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Merlin Memory Month Prompt Day 13:
Path I - A character you didn’t expect to like that much: Sir Leon! Don’t tell me this wasn’t happening after Leon found Merlin and Arthur wandering arround in the castle in the middle of the night. This was the only topic of the following weeks. Long live Sir Leon! And Lancelot. He is alive and everything is fine here *cheers*


So a lot of people have asked me if I have a masterlist so I have decided to make one!

The Flash imagines

Joe embarrasses you and Barry
Barry grieving over your death
Barry finding out you are a villain ½
Barry finding out you are a villain 2/2
Barry finding out you are a burlesque dancer
Being a villain and dating Barry
Barry finds out you are a meta human
Being a villain and helping Barry find Zoom
Having to choose between Barry or Pietro
Forming an alliance with Dr Wells
Barry over hears you confessing your feelings for him
You and Cisco being like partners in crime
Barry gets jealous of Earth 2 Barry flirting with you
Fighting alongside The Flash and your mask falls off 
Earth 2 you is friends with Killer Frost and Deathstorm
Barry realises his feelings for you after you kiss Earth 2 Barry
Using your meta human powers against The Flash which turns Killer Frost on
Going to Earth 2 and Killer Frost is shocked to see you
Making plans with your boyfriend Wells to take down The Flash
Celebrating your birthday with Team Flash
Going on a secret date with Zoom
Team Flash and Snart babysitting you 
Snart finding out you are an experiment 
Team Flash and Snart are worried when you get kidnapped
Dating Wells and Barry tells you he’s the reverse flash
Telling Wells you know he’s the reverse flash

BBC Merlin imagines

Arthur watching you leave Camelot
Taking over Camelot with Morgana
Merlin knowing that you wouldn’t leave  Camelot without him
Merlin waking you up after a night drinking with Gwaine
Being Arthur’s cousin and the knights of Camelot flirt with you
Dancing with Merlin at a ball
Arthur finding out you are a princess and warrior of your kingdom
Your brother Arthur teasing Merlin about his crush on you (Part 1)
Your brother Arthur teasing Merlin about his crush on you (Part 2)
Watching Arthur fall in love with another woman
Seeing Merlin and Freya kiss (Part 1)
Seeing Merlin and Freya kiss (Part 2)

Harry Potter imagines

Standing up for Hermione when Draco picks on her
Draco sees you with another guy after you two broke up
Being Fred and George’s triplet and shocking Oliver with how you feel about him
James telling you that he isn’t like the other guys
George regrets leaving you

Teen Wolf imagines

Liam practising flirting on you
Stiles finding out Theo hit Lydia
Sheriff Stilinski being happy you and Stiles are back together
Liam getting jealous of your ex boyfriend Isaac
Lydia seeing you die in her dreams
Phoning your sister Allison’s phone because you miss her
Stiles wants you by his side at the hospital instead of Malia
Telling Scott you’re leaving Beacon Hills
Stiles taking taking somewhere for your birthday
Stiles asking Derek to come back
Derek comes back to kick Theo’s ass
Going on your first date with Theo
Theo came back to Beacon Hills not only for the park but also for you
Having a motherly instinct towards Liam
The dread doctors bringing your friends back to life
First kiss with Theo
Lydia finding out you have a crush on her
Malia is jealous of you and Lydia hanging out
Having a comeback to all of Liam’s pick up lines
Derek blaming himself when you got hurt
How the Season 5 trailer should’ve ended
Being the first to meet Void  Stiles
Isaac being your older brother
Finding out your friends Stiles and Lydia are together
Stiles confessing his love to you
Being pack mom and comforting Liam
Going to save Lydia from Eichen House
The Dread Doctors bringing you back from the dead and you see Stiles
You and Derek comforting Liam because you are the pack mom
Scott and Stiles realising that their fighting is hurting you
Convincing Derek to come to the pack’s graduation
This song describe’s yours and Liam’s relationship
You and Lydia catch Stiles and Jackson making a bet about you
Liam trying to get you to take a break from studying
The pack being overprotective when you (a siren) have a date
Isaac coming back from France because you need his help
Lydia looking for you after she escaped Eichen
Stiles hearing your voice after you decide to come back from France to save Lydia
Getting captured by the Dread Doctors while saving Lydia
Trying to calm Liam down with Scott and Stiles
Dating Liam and Scott and your grandmother Araya don’t approve
The pack’s reaction to your (Araya’s granddaughter) fighting skills
Stiles meeting your sister Max Black
You and the pack have to help save Void!Stydia
Stiles video chatting you

Disney Descendants imagines

Mal being mean to you and you confront her
Evie having a girl crush on you
Meeting your brother Ben for the first time and you are a grew up on the Isle of the Lost
Jay and Carlos fighting for your attention
Being Evie’s best friend and Mad Hatter’s daughter
Mal finding out you are Merida’s daughter
Game of Thrones imagines
Jojen finds out the Lannisters killed your family
Daenerys finds out you are the lost Targaryen
Being betrothed to Robb Stark but Joffrey wants you to marry him instead
Meeting your friend Arya and finding out she is blind
Having a fight with Robb about telling everyone you’re together

