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did u hear about robs radio interview omg poor baby

YES YEAH and i know i’ve gotten a lot of people who’ve asked me about it!

i know the band was PUMPED to get some radio coverage, and my god they ended up being on Crazy Ira and The Douche’s station

when the first broadcast aired i was LIVID–and not so much because i was like, “rob!! poor bab” (altho….u no………natural human reaction………smol man…….) but because that was incredibly unprofessional behavior from the actual hosts

rob is a grown dude who’s been in the music and acting business for a long time. so, as far as receiving criticism or a differing opinion of what he and the band make, that’s sort of something that comes with the job

but when 16-year-old girls are calling into your station to talk about the inspiration they draw from a musician, you do not accuse that musician of sleeping with them?????? AT LEAST DO A GOOGLE SEARCH OF YOUR GUESTS???? but i looked through their history and boy howdy do they have one, and that was just their twitter

HOWEVER the fix that was applied to it does get my stamp of approval. while the hosts did have rob back to gain themselves some sort of redemption, i’m happy rich tagged along and spent some time on that station spreading the good word. it was acknowledged that they done goofed, and r2 got word on charity, kings of con, the spn family, stroke awareness…like, good, really good stuff. even when the hosts tried to turn the serious stuff a weird direction. it was mentioned that it became personal for r2. rob is excellent, but rich has a better way of keeping focus and convincing people. as a team these two turned this into something educational

to be totally honest they should have a radio station i mean come on

SO ALTHOUGH THIS WAS A HAIRY SITUATION i think it turned into something truly great. we all learned that friendship prevails over all!!!!!!

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It still works today but I don’t know how long it will last, so it’s a good idea to get that done sooner than later. Here’s a link to the section! (Make sure you’re logged in first.)