whispers, hands gripping the steering wheel, white knuckles and black leather and sobs swallowed down a tense throat: “everything i want to become.”

real love doesn’t hurt, but there’s an ache in the hollow of his throat where the words he hasn’t said go to die, and every time he swallows them down i hear a funeral march beating its drums in my ears.

—  my boy has his heart in a coffin // (h.q)
Lu has a nightmare

“I dont love you anymore lucas.” You whispered. You stared into his oceanic eyes. They no longer held comfort but pain as you harshly glared up at his broken features. “Y/N i-i love you. Y-you promised me we’d stay together.” Luke desperately reached out for your hand as tears fogged his vision, tumbling down his pale cheeks in waves or hurt. Speaking through gritted teeth you cut him off, “shit happens Luke.” His lip quivered, “you know that.” You glared at him one last time before turning away. He didn’t know what to do, he was speachless. All of those times he had brought you flowers -wild ones, the kind you liked- just to see you smile. All those nights he spent in between your thighs proving his love for you meant nothing. The lazy mornings you would spend wrapped up in his larger frame didn’t even phase you. You just slipped away. He couldn’t accept that, needing to prove his affection for you even if you had forgortten it. Luke grabbed your wrist and spun you round to face him. His calloused fingers cupped your soft cheeks as he tried to shove all of his love into one passionate kiss. He tried. He did. But you refused and pushed him away, giving him one last look of disgust before leaving for good. His eyes shot open immediatly, tears running down his cheeks leaving wet trails. His hair stuck to his forehead as he desperately reached out for your sleeping figure. Your back was facing him. The moonlight that spilt from the window shudders draped over your body. His hand roughly but desperately latched onto your upper arm. Immediately he rolled you over, smashing his lips to yours and startling you awake. He made sure to pour all of his passion from his lips onto yours making sure that you knew you were loved. You were quite frightened by being awaken so abruptly but soon kissed back groggily. Luke pulled away cupping your face and sweeping the strands of loose hair out your eyes. Your messy bun, tired eyes, and nude face were absolutely beautiful to him even if you didn’t think so. “Lucas what was that for?“ you questioned clearly annoyed. It was in fact 3am after all. Even though he knew you were obviously irritated those 5 words sounded like heaven to him. He clung to you burying his face in the crook of your neck making sure to pepper kisses on you bare shoulder. “I had a nightmare princess. M'sorry for waking you baby girl.” He mumbled into your hair. “Hey lu it’s alright. I’m just tired that’s all.” He nodded, “I appreciate the kiss though.” You quietly giggled running your fingers through his tussled locks. His scruff tickled your neck before he lifted his head to place another kiss to your forehead. “I love you” he whispered “I love you to baby blue.” You cooed before flipping him over and curling up onto his stomach making sure he wouldn’t have another nightmare.

Exo reaction to getting hurt while helping their crush

This was a cute request with EXO ot12. I hope you like it. Feel free to request more reactions <3

I do not own these gifs.

-Admin Kat

Baekhyun: You couldn’t help but laugh as Baekhyun over reacted about the small cut on his finger. “It hurts so badly! Kiss it and make it better.” He joked as he waved his finger in front of your face.

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Chanyeol: He smiled brightly as you placed the Band-Aid on his finger. “It’s ok, it is just a small cut.” He would reassure you as he chuckled at how cute looked while freaking out over him hurting himself.

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Chen: This troll would tease you nonstop. “No, I refuse to help any further. You are clearly trying to kill me. Maybe you are a vampire and you want to suck my blood.”

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D.O.: Kyungsoo would be the calmest. He would blush the whole time as he watched you place the Band-Aid on his finger. He wouldn’t be able to say anything because of how embarrassed he is from hurting himself.

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Kai: “Look at this! I am bleeding so much. You should pay be back for helping.” He would say over and over again as you cleaned his cut. He would not stop begging until you finally buy him food.

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Kris: This cold boy would act as though nothing happened at all. You would insist on taking care of the cut, but he would shrug you off. “Band-Aids aren’t my style.”

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Lay: “Are you okay? Did you get hurt at all? I’m fine, but are you?” He would ask while you wrap the Band-Aid around his finger. You would insist you are perfectly fine, but this angel would not rest until he is sure that you did not get hurt too.

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Luhan: Would refuse to let out a single tear. “Nah, I am fine. I’m a man after all, a small cute doesn’t hurt.” He would insist as you watched him get back to moving the shelf. The cut looked bad, but he was too stubborn to look like less of a man.