Shadowhunters imagines

Being Izzy’s parabati and secretly dating Alec
Having your first kiss with Alec
Jealous Alec
Fighting on a mission with your parabati Izzy
Making out with Alec and Jace and Izzy interrupt you
Being Clary’s best friend and meeting Simon
Alec falling in love with you when he first sees you
Telling Malec how frustrated that they’re not together
Males taking care of you on a bad mental health day

The Originals imagines

Not being intimidated by Klaus
Teasing Klaus and you think you’ve hurt him (Part 1)
Teasing Klaus and you think you’ve hurt him (Part 2)
Rebekah getting you to turn you’re humanity back on
Klaus comforting you after Katherine dies

The Walking Dead imagines

Meeting Carl after you defend yourself

Supernatural imagines

Dean is your date to your sister’s wedding
Being Scottish just like Rowena
Dancing with Castiel and the Winchesters laugh at you
Commenting on Dean and Cas’ “intense staring”
Dying in Sam’s arms
Having a stand off with Dean
Dean being overprotective when you go to a bar
Fighting with Dean when you reunite with Team Free Will after a year
Meeting Teen! Dean in a police station
Finding a way for Teen! Dean to sneak out and go to the dance with you
Teen!Dean finding it cute when you blush at his compliments
Being a hunter and thinking Dean and Sam are cosplaying as the book characters
Seeing the Winchesters a year after you left them
Being in a coma and the Winchester’s blame theirselves

Agents of Shield imagines

Getting Ward to admit he still loves Daisy
Daisy visiting you in hospital
Accidently confessing that you think Lincoln is cute
Being happy Fitz is going to dinner with Simmons
Being drunk and telling Agent May you think her glare is sexy
Going to a bar with Simmons
You find out Skye used to be a singer
Realizing that Fitz has an obsession with monkeys
Turning against S.H.I.E.L.D. after Coulson killed Ward
Fitz being in love with you but knows May is protective of you

The Vampire Diaries imagines

Telling Stefan you are leaving Mystic Falls

Marvel imagines

Choosing Tony’s side over your boyfriend Steve
Choosing between your best friends Tony and Steve
Saving your best friend Rocket
Having a dance off with Peter Quill
Helping Bucky with remember his past
Teasing Thor about Steve moving Mjolnir
Being old friends with the Maximoff Twins
Being Tony’s sister and flirting Steve which annoys Tony
Tony saying he loves you at yours and Steve’s engagement party
Tony letting go of his playboy attitude around you
Tony getting flustered when you compliment him
Meeting with Natasha for a mission and she flirts with you
Your dad Tony being overprotective
Tony and Steve stop fighting because you are dying
Meeting Spiderman and you fall in love instantly
Scott finding out you are Luis’ girlfriend
Being Peter’s older sibling and falling for Bucky
Kurt and Dave teasing you for your crush on Luis
Scott introducing you to Kurt, Dave and Luis
Kurt, Dave and Luis comforting you after a bad date
Scott trying to get you with Luis
Kurt having a crush on you
Erik Lensherr hitting on you
Kurt carries you upstairs after a heist
Luis, Dave and Scott trying to get you and Kurt together
Falling asleep on Kurt’s shoulder


Telling Jerome you’re sick of working for Galavan
Jerome being confident that you’ll be his even though you reject him

Suicide Squad

Being recruited to be part of the Suicide Squad
Meeting Harley Quinn
Going to a party with Harley
Being partners in crime with Harley
El Diablo seeing you walk down the aisle
Teasing Deadshot with your best friend Harley
Flirting with Rick Flag
Teasing Rick Flag
Harley asking you to join the suicide squad
Flirting with El Diablo
El Diablo having a crush on you
Telling Joker that you know he lied about Jason’s death
El Diablo getting protective when you get teased
El Diablo and Joker likes you
El Diablo finding out you’re a maid
El Diablo catching you checking him out
Being a klutz in front of the Suicide Squad
Singing with El Diablo and he catches on fire
Captain Boomergang trying to court you
Joker making you blush
Being El Diablo’s playboy bunny
Harley interrupting you and Diablo’s romantic moment
El Diablo being protective of you
Being Batman’s sister and Harley loves you
Taking a bullet for El Diablo
Batman catching you and Joker making out
El Diablo hearing your name when being tortured
Flirting with Harley whenever you see her
The Squad’s reaction to you being immortal
Long Rick Flag imagine
Harley flirting with Female!Cop

Batman V Superman

Lex convincing you to work for him by telling you how important you are (Part 1)
Clark finding out you are a villain in Gotham
Refusing to help Batman until he mentions your ex Jason Todd
Clark putting up with you when you’re on a sugar high
Lex convincing you to work for him by telling you how important you are (Part 2)
Lex becoming obsessive when he first meets you
Lex gets jealous when he sees you dancing with another guy
Lex taking you to dinner and you reject his kiss
Lex kissing you because you had a great idea for his experiment
Sacrificing yourself to save Superman and your sister Wonder Woman sees you die
Nursing Lex back to health because an experiment went wrong
Being a villain and always flirting with Superman
Lex taking you to dinner to relax

