His eyes fell on the blond, causing her eyes to open wide in dismay. I’m sorry, Ruby Ann. I just don’t think you & I are right for each other.

She rose with a loud scoff. Her heels clicked with every heavy step. As she neared him, she couldn’t help but shake her head. You have got to be kidding me, she snapped. I thought you were starting to like me.

I was. I do. He tried his best to explain. Which is why I needed to do this now before either of us gets hurt. You seek to be here in search of someone to start your life with & I’m just not sure I can be that guy.

Whatever you say, Camden, she sighed, giving a quick wave to the other girls as she made her swift exit.

sunpixie asked:

what's your favorite thing about louis you only get one thing choose wisely

oh my GOD how can i choose just one okay.. i’m gonna go with how much he cares about people he loves. like, he’s v loyal and kind and sweet, and he’d never let anyone hurt the people he loves. he loves his family so much esp his mum and he isn’t afraid to show it and i love that. i love how much charity work he does, esp with little kids. he’s so kind and considerate and he appreciates the fanbase so much, like “feel free to insult me but you don’t have the right to insult my fans” is one of my FAVE FAVE FAVE louis quotes he’s willing to take whatever so long as we’re not hurt and he always makes sure he shows how much he loves us whether it’s waving to the fans with the worst seats at concerts to congratulating us on project no control. and don’t even get me started on the boys it’s so clear that he loves them so much he’d probably die for them he never wants them to get hurt or to be upset i just know that behind the scenes or not he’s always there to lend a helping hand and a shoulder to cry on he’s got all the compassion and he’ll also give great advice if needed, like he’s the best person to go to for support. speaking of support, “pick someone who’s supportive”. louis is just that. he is so supportive and kind and caring and i will always love that about him. i love how he’ll poke fun at the boys (”you do talk shit in interviews”) but at the same time he’ll oppose anyone who tries to do the same (”there’s nothing wrong with that!”) he is just amazing and i’ll always love how much he can love

Steal My Girl

Title: Steal My Girl


Thank you lovely anon for the line, I’m sorry I took me this long but I haven’t been really inspired lately (may be is the hiatus?), I really like this story and I think that the line fits perfectly with them, anyway I hope you enjoy it :D

“First Captain Cold and Heat Wave, then Eobard Thawne, and now Atom-Smasher? Why everyone wants to steal my girl?!”

“Don’t forget the Weather Wizard.”

“Don’t remind me of him.”

“He really was the worst; I think he kind of has a crush on her.”

 “You think? HE EVEN KISS HER!”

“I know, but what did you expect man? You are the Flash, the protector of everything that’s right, the savior of the city; of course every villain is going to try to use Caitlin to hurt you. Don’t you read comics or see movies? It’s Villain 101.”

“You are not helping Cisco!”

“Hey! Don’t get mad at me! I’m just making my point. But seriously dude, it’s like the first thing they learn in evil school; kidnap the hot chick who’s dating the hero and then use her against him. You should be use by now.”

“Hot chick who’s dating the hero?”

“What? Don’t give me that look, I’m being honest! Caitlin is a pretty attractive woman who happens to be dating the hero.”

“I know, and I’m not mad at you; it’s just that I will never get use to seeing Caitlin in danger, especially if I’m the reason she is in danger in the first place.”

“Lucky this time we were prepared, Caitlin’s tracker it’s working just fine, she is in a warehouse outside the city. See this is what I’m talking about! This has to be the second thing they teach them in Villain School ‘hide the girl in warehouse’ why can’t they hide her in a warm and cozy home? That would be less suspicious.”

“You know? I think you are right about that school; any way it’s the suit ready?”

“Yeah! My baby is ready for some action! You should be a viable to take him down this time.”

“Thanks man!”

“Be safe and try not to damage the suit to much.”

“I’ll try, but no promises.”

“They should listen to me more often; this would not happen if they allow me to create a suit for Caitlin!”

