As The Sun Sets

Pairing: Gavin/Meg/Michael/Lindsay 

Summary: When Geoff sends Gavin and Meg on a mission on the other side of the country, they expect it to go like every other information extraction mission. But this time, there will be consequences.

Ch. 1/?

Part of the Suits, Dresses, And Guns series 

Warnings: Fake AH Crew, so the violence that comes with that. There are some sexual hints also. 

Notes: Ah, I’m really nervous about posting this, because I spent a lot of time writing this. Please let me know what you think?

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akwardbooknerd  asked:

Killian is super hungover and Emma takes care of him pretty please

Poor Killian is just having a day! So am I! This is why this was just the perfect prompt to combat the angst! I hope you enjoy it!

Emma woke to an empty bed. Not just empty, but his side was cold, as if he’d never even made it in the night prior. Panic began to settle in as she threw the sheets back and ran out of the room. She didn’t smell food, but she desperately hoped she was paranoid and Killian just woke early to make breakfast. Upon finding both the kitchen and dining room empty, (with no evidence of use) she decided to call her father. Killian had gone out with him and Robin last night and she knew they would never just leave him in the lurch.

Just as she started to go back to the room to get her phone, a knock sounded at the door. Killian was on the other side, being held upright by David. He looked terrible, and her father didn’t look much better.

“What the hell?” She was ready to go into a full on rant, but Killian gave her a pitiful look, and she figured the lecture could wait for another time. “Help me get him into bed,” she sighed.

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