DC imagines

Jamie Reyes taking you out to dinner
Laurel Lance asking you out during a mission
Snart saving you from your kidnappers
Snart finding out you are his half sister
Your brother Snart and LOT Team visiting you

Youtube imagines

Being Zoe’s best friend and Joe’s crush
Hilly and Hannah missing you
Cosplay video with Capndesdes
Joe being angry that you agreed to a date with Caspar
Being best friends with Zoe
Dan knows you saw the finale of Doctor Who without him
Joe misses you after you break up
Dan trying to tell you how he feels
Dan finding a Sherlock gif on your tumblr
Being Phil’s sister and dating Dan
Dan finding out you read Phan fanfics
Having sexual tension on Trial to Oregon with Joey
Markiplier hitting on you during a let’s play

The Maze Runner/Cast imagines

Newt being heartbroken when he sees you with Thomas
Thomas saving you from Cranks
Minho saves you
Thomas telling you he saw Newt as a crank
Thomas (Sangster) showing up on your wedding day
Your sister Teresa finds out you are dating Thomas
First kiss with Thomas
Newt thinking you’re dead but he finds you in The Paradise
You and Newt had a fight
Being worried about Teresa
Thomas finding out you survived the Maze
Being in the Scorch with the gladers
Newt gets jealous of you and Thomas
Thomas and Newt fighting over you
Minho being jealous when he sees you with another guy
Seeing Minho after you got stuck in the maze for the night
Newt’s face being the last face you see before the Maze door close
Minho beats up Rat Man because he hurt you
You and Teresa make a promise to have each other’s backs
Thomas letting how he feels about slip infront of your boyfriend Dylan
Recognising Thomas when you first see him

Sherlock imagines

Sherlock ruining a murder/mystery tv show for you
Sherlock asking you to get his skull back for him
Sherlock pranking you
Helping your brother Sherlock on a case which annoys Mycroft

Hunger Games imagines

Saving Finnick from the mutts
You blame yourself for Prim’s death
Finnick feeling numb when you die in his arms
Being in love with Finnick and watching him get married

Doctor Who imagines

Stealing the Doctor’s sonic sunglasses
Being Human Ten and Rose’s daughter
Sassy relationship with the 10th Doctor
11th Doctor gets jealous
Not liking Danny Pink because he insults the Doctor
Being the Doctor’s date to Amy an Rory’s wedding
The 11th Doctor staring at you
The 10th Doctor saves you from a boring day at work
Clara hearing you tell the Doctor that you love her
Clara getting jealous when Rory flirts with you
The Doctor walking in on you and Clara kissing


Bumping into Snart and he flirts with you
Going undercover at a party
Snart saving you when an arrest goes wrong
Snart asking you to help him
Realizing how Snart feels for you
Snart teasing you
Snart getting jealous
Realizing your feelings for Snart
Snart telling you he has to leave town for a while


Being a hybrid in Scott’s pack and your friends Izzy and Clary visit
Clark getting jealous of your friendship with Captain America
Team Flash find out you’re dating Peter Parker
Bucky helping you make Deadpool jealous


The Pack goes to Senior Prom Part 1
The Pack goes to Senior Prom Part 2

Dating Includes

Dating Gally includes
Dating Alby includes
Dating Minho includes
Dating Newt includes

Being Arthur Pendragon’s younger sister would involve...

@elinesama thought I’d tag you bc I know you like Merlin :)

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Arthur defending you when Uther is angry at you

Being best friends with all the knights, especially Mordred because you’re about the same age

As a result, Arthur is very protective of you

As a result of that, Gwaine makes it his duty to flirt with you every day

Arthur almost fainted when you flirted back

You bribe Sir Leon to teach you to fight without telling Arthur

Merlin and Gwen are your best friends, and you always tease Gwen about her love for your brother

Morgana tries to use you against Arthur, because he cares for you so much

Whenever being a princess is too much for you, you seek out Merlin’s company and spend the day exploring

You know he has magic, and promise to keep it a secret

Because of this, you always try to steer your brother towards legalising the use of magic

You tell the knights and Merlin embarrassing stories about Arthur, making them swear to tease him about them

And also to never tell him they heard the stories from you

He knows anyway

You’re the only person who gets away with sassing him

You and Arthur argue and mock each other a lot, but you would both kill for each other if the situation arose

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  • merlin: *insults arthur*
  • arthur: shut up merlin
  • merlin: *makes fun of/teases arthur*
  • arthur: shut up merlin
  • merlin: *gives arthur valuable advice/counsel that he ends up following
  • arthur: shut up merlin
  • merlin: *makes joke at arthur's expense*
  • arthur: shut up merlin
  • merlin: *talks about how great gwaine is*
  • arthur: shut up merlin
  • merlin: *complains about chores*
  • arthur: shut up merlin
  • merlin: *is quiet*
  • arthur: omg merlin whats wrong you're not complaining or insulting me or being unexpetedly wise and you havent smiled in like 3 days (((not that i counted or anything no homo))) are you okay bb let's talk about this

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Merlin prompt with Arthur "wait a second is THE Arthur Pendragon jealous??! Merlin get over here!" "ohh it's quite rude to swear in front of a (lady/princess) is it not?"