Since I saw Danielle and Liam McIntyre (Weather Wizard) at the Paris Super Hero Con (if I’m not wrong) I love how they look together, hence Weather Wizards crush on Caitlin.

Find the rest of the Fics here.

“Send me a line of dialogue and I’ll write a dialogue-only short fic!“

I’ll write anything Flash related but no Barry & Iris romantically involve, that I just can’t.

Preference: pregnancy

Matt: He hated that you pushed yourself, no matter how much you claimed that you were alright. There was no reason he couldn’t do the shopping or cleaning but you waved him off claiming you were fine. Then you would proceed to complain latter about litterly everything with pregnacy.

Wesely: you just wanted to complain without him having the perfect anwser. You never thought you would hate him always having the perfect solution. (Dammit James I just want to hate my life! Stop making it harder to complain you ass!)

Anatoly: Anatoly insisted on going everywhere with you. (Yes Toly because the Walmart chasier is gonna attack me) he didn’t want you getting hurt or forgetting to eat or any other possible thing that could go wrong he thought of.

Vladimir: He sent someone to cheek on you every two hours. One day you got so sick of it and left work early, he freaked out so much when the men reported back that you weren’t wear you said you would be and after the large argument that followed he agreed to back off.

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ever have this problem in fandom where you like a flawed character but want to say they don't have some of the flaws fandom says they do but you don't want people to think you're a mindless fan so you don't say anything? because that's how i feel about thorin idk some of the things said about him bugs me and i wish i didn't have to preface it with "i know he's not a saint" before i can say that i don't think he was greedy or that some of the tropes he's written with are hurtful.

when reading this my first thought was Snape because 95% of the time he’s criticized for things he didn’t do and rarely for the actual shit he did, my second was Loki because he had a giant wave of people who think he’s completely pure and free of fault to the point where you couldn’t bring up actual wrongs done to him… 

but yeah, it’s annoying. nobody is a saint in Tolkien’s works (except for maybe Sam, he did nothing wrong). Like… I could say “Ori is not a saint but he’s pure and free of wrongs” and it’d be true… it really felt like flicking beans at a wall with the Thorin haters though, I don’t care, Thorin is a good well rounded character and so far I have not heard any argument about why he is ‘evil’ based on more than ‘this is my opinion therefore this is the only truth’ point of view 

Starter –> {sxxlhyxn}

Taehyung and Seolhyun walked through the supermarket, getting all the junk food they could for their weekly movie night, Taehyung chatting Seol’s ear off about what he did the night before. “And so I hollered, loudly, over the noise, ‘Please be quiet your voice is hurting my ears!’ Which now I realise was the wrong thing to do, but they’re my family and my little brother actually never stops talking… I think he gets that from me, but anyway. I then got scolded by my Dad and he was all like,” He attempts to imitated his Dad, pulling a face and waving his finger, “ ‘First you run away Taehyung, and now you’re yelling at your brother, you should be ashamed!’” He shakes his head, thinking back to the memory of when he ran away from home to audition for Bighit! and how surprised his parents actually were when he got in. “But then Mum hit him on the arm for me, and my sister laughed. So it was such a random skype call. But Mum asked about you again, all ‘When are you and Seolhyun-ah going to get married and make grand-babies?’ So I had to tell her again that that was never going to happen.” He laughs loudly, grinning brightly. 

So a funny thing happened the other day, my best friend/sister and I were supposed to be painting the trim in the hallway that leads up to her apartment. Well we got started talking about the shows we both love and I was catching her up on all the newest things from the newly ended seasons. She got me hooked on Once Upon A Time and I in turn got her hooked on The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Arrow and of course Agents of SHIELD. So her dad is upstairs laughing at our conversation as I explain all the ways the writers have hurt my babies, he watched the season finale of AOS season 2 that day and came halfway down to tell me in his gentle tone.

“Honey, Grant Ward is a bad guy.”