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Sehun: “This is all your fault! I told you I didn’t want to help! Now my perfect body is ruined.” Sehun would complain the WHOLE time. He would be so sassy, but would secretly blush as you took care of his cut. But he would no longer help you. He would use his aegyo to get out of anymore work for the rest of the day.

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Suho: Suho would freak out playfully. “Why do you want to see me get hurt?” He would tease as he made an ugly crying face.

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Tao: The moment he saw the blood, he fainted. It took him a while to finally wake up, but once he does he will give you an angry glare. “You must hate me. Why would you let me get hurt?” He would complain, but would still help you finish the task.

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Xiumin: “Kiss it!” He would yell at you as he shows you the cut. “But that’s not the only boo-boo I have.” He would tease after you kissed his finger. This flirty boy would be too much.

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So just because she didn’t work out, you can’t just come back to me. I’m better than that.” Tears filled her eyes but she wiped them away with a confidence she had recently discovered. He had his back facing her not daring to look her in the eyes.
“You wanna know why me and her didn’t work out? Because she wasn’t you. Every little thing reminded me of you. And I couldn’t live with that; it didn’t feel right…”
She begins to respond but he cuts her off.
“…and you know, I’m aware that I hurt you and that it’s too late for us but” his voice wavers. And a bitter silence fills the room. He turns around and for the first time since they started the conversation, their eyes meet in a roaring wave of passion. “But it took me so long to finally realize that your lips aren’t mine to kiss. And your hands aren’t mine to hold. And your love is not mine to have.
—  @ixnpitt
#132: goodbyes (at the airport)

Mark: He hates them as much as you, but he keeps a straight face, trying not to show any emotion, knowing that if he didn’t then it just might hurt you both more. “Okay,” you say, “I’ll talk to you later,” you add, smiling weakly, and he does the same, nodding without saying a word. He touches your cheek, rubbing it with his thumb. “Love you,” he mumbles before pulling you in for one last hug. You wave to him as he finally walks off, and then he looks down trying not to look back, because if he did, he might not get on the plane at all. 

Jr: He just hugs you, shushing all your sniffling. “Don’t cry,” he says, “It won’t do anything. I still have to go,” he says jokingly, but you just hold onto him and hit him gently in the back. You push him off of you to look at him, trying to smile. “You’re the worst,” you say, laughing through your tears. He wipes a tear from your eye with his thumb, and then you see one rolling down his cheeks too. “Don’t cry,” you say, and you both laugh as you wipe his away, too. 

JB: He tells you everything he’ll do after he lands, trying to reassure you things will be okay. “I’ll call you when I land,” he says, “And then we can video chat once I’m at the hotel, and I’ll text you when I wake up, okay?” You laugh, swinging his hand back and forth as he smiles at you. “Okay, okay,” you reply, laughing, “But you don’t have to.” He looks at you with a confused look. “You’ll be busy,” you say, “Just have fun. Work hard. Stay safe,” you say, stopping to look at him. His eyes fall, looking at you. “I love you,” is all he says. 

Jackson: He tries to make you both laugh, teasing the rest of the boys and then you, making jokes and funny faces to pass the time before they were finally called up. “Go ahead,” he says to the boys, and they nod, lining up to board without him. “Look,” Jackson says, suddenly looking serious. He takes both your hands into his and then hesitates. “Look,” he says again, “I love you. A lot. And— I’m sorry.” His sincere eyes stare into yours as you nod, a tear forming in your eyes. “I love you, too,” you say. 

BamBam: He doesn’t say much to you, but holds onto your hand tightly, dragging you around with him around the airport until he waits until the last possible second to let go of you. “It’s okay,” you say when he finally has to leave. He looks at you with apologetic eyes, then away so you don’t see how much it’s hurting him, but you know. “Call me later, okay?” you say, “I love you.” And then you try and walk away, but he just pulls you back, not letting go of your hand.  

Youngjae: He’s just as sad as you are, but you try and make him smile even though he’s moping around. “Ah, you’re just making me miss you more,” he says, looking up, and you know he’s trying to hold back tears. You hold onto his hand, looking at him and making another funny face, making him laugh and throwing his head back. “I’ll miss you,” he says, and you nod, squeezing his hand. “Me, too.” 

Yugyeom: He’s quiet, just hugging you at the gate, patting your back and kissing the top of your head. “I’m sorry,” he says, and you look up from his chest, smiling at him. “Don’t be,” you say, “I’m proud of you.” And he smiles, too, trying not to cry, but you hear the breaking in his voice. “Okay,” he says, “This is it.” And he pats you one more time as he lets go and starts walking away, but he turns around, coming back for one more hug. 