Omg, thank you! I’m fangirling so much about Merlin because I’m rewatching it! :3

Originally posted by dididdou

I stared at Arthur, analyzing his expression. He noticed this, because he did his best to break the silence.

“All I’m saying is…” He said, trying to buy some time to think of something else to say. “You don’t know him, so you should be careful”

“Wait a second… is the Arthur Pendragon jealous?!” I smirked, my grin growing bigger when he blushed ever so lightly. “Merlin, get over here!”

Our friend, who was preparing the table at the other side of the room, heed my call. 


“Arthur is jealous!”

“What?” Merlin laughed, always ready to tease our royal friend. 

“I am not!” The blond retaliated, offended.

“He says that the lovely prince we met the other day could have hidden intentions” I told Merlin, deliberately mocking Arthur.

“The charming, polite and kind prince?” The dark-haired one said, still laughing. “I don’t think so, sire, you must be jealous indeed”

“I’m not bloody jealous!” Arthur shouted, getting too carried away by our teasing.

“Oh, it’s quite rude to swear in front of a lady, is it not?” Merlin was definitely having fun. 

“I did not swear, Merlin!” 

“Are you sure? Maybe your jealousy is blinding your judgement”

“I’ll accuse you both of treason” Arthur was blushing, and it was such an amusing sight that both Merlin and I couldn’t resist.

He just refused to stand there and take our jokes, so the blond just walked away. Merlin and I remained there, laughing and joking.

friendly reminder that the knights defer to Merlin’s judgment a) when the situation is about Arthur b) when Arthur is unavailable to give orders and c) instead of Arthur’s judgment sometimes (“Arthur won’t leave Camelot but we need to get to a safe place, help me get him out of here”)

as much as they tease him, they respect him not just as a friend, but as an advisor and a leader

anonymous asked:

Merlin is joking around 1 day & puts on Arthurs crown when teasing him. Everything else seems to stop as Arthur gaps for a few seconds, too short for Merlin to notice, at how beautiful the man looks in his crown. Slowly, the world flows back around him & Arthur catches the last part of Merlins sentence. He teases him back, but later, when Arthur is alone in his chambers, his mind cant help but wander back to his crowned servant & he begins to wonder what he would look & sound like giving orderes

My servant’s crown
Oh Anon, your words are wonderful and you made me cry a little *sobs* I added something to it, I hope you don’t mind ♥

Merlin Coffee Shop AU

This fit best in a list of hcs so…

-It’s Uther’s coffee place, but he’s literally never there
-he still manages to be the worst boss ever, sometimes it takes weeks past to get his employees their paychecks
-Gwen works in the back and makes pastries
-Merlin works at the counter with Gwaine and Lancelot; Merlin and Gwen basically run the place since Uther’s always gone
-He’s got a fantastic knowledge of all the drinks (Gaius taught him) but Gwaine is the real master of the drinks
-Lancelot is the steadfast and reliable barista, also the only one who can actually get customers’ names right on the cups
-Seriously, first time Gwaine served Percival, he wrote Pierce the Veil on his cup
-That’s how he became friends with Percival
-Uther hired Arthur because, well, he’s his son
-Arthur is TERRIBLE at being a barista.
Merlin tries to teach him basics but he’s literally awful
-But Uther is taking this job as a character building thing and Arthur is really nervous about needing to please his dad
-So he, Gwaine, and Lancelot trail around him all the time, fixing his mistakes and cleaning up his messes
-Merlin even gets some of his friends to come in and give Arthur gushing reviews
-He ends up being really great with the customers because all he does is talk when he’s making their drinks
-Merlin likes the way Arthur can go from charming hot barista to blushing clumsy mess in two seconds flat
-Arthur likes the way Merlin teases him constantly for his mess ups but still moves hell and high water to make sure Uther never finds out about them
-Arthur asks Merlin out via coffee cup, but Merlin doesn’t even pay attention to what Arthur’s calling out to the rest of the shop until Gwaine hits him
-Merlin blushes profusely and takes the drink with a nod
-“You put way too much milk in this, clotpole.”

Stranded (Part 2) - [Merlin]

[Part 1] [Part 3]

(Y/N) chuckled nervously, “Um…” She bent over and picked up the box of Weasley products, looking at Arthur and Morgana in the eyes. “I’m going with Merlin.”

The tension in Merlin’s face instantly relaxed, giving way to a huge smile, “Great. This way.” He motioned her toward the door.

“You can’t. As your prince, I order you to stop.” Arthur shouted.

She scoffed, “How ‘bout you talk to me when you’re the king. Plus, do you want to be the reason I bleed out and die?” (Y/N) raised her eyebrow at Arthur, who was beginning to grow annoyed with her responses.

