Lupe is my new favorite Adventure Zone character, okay?

pyrophoricitee  asked:

Would it be possible to have a badass bun ? :) Judy a few years older and wiser, street harden cop with some scars to show she isnt a meek bunny ?

AAAHHHHH finally i had the time to finish this!!

so yeah, Judy has been on the force for a looong time, she has also received a lot of commemorations because of her courage and bravery on the field (and she is also married with a certain fox :v) 

hope you like it! @pyrophoricitee

anonymous asked:

did you see the 2nd kiss without the music? Are matt and harry so freaking noisy while kissing or is that added it post production? I already thought that for the wedding kiss. =D

I did watch that video of the second kiss without music, Anon. And lol, apparently they both really are that noisy when kissing each other. It was the same with the wedding kiss. They just like to really smooch each other. Very audible. I think it just so so adorable and pure.

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