Dabble in Drabbles 3

Because I have nothing better to do a day before my birthday. But hey, writing fluff is like a birthday gift from me to me (and to all of you too)

So, a mini MariChat here because I am trash.

Summary: In which Chat Noir is badly hurt and Marinette patches him up.

“Mission accomplished!”

Chat Noir tried not to wince as he and Ladybug did their signature fist bump. Unfortunately, Ladybug saw his reaction and grew worried, “Chat are you alright?”

“Oh, it’s nothing, my lady.” Chat said airily, waving off her concern. “It’s just a scratch.”

She grabbed his arm and stepped closer to him, feeling the front of his chest. Some nights, the black cat would get flustered, but tonight he let out a hiss of pain. Ladybug withdrew her hand and grew pale at the wetness on her fingers. “You’re bleeding.”

“It’s nothing.” Chat said, hating the look of worry on his lady’s face.

“It’s not nothing!” Ladybug snapped. “You need to go to the hospital!”

“NO!” Ladybug jumped at his sharp tone. Chat realized his mistake and said, “I can’t do that, Ladybug. If my father finds out…”

He stumbled on his feet, his vision growing blurry. He would have fallen, if Ladybug hadn’t caught him on time, mindful of his wound. “Chat, you need help.”

Help? But who would help a superhero without trying to find out their identity?

And then, her face popped in his mind.

“Marinette.” Chat mumbled, feeling Ladybug stiffen. “Marinette can help.”

“Got it.” Ladybug wrapped an arm around his back and held her yo-yo in the other. “This ride’s going to be a bit bumpy, so forgive me if it hurts kitty.”

Chat had barely registered the last words before slipping into unconsciousness.

Chat. Chat Noir. Chat.

Chat opened his eyes, his cheeks stinging from the slaps Marinette gave him to wake him up. Her face swam in and out of view, but her blue eyes were clear. “Princess…Ladybug…”

“She had to go before her transformation wore off.” Marinette said, wiping a damp cloth on his forehead.

“How long was I out?” He asked drowsily.

“You woke up a few minutes after Ladybug left.” Marinette said. He frowned at her upset look and reached out to comfort her. But the sudden movement caused his suit to rub on his wound. He winced. Marinette’s eyes widened as she stroked his cheek. “It’s okay. It’s alright. I’ll fix you up. Stay here, I’ll be right back.”

“It’s not like I can go anywhere with this wound.” Chat chuckled, sending another jolt of pain through him.  Marinette came back to the room, holding a first aid kit and a bowl filled with warm water and a clean cloth.

She set them aside and knelt beside him and said, “Why do you refuse to go to the hospital?”

“Father.” Chat grimaced. “If father hears about this, I will never be able to go outside. Locked up in a cage like a bird.”

Marinette bit her lip. “I’ll do my best, but I’m no nurse and we don’t have proper equipment so it will probably hurt.”

Chat nodded. With slightly trembling fingers, Marinette searched for the zipper underneath his bell and carefully zipped it down. She inhaled sharply at the sight of the wound. (writer decides to not write it out because it’s too graphical)

It was a large diagonal cut on his chest with additional bruises surrounding it. “Oh Chat…” Marinette felt tears prickling her eyes and she quickly wiped them away. soaking the cloth in warm water, she began to clean the wound.

Luckily her parents weren’t home so no one could hear Chat Noir’s moans of pain. The tears were flowing now her face and she couldn’t stop them as she sterilized a needle and began stitching his wound.

Chat groaned, his fists clenching and unclenching, as he tried to endure it. He could hear Marinette’s soft whispers, “It’s alright kitty. I’m almost done. Think happy thoughts.”

Happy thoughts… He felt his eyelids falling as he started succumbing to the darkness. Marinette realized what was happening and said urgently, “Chat, don’t fall asleep! Stay awake! Stay with me!”

Her voice was like a lullaby. He wanted to fall asleep with her voice ringing in his ears.

Suddenly, he felt warmth on his lips. Slightly trembling, then growing stronger. Chat’s eyes fluttered open as his consciousness returned to him. Marinette opened her eyes and pulled away.

“Are you awake now?” Chat nodded numbly. Finishing off the last stitch, Marinette snipped off the rest of the thread and began to apply salve on it before covering up the wound with a bandage.

Chat leaned his head on the wall, exhausted. Marinette wasn’t finished though. “Chat, I need to tend to your other wounds.”

With a groan, he slowly shrugged off his leather top, revealing his lean muscles, shivering slightly in the cold. Taking out a tube of healing ointment, Marinette gently applied it on the bruises around his body. Chat purred at the cool sensation on his skin.

