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Okay but I really love that Christine is ADHD and I have this headcannon that the reason Christine likes Jenna so much is that Jenna calms her down and can tell her countless stories and she likes feeling relaxed and not having to move around in the biggest ways all the time

half their conversations is like super excited where they both kinda talk over each other but can still somehow understand one another and then the other half is jenna animatedly telling christine a story about whatever and chris kinda gradually relaxes as she keeps going bc jenna has a nice voice and she’s a really great storyteller so christine feels involved even if she’s not directly involved yknow,,

jenna paints her nails bc christine is way too bouncy to do them on her own and its easier for christine to sit still when jenna tells her stories and its just a nice experience all around alright,,jenna likes nail art and does fun designs and christine is always kind of in awe over the fact that she managed to sit through all of it bc it’s so time-consuming but its bc jenna’s just good at telling stories and stuff

you know what really grinds my fuckin gears about dragon age? in the description for the CC it says that women and men are equal yet in practice there are proportionately way more men in positions of power/ sexism is still very much alive and chillin 

like why bother saying they’re equal just let us know that your medieval fantasy world is sexist like every other medieval fantasy world zzzzZZZzzzz 

I’ve had, I think, exactly 4 major interactions with groups of friends or strangers today and in every single one of them I think I’ve referenced the millennial avocado toast thing in some way.  Apologies to the friend who was present in all 4 of these interactions and had to hear me talk about avocado toast at every conceivable opportunity.

(In one situation it was actually a slice of pie but it was still functionally an avocado toast in that by not buying it I saved 5 bucks I can put towards a house.)