“Well do you?” Merlin teased, knowing that it would further anger Arthur.

“Shut up, Merlin.” Arthur rolled his eyes, and dismissed them with a wave of his hand. “Just go.”

Merlin led (Y/N) out of Arthur’s room, and down the hallway.

As they made their way up a flight of stairs, a tiny voice in the back of Merlin’s head urged him to ask her questions. He pursed his lips, trying to build up enough courage to even turn around to look at her. Ah, fuck it, he thought. “So you have magic?” He asked once out of earshot from the guards.

“Yeah, but… do you not?” (Y/N) watched him. He was a lot different than what she thought he’d be like. For one, he was much younger, and, not to mention, handsome. “Are you not Merlin? You know… the greatest Sorcerer to ever live? The uniter of the land of Albion?” She leaned in closer, whispering the last bit to him.

Merlin’s skin went cold, and he quickly spun on his heels to face (Y/N), startling her. She stopped, her heart in her stomach. Did she say something wrong?

“How do know that?” He asked.

Her lips formed a crooked smile, “So it’s true then?” Merlin turned back around, and continued walking.

“It’s what the dragon tells me, but sometimes I’m not sure if he’s got the right Merlin. I mean, I’m a servant. How’s a servant supposed to unite the entire land of Albion?” (Y/N) noted a hint of sadness in his voice, but also something that sounded a lot like frustration, too.

“Well you don’t do it all on your own.” She reassured him.

“Yeah I know. I’m supposed to guide Arthur when he’s king.” Merlin held open a wooden door that led into a dimly lit room. “After you.”

(Y/N) looked at Merlin, then back into the room. She held onto her box tightly as she entered, noticing a table near the corner full of what seemed to be potions. Merlin followed her in, shutting the door.

“Is this Gaius a sorcerer as well?” She asked, taking in the room. The decor was a lot like she’d imagined, since, in all honesty, the Wizarding world hadn’t changed their taste as much as the muggle world.

“Yes and no. He stopped practicing sorcery after the great purge.”

“Great purge?”

Just then an older man with white,  long hair dressed in tattered robes came out of the room in the back. “Merlin, how many times have I told to clean your chambers? You can’t- oh, hello.” He noticed (Y/N) at the entrance, holding a peculiar box.

“Hello.” She replied in a low voice. Merlin, smiling like an idiot, took the box from her and set it down on an empty table, then pulled her toward Gaius.

“This is (Y/N).” Merlin introduced. Gaius looked her up and down, confused as to why Merlin seemed so excited about this strange girl.

“You’re dressed rather odd.” He said in a dismissive tone, then began walking to the table that held all the potions.

“Gaius,” Merlin followed him. “I think she’s a sorceress from the future,” He whispered. “She knows about me and my destiny.”

“You told her?” Gaius seemed angered by this. “You know nothing about her! What if she tells someone else? The king will have your head.”

(Y/N) pondered for a second, not wanting to get involved in whatever was going on between them at first, but ultimately decided it wouldn’t hurt. “Oh, you needn’t worry about that. I won’t be here much longer.”

Merlin turned to look at her, his smile visibly slipping from his face. “Why not? Where are you going?”

“Well, you see, this is all just a hallucination. I’m daydreaming right now.”

There was an awkward moment of silence as Merlin and Gaius tried to make sense of what she just said.

“Hallucination, you say?” Gaius asked, narrowing his eyes at her.

“Mm,” she nodded. “It’s a stupid prank my best friends pulled on me. I just hope I wake up before the shop opens.” She sat down on the edge of the bench, resting her arm on the table. Of all places she could of hallucinated, she never imagined it being Camelot. It was rather amusing, but the thought of being centuries from her time still make her stomach turn.

Gaius stood silent for a moment, then decided to approach her considerately. “If what you are saying is true, then how long until you wake?”

“Few more minutes.”

“Um…” Merlin bounced on his heels impatiently, looking at Gaius. He needed to go back to Arthur’s chambers, but he didn’t want to leave (Y/N), especially not since he learned that she could potentially disappear.

Gaius nodded, holding his hand up as a way to tell Merlin he can go finish his duties. “Okay, well I have to finish running errands for Arthur,” Merlin told (Y/N). “I hope you’ll still be here when I get back.”

“Probably not,” She answered him, tapping her fingers along the table. She didn’t mean to be rude, she just wanted to wake up already.

“Right…” With that Merlin left, leaving her alone with Gaius.

Gaius stared at her from across the room, making her even more nervous than before. She could tell that he was going back and forth between wanting to ask her questions or just letting it go entirely. But curiosity always wins. “Merlin tells me you’ve magic.”

“Yes… but why is this so surprising?”

“Magic is forbidden in Camelot. No one who wants to live would go around telling others that they wield the power of magic.” Gaius sat down in front of her. This conversation brought back memories of when Merlin first arrived, having to teach someone who was so curious about magic to not use it.