Before long, Marinette was done and began to clean up. Suddenly, Chat’s ring began to beep. Both of them exchanged looks. Marinette smiled gently at him. “Stay. You can release your transformation. I won’t look.”

“Thank you.” Chat breathed out.

Marinette said, “Is there anything you need? Like something to feed your kwa- I mean, are you hungry?”

Chat started to shake his head, but then stopped. “Do you have any cheese?”

“We have a stock of camembert we don’t use down in the bakery if that’s alright with you.”

“That’d be purrfect.” Chat grinned. To his disappointment, Marinette just smiled worriedly at him. Great. Now there were two on his guilt list.

A few minutes later, Marinette knocked on her trapdoor. “Chat, are you transformed?”

“Not yet.” Came a muffled reply.

With a sigh of relief, Marinette went inside her room and set the tray of camembart on the floor before helping Chat Noir up and guiding him towards her bed.

Gently laying him down on the cushions, she started to retrieve the cheese when a gloved hand wrapped around her wrist. Chat said quietly, “Stay.”

Suddenly feeling nervous, Marinette kicked off her bunny slippers and lay parallel to Chat Noir on her bed.

“Close your eyes. I’m releasing my transformation.” Chat said. Marinette complied and a second later, there was a flash of green.


“Plagg, sshhh!”

Marinette tensed. “Who’s that?”

“Oh um…it - he - that’s Chat Noir. Or at least the creature that makes me Chat Noir.”

So his kwami’s name was Plagg. Marinette felt him shift and then an arm slid through her neck and drew her nearer to him. Stroking her hair gently, she felt him say, “I’m sorry for making you worry, Princess.”

With those words, all the pent up anger and sadness burst out as Marinette sobbed. “You stupid cat!”

He muttered apologies as he kissed her forehead gently. “I’ll be more careful next time. I promise.”

“What’ll I do - what’ll Ladybug do if you got really hurt and I’m not there to help you?” She felt his hand caress her cheek and grew calmer at the warmth of his skin.

“I won’t ever disappear, princess. I swear on my life.”

Finally believing his words, Marinette sank into sleep in Adrien’s arms.

“You’re not going to say goodbye?” Plagg asked as Adrien painstakingly opened the door through her balcony and climb out, mindful of his wound.

“I can’t afford waking her up when she finally fell asleep.” Adrien whispered.

Plagg hovered around for a minute and then said, “Sleep as Chat Noir tonight.”

Adrien paused and looked at his kwami. “What? Why? Wouldn’t that drain you?”

“As Chat Noir, my powers will heal your wounds faster.”

“But the suit-”

“It’s already mended. Once I gain my energy back, it’s as good as new. And that applies to the holders as well.”

Adrien felt a surge of gratitude for his kwami. “I owe you three whole rolls of camembart, Plagg!”

“Make that double!”

“You got it.” Adrien nodded. “Plagg, transform me!”

The next morning, Marinette woke up alone in her bedroom with a sticky note on the pillow.

Thank you, Princess :)

Marinette smiled gently.

Any time, kitty. Any time.

Okay, that was longer than a drabble but shorter than a short story. Oh well.

Done! MariChat, fluffy angst. I can’t stay away from that now can I? Next MariChat will definitely be fluffy fluff!

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any rinharu fic recs? :)

let’s seeee

these are rated general/teen and up:

and these are rated mature/explicit:

I wrote a thing for what turned out to be @generalgingerbeer‘s prompt on the kink meme, because great minds really do think a lot. Emotional hurt-comfort, post-coital cuddling, and Hux realizing just what a mess Kylo is. I guess I should warn for references to some mental health stuff, read the prompt and judge what you think you’ll like.

After Hux and Kylo have sex for the first time, Kylo goes weirdly quiet, not responding to anything Hux says. Hux is a bit freaked out, wondering if he did something wrong or hurt Kylo somehow…

Until Kylo, who’s just not able to put what he’s feeling into words, sends out a chaotic rush of emotion in Hux’s direction. Just a massive force powered wave of incoherent feelings, and underneath it all a quiet thread of “I love you I want to stay here please let me stay please love me back…”