So my sister is frantically waving her hands at her dad to stop talking, before I get on my defend Grant kick. Too late, so while still attempting to paint the trim and hold this all too important conversation with him about why Grant just needs a big freaking hug and love. Ok seriously his parents were worse than his evil older brother and god knows what happened to his sister since we haven’t heard about her. Then there is that piece of garbage Garrett that I want to bring back so I can shoot him a million times over and then let him die slowly….Anyway I started to calmly explain to him why my Grant was not HYDRA and how Coulson royally screwed up and that seriously Skye and Grant are adorable. So in the midst of this my sister went back to painting her side and I  “aggressively attacked the wall with paint and almost broke the brush.” Or so my sister claims. So anyway after he goes back upstairs and I continue my rant to my poor sister. Only for her to ask why I am still in the same spot working on the same part of trim……only to reliase that I painted half the wall in long angry strokes. This is why people do not mess with my babies and my sister gleefully tells this story now whenever someone tries to make me agree with their thoughts about my babies. 

First dayy!

Okay so first day back to school was actually pretty good hehe

My friends and I were hanging out in the hallway where everyone is before classes started in the morning. And we were just talking about random stuff when I see B walking in my direction (obv to the English office where his wife is). I didn’t even see him at first. I got some feeling and turned around and saw him. We both smiled at each other 😍. Then my friend who had him last year waved at him and said hi. He didn’t wave back but he did say hi. Then once he was gone she turns to us and says “he looks so weird”. I think she said that because he got new glasses. But still it’s so rude. It kinda hurt me tbh. Anyway I’m not going to take that personally by obv she doesn’t know and she’s just being funny. He still looks pretty good to me lmao

But okay later after school (I leave late bc my mom works at my school) so I was upstairs in the library alone doing work(ikr I got hw on the first day of school). I see him walk into the library to his office I think and I look up. He saw me and waved and smiled so ofc I smiled back.

Ugh my god he’s killing me. It’s been so damn long and I miss seeing him so much fml. ❤️💔

I think i have a cavity but im too scared to make a dentist appointment bc my asshole of a dentist sometimes outright refuses to sedate me or just acts all “omgggg u can handle it” about it. He always tells me to just wave if it hurts but the last time i was waving for like 30 seconds and had resorted to making painful squeaky noises before he decided to stop


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cakes. your battersea thinky thoughts... oh god. i've always felt like he was givign off waves of "DONT ANYONE DARE FEEL SORRY FOR ME" in that scene, which blends so so perfectly with this read. Gzgguuhhhhh

Right? I just… Having thought about this, I can’t unsee it, and it’s an interpretation that fits with the vibes I get from John in this scene and with John’s character traits. And it HURTS.

captainxtreville asked:

“It’s just me!”

My muse is hallucinating and thinks yours is someone who hurt them in the past. Send me “It’s just me!” for my muse’s reaction

Brown eyes of anger fixated upon the other and D’artagnan burst forward and knocked the figure, whom he thought was Labarge, into the wall. His nostrils flared out wildly and his breath came in heavy pants. “I won’t let you…. hurt anyone ever again,” he darkly and rather violently threatened.

Seconds later, the familiar voice echoed through the corridors of his mind bringing a sudden wave of calm over him. His glassy eyes cleared, ever so slightly, revealing that he had his beloved Captain and father-figure pinned against the wall. Dropping the dagger that had been clutched ever so tightly in his hand, the young Gascon let out a stifled gasp. 

Ambling backwards, he stiffly apologized. “I…. I’m sorry, Captain Treville. I thought you were Labarge.”  Even though he had personally killed Larbage, in a duel, for some reason, he was seeing ghosts. 

 “I….I really don’t know what has gotten into me.” His hands wiped down his cold sweat covered face. Maybe he shouldn’t have accepted a drink from the random lady in the market place earlier that day. He just wasn’t feeling alright. 

“My head…” he grumbled lowly, smoothing back his brown hair slowly. 


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Now he is completely giving me the cold shoulder outside of our program together. When there, he minimally acknowledges me and acts like nothing is wrong. I'm just so baffled at how someone so close to me could treat me like I don't exist. I always treated him with kindness and tried to do the right thing. I always told him exactly how I felt and why I felt that way. I don't know if he has moved on and doesn't care about our friendship anymore or if this is his way of coping. I'm really hurting.