“I didn’t tell them,” she announced. “I simply fixed the table I broke.”

“Hm,” Gaius observed her. She didn’t seem to have harmful intentions, but he couldn’t be sure that she was all good either. “I’ve got an errand to run to the king. Will you be fine on your own? Be aware that I take inventory. I’ll know if something is missing.”

“Sure,” She nodded. Once he was gone, (Y/N) let her head fall onto the table gently. “Please let me be right about this. Please let this be a stupid prank,” She pleaded to no one in particular.

A few hours passed, and Merlin and Gaius walked in the room noticing (Y/N) in the same position they’d left her in, seemingly asleep.

She gripped her wand tightly, never opening her eyes or picking her head up off the table. Once she felt Merlin close enough, she shot up, pointing her wand at him menacingly. “What have you done to me?” She shouted, her face a deep crimson color. “Why am I not waking up?”

Merlin held his hands up in surrender, afraid of the unknown things she could do to him with just a small wave of her hand. “I’ve done nothing, I swear.”

“Liar!” She growled. “I should’ve came to hours ago. Fred and George would never leave me under this long!” Her eyes were beginning to well up with tears, and get hand was trembling quite harshly.

Merlin, noticing that she was more afraid than angry, tried to calm her down. “Then perhaps you aren’t hallucinating. Have you ever stopped to think that maybe you really are in Camelot?”

The sheer thought of being centuries away from home made her want to throw up. (Y/N) kept the wand pointed at Merlin, afraid that if she put it down, it would confirm everything he was saying. She looked over at Gaius, who was trembling in his robes, then back at Merlin. His face was soft, but his eyes were terrified. They were looking at her they way everyone did Voldemort that day of the war, and it made her feel like shit. Just then she realized what she was doing. She let out an exasperated sob, and lowered her arm. “I’m sorry…” She cried.

Merlin let go of his breath, clutching his chest to slow his rapid heartbeat. “You know… never in my life did I think I’d be afraid of a stick.”

(Y/N) let out a weird noise that sounded like it was in between a laugh and a sob. “It’s a wand, you prick.” She lifted her shirt slightly to wipe away her tears, but her body seemed to miss the cold touch of her time turner. She released her shirt, and began patting her chest and neck area frantically. “My necklace!” She yelped.

Merlin gasped, “Oh, I’ve got it.” He dug in his pockets, “I found it while I was cleaning Arthur’s chambers.” He pulled out the chain, and handed it to her, then pulled out the hourglass piece separately. “Sorry, it was broken when I found it.”

(Y/N) took the broken necklace, all hope flushing out of her body. “Oh, no. Please no,” she muttered, trying to piece the time turner back together. She waved her wand at the necklace, “Reparo,” but nothing happened. She tried it a few more times, but it proved useless. Without the ministry of magic, trying to fix her time turner would be a waste of time.

(Y/N) sighed loudly, letting her head fall onto the table, hard this time. A loud thud echoed throughout the room as she cried, “This can’t be happening.”

Merlin sucked his teeth, wondering if telling her about the dragon would be the right thing to do. He decided against it at first, but seeing her sad and afraid made his stomach turn. “I know someone who might help,” Merlin blurted.

“Merlin!” Gaius was shocked that he could be so reckless with his secret, especially with someone who he just met. Merlin knew it was careless of him, of course he knew, but it was the first time he’d ever seen someone so small and afraid of the world.

“Really,” She looked up at him, her eyes filled with a newfound hope.

Merlin smiled, “Yeah, but we’ll have to see him in the morning, he’s probably asleep right now.”

(Y/N) nodded, “Yeah… um… speaking of sleep, where will I be sleeping?” She looked at Merlin, her eyes wide and red rimmed from the crying.

“Oh, I hadn’t thought of that.” Merlin tapped the table, thinking. “You can sleep in my bed,” He offered, walking toward the room in the back where Gaius had come out of earlier. She followed him in, looking around at the poorly kept chambers. “It’s not much, but it’ll do. I’ll leave you, so you can get ready for bed.” Merlin said, then left the room, closing the door behind him.

(Y/N) sat on the bed, removing her shoes. She could hear muffled arguing behind the door, and for some odd reason it made her unexpected visit feel rather unwelcome. “Get over it,” she muttered to herself. She stood up, and removed her jeans.

(Y/N) placed her shoes in a corner, with her folded jeans and jacket on top of them neatly. She leaned against the wall, thinking about what Fred and George were doing right now. Whether they were missing her or not, or whether they blamed themselves for her sudden disappearance. She looked down at her ring. The letters were illuminated by a glowing blue light. It was dim, but it was there. She smiled smally.

A few minutes passed, and Merlin walked in. “(Y/N)?” He figured she would’ve already been in bed by now, so when he didn’t see her, he grew nervous.

Merlin’s voice snapped her back into reality. “I’m here,” she said, quickly walking toward him.

He turned to see her in nothing but her shirt and underwear, then quickly turned away. “I’m sorry, I thought you were ready.”

She giggled, “I am. This is how I sleep.”

