Karen Page is so important like really

  • In the comics her character is the worst example of “fridging”, which is where a female character is put through trauma to cause angst for the male hero
  • Karen goes through plenty of trauma in the series however none of it is to facilitate Matt’s angst (he doesn’t even know about most of it???) it’s all to make Karen grow as a character and build her up as a hero
  • The kind of trauma Karen goes through is not the sort of shit you typically see a love interest endure
  • Literally: Karen goes through so much shit and it never even goes near rape-territory. She is proof that you can write a strong female character who goes through horrible things without having to sexualize her trauma 
  • On that note, there is this stereotypical scene in films where after a female character is raped, you see her washing off the shame in the shower. It’s a cliche, and it has sexist connotations because it implies that women should feel dirty after they are raped. Meanwhile, men will get this washing off shame in the shower scene after they do something terrible, like kill someone: they’re washing off the literal or metaphorical blood.
  • She definitely cannot be replaced by a sexy lamp - much of the plot is actually instigated by her investigating.
  • Which is really important? Because Matt has an actual legal parter who the writer’s could have chosen to push the non-Daredevil side of the plot forward and have him doing the investigating with Karen occasionally helping him out, but instead the writers decided to make Karen be the instigator
  • And they do it in such a way that they somehow avoid the “stupid nosy girl who gets in over her head and the hero has to save her from her own messes” cliche. Karen’s investigations are never portrayed as her being nosy, but rather her being tenacious and driven. Plus she gets herself out of her own messes.
  • Again: she kills a man. By shooting him. Several times. In a self-defense yet morally ambiguous way.
  • She’s morally ambiguous in a way women are often not allowed to be in fiction without being painted as a “femme fatal”, yet is still one of the most moral characters on the show.
  • There’s this roundtable that Emma Thompson was on where she said she wouldn’t do roles where the woman says to the man “don’t do that brave stupid thing.” Which is something you see in comics all the time. Yet in Daredevil, we often see the reverse of Matt telling Karen “don’t do that brave stupid thing.”
  • She is a strong character without being written with only qualities that are typically reserved for men. One of her most important qualities is her compassion, something that usually is shown as a weakness but in Karen it drives not only her plot line forward, but the entire plot line of the show.
  • It needs to be reiterated: WITHOUT KAREN PAGE THERE IS NO PLOT. Fisk would have razed Hell’s Kitchen with little to no problems  if Karen hadn’t investigated him and given Matt the information he needed to go after Fisk both legally and as Daredevil
  • Usually when a woman develops a sympathetic relationship toward a serial killing man, it’s because she falls in love with him. But Karen’s odd friendship with Frank was a result of her empathetic abilities and the fact that she killed a man and was projecting her guilty conscience onto him. Which is so much more interesting and compelling, and  typically the sort of well thought-out writing reserved for relationships between two men.
  • And Finally: 
    • “I believe in protecting women”
    • *dryly* “Thanks. From all of us.”
  • So in summation, Marvel movies need to take some serious pointers from Marvel netflix shows about how to write women. 
  • Also Karen Page is fucking incredible.
Five years ago today, Jenna Coleman’s life changed forever

It is amazing how much can change in 5 short years.

On March 21, 2012, Doctor Who fans received the news that Jenna-Louise Coleman had been cast as the as-yet-unnamed new companion. With production under way on Series 7, the announcement indicated that Jenna, who was about to appear in a miniseries based on the sinking of the Titanic and had become well-known for her roles in Emmerale and Waterloo Road, and had also scored a bit part in the first Captain America movie, would be debuting in the 2012 Christmas special and taking over from Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill as the new companion for the second half of Series 7 in 2013.

Looking back, it’s intriguing that no one thought to question the timing of the announcement, with no Christmas special filming expected for months yet and in fact the episodes featuring departing companions Amy and Rory were still a  ways from completion too (I believe they still had Power of Three and Angels Take Manhattan to go yet). In what remains one of the best kept secrets in Who franchise history, Steven Moffat and his team managed to keep the fact that Jenna would actually debut in the series 7 premiere a secret right up to the broadcast day - even with several advance screenings!