I’m literally the worst person to ask about this, but I’ll give it a shot.

It’s a coping mechanism. People wave the new hotness in front of the world, and often take the cowards way out. It may have started out as casual, and developed into something serious, and he may feel guilty for the genuine feelings.


It may be something he’s forcing himself into. I know full well what it’s like to mean the world to someone, and then they turn around and act like you never existed. It sucks bad. I also know what it’s like to realize one day that it’s ok, that you’re ok.

My best advice would be to come to terms with it. There is nothing like finding peace in yourself, and realizing that if the other person isn’t going to do the work, you shouldn’t either. Love is a tricky, and fickle thing despite what Disney wants us to believe. Hearts don’t want to listen to our brains, but they eventually fall in line.

Good luck.

Arrival Day

I arrived in Berlin this morning after a very long day of traveling. 

On Tuesday, I woke up at 3am and hauled my suitcases into our car. I stopped by my father’s house to say goodbye and while I was there, my brother decided to come with to the airport. Once we got to the airport, the security line was very long so I had to say my goodbyes quickly. I cried the entire time through the security line, waving at my mom and brother. Saying goodbye to your family for a year is a lot harder than it sounds. 

The flight to Chicago was good and once I was in Chicago, there was another exchange student from the Rotary waiting at his gate to go to Japan, so we talked a bit and I gave him a pin. The flight to Berlin was brutal. The chairs were so small and my knee started hurting before I got on the plane, and then the man sitting in front of me was very tall so he reclined his seat back into my knees for the entire flight. My backpack did not fit into the tiny space in front of my chair so it was taking up all of the leg room. I was very, very tired, but I could not sleep because comfort was impossible. 

When I got off the plane, I got on a bus to the customs and baggage claim. I found my host mother who brought me very beautiful flowers and then we took a taxi to my new home. We went to the bakery to get some breakfast and then ate it in the apartment. There was some confusion about my papers for being in the country so we had to go to an office to say that I will be living where I am. After that stress, we went to the supermarket, and then made some lunch. By lunchtime, I was exhausted so I took an hour long nap and woke up on time, despite not setting an alarm.

When I woke up, my host mom told me that the friends of my host sister who is currently in Thailand were stopping by to meet me and pick up something. I did not expect four girls to come and they were all very nice. They invited me to go out to the park across the street and get a coffee. It was very nice of them to come and meet me so then I will know some people on my first day of school. 

Appetite down, homesick as hell, jet lagged, and I think a bit in shock. I speak German and I understand more than most exchange students when they go to their host countries, but I have never felt so stupid before. It’s an icky feeling.

In other news, I have a legitimate concern for my brother’s sanity, because his depression is spiraling in to a weird paranoia that absolutely ignores logic and just fucks him sideways.

I just had my little brother call me crying and asking me if he ever molested or hurt anyone, because he woke up from a dream that terrified him and made him think he was going to get arrested for something he doesn’t think he did. But he’s so scared he is going to get arrested for it that he doesn’t know what to do.

This is the exact same sort of warped and fucked mental illness that contributed to my mother drinking, that lost my father his mother when she was only 36 - it’s all consuming, debilitating, and does not care about how much the world loves you. It takes, and takes, and takes, and then regurgitates so it can consume even more.

I am absolutely terrified about what is going on in my brothers head right now. He’s hours away and I can’t help him, my sister can’t help him, my dad can’t help him. 

So I’m going to try and get him to move here, to get him physically close to people who love him, so he’s not stuck alone in an empty apartment in a town that he doesn’t have any healthy memories in. 

I don’t even know how to deal with this, it is so outside my scope of understanding. I’m awful at things like this. I deal with immediate tragedy and the aftermath, I have no idea how to deal with a long term debilitation like this, with something that just ignores logic.