Merlin slowly turned back around, taking in her unspoiled perfection. He gulped, then quickly shut the door. “Don’t let Gaius see you like this. He’ll have a fit,” He chuckled, setting down his things.

She laughed softly, making her way to the bed. (Y/N) sat in it, covering herself with the blanket. “Are you sure this is okay? I can sleep on the floor, I don’t mind.”

“Nonsense,” Merlin removed his shoes, and laid down on the floor close to the bed, propping his head against a pillow. “I’ll see you in the morning.”

(Y/N) peeked her head over the bed, smiling down at Merlin, “See you in the morning.” She laid down on her side, covering her body up to her chin with the blanket, finally closing her eyes.

Hours passed, and (Y/N) had trouble falling asleep. Fortunately for her, so did Merlin.

“(Y/N),” Merlin whispered.


“What’s it like where you’re from?”

She smiled, remembering the twins and their years in Hogwarts. “It’s great. An entire world hidden away by magic, where wizards and witches don’t need muggle technology to be happy.”


“People born without magic.”

“Oh,” Merlin tried to imagine being able to live in a place where he didn’t have to hide who he really was. But a place like that seemed like a fairytale.

She thought about how hard it must be for Merlin, having to lie to the ones he loved everyday while trying to fulfill some great destiny he didn’t ask for. She smiled, looking past the ceiling and into the memories of Hogwarts and her friends. “I think you’d really like it,” She said in a soft voice.

Merlin was fascinated by the world she was describing to him. “I already do,” he whispered. “Let’s just hope we can get you back home.”

Arthur’s kissed hundreds. He’s kissed more than hundreds, but this – this kiss he wants to cling to. Merlin’s his contact; he’s more than. So Arthur opens his mouth to let Merlin’s tongue tangle with his in a warm, wet mess. It slides hotly against his and under his; it retreats quickly, just a tease, and Arthur, passion fired, follows it back into Merlin’s mouth and sucks on it till the kiss becomes desperate, no control and no art to it, just hunger and thirst. Can one thirst for a kiss, a mouth, a smile? Hunger for a touch, a body to feel against yours?
Merlin having a crush on you headcanons

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Because I’m in love with this precious cinnamon roll

- He would be really shy and so freaking awkward when he realized he had a crush on you

- When Arthur found out, by god he would tease the hell of Merlin to no end

- When he was slightly confident, he would give you small flowers 

    - “I thought y-you would l-like this, you don’t have to have it” “Thank you Merlin, I love it”

- When he was really awkward towards you, after you walked away he would mutter to himself, frustrated as hell

    - “Stupid, so bloody stupid!”

- Him watching out for you 24/7

- When any of the knights flirted with you he wouldn’t say anything, but he was screaming internally 


 I might do a part 2, let me know if you want me to make one😘

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Rate MERTHUR 💙💙💙

hiii bb thank youuuu ♥♥♥♥♥

hell no | how about no | eh | kinda cute i guess | that’s adorable | omg omg yes | otp | you’re fucking kidding right i’m dying because of these two

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Let’s go:

  • proposes: Arthur. Arthur. ARTHUR. :3333
  • shops for groceries: Merlin. He’s used to being a manservant anyway :D 
  • kills the spiders: Arthur would, but Merlin always stops him and insists that they will get them outside, safely
  • comes home drunk at 3am: Merlin. Weeeeell, both, but Merlin would be the drunk one, he’s such a lightweight :)))
  • makes breakfast: Merlin, again, manservant, remember? :D 
  • remembers to feed the fish: Merlin. Not that he wouldn’t trust Arthur he’s just… careful. :D 
  • decorates the apartment: Again, Merlin. Arthur always frowns and doesn’t understand why is it so important to Merlin
  • initiates duets: Merlin. Don’t ask why, he just does :D
  • falls asleep first: Arthur. Arthur’s always tired after a long day and Merlin always snuggles him until Arthur falls asleep.
  • sends the most selfies: Merlin. Arthur sends some teasing message back, but secretly loooves it
  • makes the first move: Arthur. But he goes slowly, because Merlin (in my headcanon) is asexual and Arthur wants to make sure he is not overstepping his boundaries.
  • plans spontaneous trips: Arthur. Whereas Merlin always wonders what clothes he should pack :D (canon much)

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Do you have any favorite Modern!Merlin headcanons, or wintery headcanons? (just horribly curious because you're brilliant at these)