As we learned more about Jenna’s career path, we began to see that her casting in Doctor Who was a hard-fought victory. She’d spent quite a while trying without success to find meaningful work in the US after her run on Waterloo Road ended (apparently she even had to work in a London pub at one point to save money to go to LA). She got a role in a short film that apparently has never been released (though it’s trailer is still on YouTube), and YouTube has some of the audition tapes she made for parts as varied as Max, the role played by Kat Dennings on the sitcom 2 Broke Girls, and also the character eventually played by Meaghan Markle on the legal drama Suits. According to an interview she gave on The Last Leg, she very nearly got cast as an Australian in a sitcom that never went past the pilot stage. At some point she even record a voice for the video game Xenoblade Chronicles (no I’ve never heard of it either). She eventually returned to the UK and things started to look up, even though she had to endure a few “rites of passage” along the way, including a topless scene in BBC post-watershed potboiler and a role in another miniseries that seemed to require her to do little more than look good in lingerie and be convincing as a typist. Her part in Captain America was little more than a cameo, though it certainly boosted her profile (I do remember seeing some online posts asking “who is that girl?” which isn’t bad considering she was in competition for attention with Hayley Atwell and Natalie Dormer). But her role in Titanic was more substantial and things were looking up. Even though she was only about 25 or 26 when she was cast as Clara (famously getting the word when she was at a grocery store - the identity of which appears to change from time to time! - while buying an avocado), I don’t think anyone can deny that Jenna had paid quite a few dues already.

For Jenna (who dropped the -Louise a year later), it was the start of an amazing journey that saw her mature in many ways as an actress and as a public figure as she first began working with Matt Smith, demonstrating incredible chemistry with him. And then, most remarkable of all, her partnership with Peter Capaldi that not only paid off handsomely on screen, but it also launched one of the sweetest real-life friendships many of us have ever seen. 

Jenna would go on to surpass Karen as the longest-serving of the Modern Era companions, along the way placing herself among the greats not only of the revival, but she holds her head high alongside the likes of Katy Manning, Carole Ann Ford, Janet Fielding and Elisabeth Sladen, as well. One couldn’t have asked for a better Golden Anniversary Companion, a title that is Jenna’s and Jenna’s alone. And although other characters may claim to have met every Doctor in dialogue, Jenna remains the only actor to - thanks to digital editing and a bit of body doubling - share scenes with, in some form or other, every Doctor from Hartnell to Capaldi (and who knows, maybe she’ll be there when Thirteen arrives). She’s also played more individual characters than any other one actress in the show. (Clara, Clara Oswin, Oswin, the TARDIS interface (Hide), Saibra (Time Heist), Bonnie, multiple other Clara echoes, several different Clara Primes in Clara and the TARDIS, and Alice Watson in the audio book Destiny of the Doctors: The Time Machine - in which she also gave voice to the Eleventh Doctor himself!)

Today, of course, Jenna remains a bright-shining star, leading her very own TV series, the acclaimed Victoria, and there’s no doubt more greatness awaits for her. Will that include a return to Doctor Who in some form before Peter leaves? Who is to say? But it’s been a great ride so far.

I wonder if she ever got round to buying that avocado, though.

Daredevil fic writers!

Want to write fic, but not totally clear on the New York details?  Fear not, my friends; here’s the relevant 411.

New York City consists of five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn (hi Steve!), the Bronx, Queens (hi Peter!), and Staten Island.

Manhattan is the long skinny island between New Jersey and Brooklyn.  It’s the heart of NYC and in fact was all of NYC until 1898 - the others were separate cities until then.  People in the outer boroughs still sometimes refer to Manhattan as “the city.”  But you don’t really have to worry about the other boroughs at all for fic purposes, because everything on the show takes place in Manhattan.