Ian is even worse at dealing with these things. His emotional capacity is just slightly above that of a dead goldfish. He just doesn’t get certain things.

So there’s me, who has worked very heard to get the fuck out of all things mental illness related, and my husband, who just Does Not Compute, and I’m going to find a way to drag my little brother up here with us so he isn’t stuck alone with his thoughts in a city where no one can tell him they love him.

I’m not going to get any sleep tonight. 

I had a dream last night that I was driving down the street next to my house and at a stoplight I saw Robert De Niro on a bicycle with a Little Italy’s pizzabox. He turned on the street I was on and I got really excited(I assume De Niro was delivering to my neighborhood). I rolled down my window, smiled and waved at him and said “Hi!!!” and he gave me the dirtiest look ever. He cycled right to my window while locking eyes with me like “Who the fuck do you think you are” and then paddled away. I was so fucking offended and hurt. ANd I remember thinking: I just don’t understand. What have I done to Robert De Niro. Why didn’t he like me, why wasn’t I enough for Robert De Niro, I can change

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hello! could I have a ship? I have a face page :) wyr meet 5sos and your fav not like you but the other three be crazy about you or your fav be crazy about you and the other three not like you? (this is terrible I'm so sorry)

okay my fav like me but the other three don’t but it would hurt my heart a little

Ship + why: Ash he would be so supportive of you and your dancing like he would go to all your performances and it would be so sweet!

Ship name: Vicashton

Celebrity best friend: jennifer lawrence

Compliments: I really love your blog! you are so so so pretty and you should post a cover, I would love to watch it! I appreciate your mike ro wave outfit so much. 

Song on Shuffle: In love with a boy - Kaya Stewert

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"Here, lean on me."

                                INJURED STARTER SENTENCES.

                        heart   made   of   IRON,    skin    of   TITANIUM    and   there   he   requests   a   STUBBORN GIRL    to   let   her  guard   down                             hurt her ego.   with  a  wave  of  her  hand,      she  denies  the  help  offered,       LIKE ALWAYS.   

              ❝       nah,    s’okay                     I got this.     it’s  not  like  I’m  DEAD.       ❞

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Spider!MG: I haven’t really talked to him; I’ve only waved, and smiled at him.

Spider!FP: Kyung, he tried to crush you.  Aren’t you upset about that?

Spider!MG: *shrugs* Not really.  

Spider!FP: He threw the-rose-from-spain at you, and said people like you shouldn’t exist.

Spider!MG: Well, technically it was pointed at me being a half-spider-half-human mutant, so there’s not much of an issue there.  Now if he said that to me while I was a normal human being, I’d be more hurt.  It’s not like I asked to be put on this f*$%ing planet, I was a mistake anyways.  So, too f*$%ing bad for him.

the mosquito is biting through my skin,
the group of people never stops talking,
he just left,
I made a fool of myself,
my shirt smells,
The concrete floor hurts my butt,
the waves are rolling in,
the guy passes by and gives me a look,
my ex is posting pictures on Facebook,
I just unfriended him (I’m done with the torture)
my friend is texting me,
my glass is filled with water,
my bladder is demanding my attention,
my mind is wondering which mattress is going to be mine,

the music is playing and brings some memories back. The memories are diverse, divided over good and bad days. every good day seems to turn into a bad day, every bad day turns into maybe even worse. The memories I have, I cherish, but the memories I have are like knives, piercing my back. 

Pink floyd starts. The song seems to always hit me right in my heart, whatever feeling there might be it hits the right snare which plays the song of my existence.

life is spinning around me. I sit almost still, but life doesn’t. It keeps on going and every step I take will be judged by the existence of society and the most cruel part: Expectations.

How I wish, how I wish you were here.
We’re just two lost souls
Swimming in a fish bowl,
Year after year,
Running over the same old ground.
And how we found
The same old fears.
Wish you were here.

how I wish you were here and I didn’t have to say a word. I would sit next to you and rest my head on your shoulder. whomever you might be, I haven’t even met you…