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Preference #9 ➸ Nights

Luke: The weak noises against your window steal your attention away from the screen of your phone and put in on the glass behind the red curtains. Cautiously, your feet slides along the cold floor and takes you to the frame of your window; your hand slowly pushing aside the red fabric as your lips curve into a warm smile when the dumbass, that has been throwing rocks at your window, waves at you. “Are you still mad at me?”, Luke’s unsurely voice asks at the moment you open the window. “Was I mad?” I mean, of course it hurt you the fact that he didn’t show up at the time he said so and completely forgot about your date; but after had listen to all his explanations, you realized he was damn busy and stressed and you understood it, so the anger basically faded. Luke shrugs, smiling at you, “I came for my goodnight kiss”. And his hand is immediately clasping over the closest branch as his legs wraps around the trunk, doing his best to climb it up. But, as we are talking about Luke Hemmings, his mission is becoming quite impossible and he is constantly hitting himself and scratching his face. And it’s like fifteen minutes later that you find his face in front of yours and meet his lips, sharing a soft kiss before he stumbles -losing his balance- and falls directly to the grass. “Goodnight” he groans.

Ashton:  “Y/N” A voice murmurs behind your ear, forcing yourself to pull the sheets up to the top of your head and growl under your breath, frowning. “Y/N” You hear once more, but this time, a huge hand is sluggishly moving your shoulder in an attempt to take your sweet dream –about giant chocolate cupcakes- away and bring you back to earth, to your dark room and scared as hell boyfriend. “What?”, you mutter. “I’m afraid”, Ashton whispers as his arms sneak under your left arm and encircles around your waist, hugging you closer to his frozen body. You know it was a bad idea to watch Annabelle, you even told him you’d prefer to watch with him the new Ninja Turtle’s movie instead, but Ashton wanted to look mainly and recreate this cliché moment in which you’re watching a scary movie and your boyfriend hugs you tight, giving you peace and shelter but, well, let’s just say he played the girl. “And cold”, he finishes. You sigh, rolling over to meet the terrified hazel eyes of your boyfriend, letting yourself to be held by his arms as Ashton hides his face in the crook of your neck and entwines both your hands and feet. “Shit Ash, your feet are so cold” “I’m sorry” “Nah it’s okay, mine’s are always cold in the morning” “I love to get them warm” You smile in silence, hugging him even tighter as you free one of your hands and start drawing patterns on his back, caressing him kindly in a way to send to oblivion all his ridiculous fears. “I love you”.

Calum: A dizzy and stumbling Calum manages to make his way from the corridor to your bedroom, he’s missing a shoe and his usual ripped black jeans (which he probably slide off when they got heavy due to the water of the fountain he fell into). He went party with the guys, in celebration of John’s birthday and he certainly drank a little bit too much; so you’re taking your eyes off from the last chapter of your book and setting them in your boyfriend’s messy figure. But before you could ask him why he’s in boxers, Calum throws himself at you as he excitedly tells you: “You won’t believe! I swam in a fountain!” Then, without waiting for any answers, he’s wrapping his body around you. “Calum you’re wet”, you complain as you try to push him aside and off you, his legs are mistreating your book and probably folding in half one of the sheets. But he doesn’t seem to care, he’s way to happy (maybe thanks to the alcohol) embracing you tightly and leaving a path of playful kisses along your neck until his lips are close to yours and he’s able to kiss you. “Eww Calum! Wash your teeth!”, because god if he reeks of alcohol. And he’s sheepishly smiling at you, “You love me anyways” while his hands are mischievously tickling you, forcing the laughter to come out from your closed lips and beg for it to stop.

Michael: It’s been three weeks. Three weeks since Michael have been away on tour, three weeks since you slept in his arms, for the last time, and woke up to his messy hair and swallowed lips, which you could kiss. You missed kissing him. You missed everything about him. The nights were endless, you couldn’t make yourself fall asleep anymore because you needed him, and even if you’re wearing one of his shirts -that still kept his scent- it wasn’t the same thing. And you know he might be busy or doing an interview nonetheless you dial his number, patiently waiting for him to pick up the call. And Michael is frowning at his phone when he reads your name on the screen and realizes it’s like four am back in Australia. So, worried, he apologizes and runs out the radio cabin, hurriedly sliding his finger across the green arrow on his phone: “Babe?” “I miss you”, it’s your first word. Michael sighs, closing his eyes tightly as he tries to resemble your face, “I miss you too. So fucking much”. “I can’t sleep”, you confess, wrapping your body with the cold white sheets and holding his pillow, doing your best to hold back the tears. There’s a silence. Next, you hear a soft whisper singing to you ear: “Throwing rocks at your window at midnight…” It was as if the song was some kind of lullaby and he was right there, beside you, instead of miles away. And you’re closing your eyes, breathing deeply as the tiredness of two sleepless nights overwhelm you until you’re nothing but soft snores and peaceful heartbeats.