Hell’s Kitchen is a neighborhood in Manhattan.  It is not a separate borough, or city, or suburb.  It’s not even a very big neighborhood.  It’s located on the west side of the island, in Midtown, and stretches north-south from either 59th or 55th Street (depending on who you ask) to 34th Street and east-west from 8th Avenue to the Hudson River.  (See the red rectangle on the map below.). That’s about one square mile.  It’s small.

Columbia University is also in Manhattan, in a neighborhood called Morningside Heights.  It’s also on the west side, about three miles from Hell’s Kitchen (the avocado on the map), just south of Harlem.  It’s about a 30 minute trip by subway.

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“The entire room roared at the idea, but went back into a more serious mode as an audience member asked the actress how it felt to return in ‘The Time of the Doctor’ and just utter one single, yet essential, line to Smith. I was going over that line – over and over it – because when you just have one line, you focus on it like a weirdo. And then I remember getting onto the set, and I remember watching Matt film his regeneration and the scenes leading up to it, and it was a tough time for him because he was saying goodbye to this very important part of his life. And then I realized – I don’t even need to act this line. I was just going to tell him that it was going to be OK, like, just in real life.”

- Karen Gillan

Best highlights from the Doctor Who panel at MegaCon 2015.

Featuring Tony Curran (Vincent van Gogh), Karen Gillan (Amy Pond), and Alex Kingston (River Song). (I’ll use T, K, and A to designate who’s talking). 

I basically wrote down everything I thought was noteworthy, including stuff I found to be really hilarious, interesting, or important. I didn’t write down the questions in exact quotes or necessarily in order because I didn’t want to miss the answers, but these are the basics of what happened. Exact quotes will be in quotations, my narrations/summaries are in italics. (I’ll probably end up putting some of the really hilarious quotes and other things into their own posts as well). 

At the beginning of the panel, they introduced themselves and got off on a little tangent about Vincent and Doctor. 

A: “That episode makes me cry every time.” She said she didn’t really know why, but she watches it with her daughter and she’s cried every time at the end when the Doctor takes Vincent to the museum. 

Q: Off screen did you ever act like each other’s characters, and can you do it now?

K: Laughed and said she would do it. She imitated River by saying “Hello, Sweetie” in a really deep voice. 

A: Didn’t want to do it at first, but Karen convinced her. She imitated Amy by yelling “Doctor!!!!” (Also imitated Vincent by saying a line that was in the original script about being a painter and being chased by a giant chicken, and she did it with a Scottish accent). 

T: Had Karen say “Your hair is orange” and responded with, “So is yours” in a pretty good Amy impression. 

Q: If you were the Doctor, who would you choose as your companion (in all of time and space)?

K: “All of time and space? I’m thinking…Jesus.” 

Moderator: I think Jesus would be the Doctor…

K: “No, he’d be my companion!”

A: “I wanted Jesus!”

K: Well you can have Buddha.

A: Yes, that’s true, I could have Buddha. But I think I’d really choose Bob Marley. 

Me to my friend: “Imagine all the hair!!” 

T: So do I take Mohammed now or something? 

Q: (To Karen and Alex) Did either of you know that River was Amy and Rory’s daughter before it happened? 

A: Said she knew way ahead of time, an entire season before the rest of the cast knew. She teased the rest of the cast with knowing something they didn’t, but she never told them. 

K: Arthur (Darvill) figured it out though, didn’t he?

A: Shook her head and said no. Apparently he pretended like he had figured it out but he really hadn’t. Also Matt pretended like he knew something Alex didn’t know to try and get her to tell him what it was. She also said that they kept the revealing scene really, really secret and there was something about the crew even using a fake piece of paper or something in relation to filming the scene and keeping it so secret.

Q: If you weren’t famous, would you go to conventions and cosplay?

K: “I love Star Trek.” I would definitely go and dress up as a Klingon. 