Oh, nonnie, you flatter me. Let’s see…

  1. Arthur actually returns on Christmas, accidentally stumbles onto a nativity scene on the lake shore, and is very very confused when people mistake him for the returned savior of the New Religion. Merlin finds it hilarious once he’s over the shock of having Arthur back.
  2. Arthur loves the way snow looks in Merlin’s hair. Their very frustrating game of Will-they-won’t-they ended when they were walking in the park one day and Arthur stopped to stare at Merlin and point out a very pretty snowflake in his hair.
  3. Merlin wears purple often.
  4. Merlin loves hot chocolate. Conveniently, this is the one thing that Arthur can be counted on to make reliably well.
  5. Merlin tried to teach Arthur how to cook. The results were disastrous.
  6. Arthur can’t ride a bike.
  7. Arthur really doesn’t like socks. He’d rather be barefoot.
  8. Arthur laughed himself silly while reading the Harry Potter books. He still shouts “Merlin’s beard!” from time to time.
  9. Merlin found Aithusa with a pack of dragons in the northern wilds some years after Camlann. He sometimes drags Arthur to Scotland to visit them.
  10. Merlin doesn’t like the cold. He constantly shoves his freezing extremities - fingers, toes, elbows - under Arthur’s arms and legs and tucks his nose into the crook of Arthur’s neck. Arthur doesn’t mind, because it’s an excuse to cuddle.
  11. Arthur is supremely rubbish at keeping secrets, and so Merlin has to act surprised every year when opening presents. He never teases Arthur about his shoddy lying though, because Arthur reminds Merlin about the ten years of lies. Merlin tries very hard not to lie to Arthur.
  12. Bonus: modern/reincarnation AU in which Arthur is a barista.

For reference, my headcanon tag. My favorite ones are the Mithian and Hogwarts ones.

Merlin + Arthur’s Teasing

  Arthur can be difficult: but while Arthur has definitely been ornery, there’s a huge difference between being ornery and being abusive–so I don’t get why some call him that, since Arthur has absolutely never been abusive to Merlin. (Unless, you count their whole spoon-thing). :p 

  Merlin is perfectly capable of handling Arthur’s playful/brotherly teasing. In fact, he usually does it, too.

  The truth is that Arthur is actually usually quite sweet to Merlin. He treats him like a younger brother.

  Also, Arthur really just uses his jerkyness as an avenue to intersperse compliments/what he really thinks about Merlin.


  Arthur’s true intent here was not to call Merlin a fool for the sake of being mean, but to say that he’d grown to like him without making himself feel like a fool. XD

  Honestly, I’d be worried about getting on Merlin’s bad side.

  Yeah. I sure wouldn’t want to make Merlin angry. :/ It doesn’t usually end too well for those who have. O.O

  Also, it’s not like Merlin has never been difficult with Arthur. He definitely has an ornery streak of his own. ^_^

“i’m a med student who has a huge crush on the hot guy who works at the coffee shop who always gives me free drinks when i’m stressed and calls me princess even though i pretend i think it’s annoying but i’m extremely concerned about him because he always smells like smoke so i always give him lectures about how terrible cigarettes are for you which is probably excessive but lung health is extremely important and oops it turns out he’s part-dragon or something”

 Merthur AU

Arthur goes to the same coffee shop every morning, Café Camelot, and it isn’t because of the coffee but rather the cute guy who takes his order every day. Merlin, with big ears and dreamy eyes, is Arthur’s reason for going out of his way for coffee instead of just going to work and getting coffee next door. Merlin, who always wears ridiculous scarves and writes cheesy pickup lines on Arthur’s cups; Merlin who teases Arthur about his ties but gives him free drinsk when he’s stressed; Merlin with the lazy smiles and eyeliner on Tuesdays; Merlin with paint stained jeans and coffee drenched breath.

Okay so Arthur might have a crush on the guy.

But Arthur is also worried about Merlin because he always smells like smoke and the thought of Merlin getting lung cancer is more terrifying then anything. So Arthur takes it upon himself to educate Merlin on the dangers of smoking.

“You know, Merlin,” Arthur says one afternoon. Merlin is on break as well as Arthur so they’re having coffee and pastries together-not a date, Arthur has to remind himself. Merlin looks at Arthur with barely hidden amusement, already knowing where this is going.

“Yes, Princess?”

“Did you know that nearly 440,000 deaths each year are caused by smoking?”

“I didn’t, that’s interesting.” Merlin replies, picking at his muffin and smiling.

“So you should quit smoking, ya know, so you don’t become one of those 400,000.”

Merlin snorts. “I don’t smoke, Arthur.”

Arthur has never seen Merlin smoking, just figures he doesn’t like to do it around other people, but lying about it is ridiculous. He smells like a walking smoke cloud, there is no way he doesn’t smoke. Arthur rolls his eyes and drops the subject…for now.

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Rating: M

Warnings: None

Words: 1,874

Pairing: Merlin/Arthur Pendragon

Summary: Merlin has a habit of falling asleep after sex and Arthur loves teasing him for it. That is, until a very sleepy Merlin accidentally proposes to him one night… or does he?

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So, this a short fic that I wrote almost by accident. I’m currently working on a longer fic and was a bit stuck, so a friend of mine suggested I could do some free writing, but instead I ended up writing a short fic based on this prompt:
“Person A teases Person B about getting sleepy after having sex. As B is falling asleep, the last thing they say is “I’m going to marry your idiot ass.” A then gets flustered, pulls B tenderly into their arms and falls asleep together with B. Bonus: A asks B about what they said when they wake up. How B reacts is up to you.”

Huge thanks and lots of hugs to my beta @edenofalltrades