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is this your special interest? whatever compels you to run this blog i appreciate it very much

you got me there

i was in class scrolling tumblr and this girl that always sits next to me was being nosy and looked at my screen and seen an anime post and was like “what!!! you like anime ???” and i paused for a sec and said yeah and asked if she did and she was like “hell no” lmfaooo and in my head i was like ok bitch… and i never felt more ashamed for liking anime then i did at that moment but i didn’t care shit was funny

Y’know, I never figured out if giving positive shoutouts in author’s notes to people who unknowingly helped moved a chapter along is something frowned upon. I mean, personally, I wouldn’t mind? At worst I’ll be “oh hey cool” and at best I might be “!!! I WAS. MENTIONED” but ultimately it’s not like I’d react negatively

When I first started writing fanfiction, I just remember being really REALLY thankful to this one commenter who left in-depth comments, small corrections (that saved my ass multiple times) and overall very nice reviews on my work. I mean as a new writer who didn’t know fuckall English and was completely new to the idea of fanfiction and writing I was reasonably hesitant about my stuff, so this person really made me happy

I was so thankful that, in one of the chapters, I mentioned them with something along the lines of, “I want to thank (user) for being a really cool dude and being really nice and motivating me to write”

A few days later I realized they deleted their account and the idea that my shoutout scared them off of ffnet has haunted me since

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i have a very serious aesthetic question for u like what landscapes do you associate lydia with what kinda aesthetics do you associate with her just in general because for one thing i'm always curious about this with people and their muses but also bc i really associate lydia with motels and deserts at midnight and i'm wondering if i'm really off the mark here

you’re not off the mark AT ALL. pretty spot-on, actually, which is unsurprising bc megan is always right but i digress. basically, there’s a huge disconnect with what she WANTS to be and the way she actually is— if it was her answering this question, she’d think of pixies in wide open grassy fields, flowers blooming in spring, climbing in trees and looking over the horizon, princess castles, colorful stained glass windows and light reflecting off the river.

in actuality, it’s a lot darker and a lot lonelier than that. i associate her a LOT with that one tumblr text post about haunting places that are normal during the daytime but way creepier at night/abandoned— that’s kind of the way she is, seemingly sweet on the outside with a whole lot of darkness churning on the inside.

it’s old, beat up motels on the side of the road and kicking your feet up on the worn down beds. it’s deserts at midnight in the stillness of the air. it’s walking into an empty laundromat and listening to the sound of turning washing machines with the feeling of someone over your shoulder watching you. it’s airports at night and strange faces that don’t quite fit together. it’s an abandoned playground with creaking wings and rusted stairs. it’s lonely.

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lol i read ur asks abt the xy gang and honestly same??? like ur friends in bw truly FELT like ur friends buuut the xy kids were so bland n their "friendship" felt so forced :^( im praying that sm will do hau, lillie n gladion justice like they did with oras characters OTHERWISE I WILL RIOT

im honestly glad im not the only one to feel this way abt the xy kids LMAOOO like ok the kalos protag is new in town so ofc it might feel awkward for them to be shoved into a group of friends tht even they…dnt feel like wanting to be in lol

but even if we just focus on the xy squad they all just look?? so pitiful and forced??? like tierno and trevor seemed close with each other. shauna seems like she wants to join in the closeness but just. fails. and then calem??? (assuming the protag is serena) its like he rather be in his own world than being in a group of ‘friends’ that hes long known.

like they keep pulling the pity card and ‘im not as strong as you’ and as much as its supposed to make us feel sympathetic for them, in the end it annoys the crap outta me lmao. and especially to the protag who literally just knew all of them. the protag isnt as close with them yet and already theyve thrown the pity party in hope that they cheer them up.

and the mega ring incident is just the last straw coz it wasnt tht big a deal but shauna made it as so as if serena and calem were fighting to be the Next Hero of Kalos

its just a mega ring…and in the end calem got one too…shauna wyd

thankfully for oras they made yuuki/haruka lovable and not as pitiful. theyre positive and friendly and the friendship didnt feel forced no matter who your neighbor was.

and wally??? god bless. pokemon actually turned the most pitiful sad insecure rival into a strong confident young boy. he didnt play the pity card for so long and it was just the right amount to make the players go from pitying him to be fully proud of him. u go my prince.