A: “I would go as an anime.” (The crowd asked her which one, exactly). I don’t know, I haven’t really seen any animes but I just love the wigs. I have five!

K: Laughed and asked, “When do you wear them?” 

A: I wore one for Halloween one time, I’ll show you a picture after this. (The moderator asked her if she could show us now, but she didn’t have the picture with her on stage). 

Q: If you could star on Star Wars, Star Trek, or Red Dwarf, which one would you choose to be on and who would you want to play? 

K: Star Trek, specifically Voyager. 

T: Star Wars. I’d want to play the Emperor. Then he said, in a really good Emperor impression, “Jedi…” Then he added that he would also like to play Boba Fett.

A: Star Wars. I think I’d like to play Chewbacca! At which point everyone Chewbacca roared. 

Q: What was your most memorable moment from Doctor Who?

A: Talked about when they were filming The Time of the Angels when River flies into the TARDIS and lands on top of the Doctor. In one of the first takes, she landed on him and “kneed him in the nuts.” (If you haven’t seen the video where Alex talks about this, you need to so here it is. Go watch it).

Q: (I actually don’t know the question for this one, I think it might have come from a tangent they got off on from the “most memorable moment” question. Alex was talking about working on Silence in the Library with David Tennant and said one of her favorite moments was whispering the Doctor’s name in his ear). 

K: “What did you say? Did you actually say his name?” 

A: Smiled that “spoilers” River smile we all love and said, “Yes.” 

K: You actually know his name?!?! “What is it?” 

A: Didn’t say what we all thought was the inevitable response but continued on talking about how they had actually told her the Doctor’s name. 

Q: (To Alex) Are you coming back for series 9?

A: Now time for the inevitable response, and we all knew it was coming. “Spoilers.”

Q: If you could travel with a different Doctor other than the one you’ve experienced, which one would it be. 

A: Immediate response. “Well I’m the only one who actually experienced the Doctor.” (Yep, that just happened). 

K: Said David Tennant at first, then debated between Tennant and Capaldi because they’re both Scottish, but finally stuck with her original choice because “I think he’d be funny.” 

T: Said he’d like to go back to Tom Baker. 

A: Said she would like to go back to when Doctor Who first began and be in the black and white episodes. 

Q: If you could choose another profession besides acting, which one would you choose?

K: I’d want to be a therapist. 

A: “I wouldn’t go to you.” 

T: “It’s sort of like Jesus,” but I think I’d want to be a carpenter. 

A: I think I’d like to do claymation. She talked about how she had to do a short claymation film for a project and said she really enjoyed it. 

Moderator: So you know about Gumby, right? 

A: “I have no idea what Gumby is!”

Q: What was the most challenging moment you had on Doctor Who?

K: Talked about how she had to do a lot of stunts on Doctor Who and specifically recalled, in Angels Take Manhattan, when she had to be suspended upside down for 1 minute with Arthur Darvill and kiss him. She said blood vessels were popping in her face and her face was all red after they shot the scene. 

A: Talked about a scene on a beach but didn’t mention a specific episode (I’m thinking maybe The Time of the Angels but I’m not sure). She said it was pouring rain and they only had one large umbrella for the whole cast and crew and they were all huddling underneath it. Then she said to Karen, “I remember you were sitting on that rock just freezing!” 


As an overall summary, all three cast members were really funny and very kind to the people asking questions. They were all very inspirational when it came to talking about tips for people who wanted to be actors. I hope you enjoyed these little snippets! The panel itself was absolutely awesome, and I hope I at least did it a little justice. I wish I could have recorded the whole thing, but we weren’t allowed, unfortunately. 

Matt and Karen's Panel at Calgary Expo 2014 ( April 26,2014)

  • Matt Smith kept his costume from the show. He sometimes dresses up in it j/k!
  • Matt Smith: “We’re the same as you. we’re fans of the show.”
  • Karen Gillan: Matt used to hide on her trailer, jumped out shouting absurdities.”
  • Matt Smith: They used to play “the uncomfortable touch” with guests. They’ve done it at duo photo ops here.
  • Matt Smith and Karen Gillan are cracking each other up. Smith: “It was my life’s work to annoy Karen.”
  • Aww. So pleased Matt Smith named @OldRoberts953 as his fave Who writer after Moff - put a big smile on Gar’s little face
  • “It was my life’s work to irritate Karen.” Matt Smith on backstage shenanigans during Doctor Who filming
  • Matt to Karen: “And now you’ve just got unnervingly weird hair.
  • Matt and Karen both speak highly of Peter Capaldi. They’re "fans” of the show proper now!
  • Matt Smith: “So many fezzes. I always love a fez”
  • Matt Smith: best thing to take from set: stories and memories. Karen: lots of laughter.
  • Smith: Stephen’s writing is very precise, so not much improv. Gillan: there was a limited window for improv.
  • Steven Moffat was not a fan of Karen Gillan arriving on set with a shaved head, says Matt
  • Matt Smith says he improvised a lot more than usual during the shooting of The Time of the Doctor
  • Matt Smith, to Karen: “You were really good in Doctor Who.” (Applause) Karen: “You were ok.”
  • Matt Smith is asked about his love scene with Eva Green in Womb. Matt is cagey…
  • Karen & Matt want to do a stage version of Macbeth. Karen wants to play Lady Macbeth; Matt thinks she would be a better witch
  • Matt Smith wants to play a villain in the future.
  • Matt: “I’ve always wanted to play a villain.” (fan yells out “the joker!”) Matt: “Ohhh, the Joker! Yes.”
  • Smith: Doctor Who is a great character to live with. If you run a bath as the Doctor, it’s a much more interesting experience.
  • Playing the Doctor “categorically changed” Matt’s way of looking at the world. He loved the Doctor’s “lack of cynicism”.
  • Matt would love to appear in The Tomb of the Cybermen (via a real TARDIS). “Troughton is the coolest!”
  • Matt: “Tomb of the Cybermen is my favourite Doctor Who episode of all time.”
  • Gillan: “You’re a trout!” Smith: “I am an Alaskan salmon.”
  • “Run the bath as the Doctor would, walk in the park as if you were the Doctor, makes life more interesting!”
  • Matt loves the idea of Doctors coming back because “it gives way for me to come back”.
  • Matt loved getting “Tom, Dave, and Johnny Hurt” in Day, but “it would have been nice to get Chris (Eccleston)”.
  • Matt: “I love Chris Ecclestone’s Doctor. I think he’s great!”
  • Smith on Doctor transitions: “There’s a weird handing over of the guard, but you have to get over it.”
  • Matt: “I’d love to see the Doctor meet Billy Bob Thornton in FARGO.”
  • Smith asked the audience which show Doctor Who should cross over with: Supernatural. Second opinion: Game of Thrones.
  • Karen: “Imagine if #DoctorWho visited the show Girls?!” (Everyone laughs) Matt: “What if #DoctorWho went into Friends?!”
Wizard Con 2014 Update Entire Panel transcript

My phone only captured half of the videos I recorded so I am editing the ones I have and will post those as soon as possible. Until then, I will recap the entire panel in detail.

Matt and Karen enter the stage and immediately decide to take a selfie in honor of Karen’s new pilot “Selfie,” they decide to do a selfie making duck faces, after that they sit down and begin questions.

The first question was what they thought the Doctor learned about during his time with Amy. Matt teases and begins to put his arm around Karen, which she jokingly shuts him down. She says that she wants the doctor to never be alone, to always travel with a friend, the girl who asked the question made a joke that Amy was really young/vivacious, and she had the ability to put the doctor in his place, to which Matt snapped his fingers in a z-formation and said that she definitely did. Matt later joked when told that he was the girl’s favorite Doctor that he is always susceptible to flattery, to which the girl replied that she would be around the convention after the panel. Karen yells “what’s happening here??1?”

It was reiterated several times during the panel that Eleven always approached things with a child-like wonder and freshness that was wonderful.

The next question was about the Tardis, what it was like to be in the Tardis. Karen said said “It’s big…ger on the inside!!” and laughs. Matt says there is two revelations on today’s panel: one, that the doctor likes to travel with people, and that two, the Tardis is bigger on the inside!“ Karen laughs and says,"this is like Doctor Who for Dummies!” Karen is told that a little boy named A.J. loves her but was traumatized when he saw that she cut her hair, Karen promises that she’s trying to grow it back as soon as she can, but the mother jokes that her son will need therapy later in life. There is a joke made about there being Doctor Who related therapy.

Karen loved playing a soothsayer in “The Fires of Pompeii,” she loved the fun hand gestures she got to make as well as the chance to work with both Tennant and Catherine Tate, she says she thought Tate got to play the coolest have the coolest job ever and so she was overjoyed when she got the chance to later. Matt reminded Karen that Peter Capaldi was also in the episode and she was like “Oh my god yes! He had an English accent then! I wonder how they are going to explain that?” The moderator says that he knows an explanation, but he cannot reveal that to the audience, rather that he will tell them later backstage. It is mentioned that they never said that a soothsayer that looked like Amy was also there, to which the moderator joked: “That’s because they will bring you to be a Doctor in the future!” The crowd goes wild and Karen laughs and says “oh my god…that would be disastrous!!”

They talk about how they were not able to see the Doctor Who premiere last night because they were busy and did the Ice Bucket Challenge for Karen, they explain it was basically the craziest thing ever, that it involves a doll Matt received the night before from a fan, they try to show the audience, but they are unable to connect to wi-fi and Matt curses the internet. 

They both say that the Weeping Angels and The Silence are the scariest things they ever encountered working together.

Matt says Leonardo was his favorite TMNT, Karen didn’t know what TMNT was and Matt and the Moderator begin to make fun of her for a full minute until the moderator stopped and said “Okay we are basically acting like little boys making fun of a girl” Karen replies “oh my god I am 5 again!”

They get on the subject of Disney children’s movies. Karen is asked how she is doing with her driving, which she says she told people she was a fantastic driver in the United states and therefore began driving around Warner Bros studios in golf carts “Very dangerous.” Matt is asked if he would ever go driving with Karen, to which he jokes that driving with her would be like being in a car with Bambi “it’s pure suicide can you imagine?” He does an imitation of Bambi driving a car and says that her hooves would beep the horn. They begin talking about how he loves Disney films. “Matt says eh loves them, especially the Lion King, but that he is traumatized that in all Disney films from our generation, the parents are always dying. He says that he believes it might do kids some good to be scared young though, Karen defends him quickly and agrees with him, then they are asked if they each had ever had a scary childhood experience. Karen says she watched The Exorcist at a very young age alone in her room without her parents knowing, and Matt says he watched Friday the 13th too young and was scarred at a scene with a bed.

Karen said she used to like to scare other children with her ghost stories, but she always ended up scaring herself instead. She said at her childhood school "at a church” she said that she would see a patch of cotton wool and would tell the other girls “it’s actually the hair of monks” and then didn’t sleep for weeks afterwards, even though she made it up herself.

They both mention that they love receiving gifts from their fans, they feel as if they are getting things from their friends and it really touches them. Matt does make a joke that he received a letter from a girl yesterday and she asks him if he likes pandas, and he lets us know that yes, he indeed loves pandas.

Matt is told that Tumblr has agreed that he is an ungraceful giraffe, he gasps and says “i always thought i was graceful!"When asked which animal would be their spirit animal, they go into a fit of giggles, Matt says that he was told this but he definitely agrees that he is a llama, and proceeds to do a frightfully perfect imitation of a llama. Karen says she would be a meerkat, Matt loses it and basically thrashing around on the couch "That is so perfect! Her head is so large and she can barely hold onto her own body weight!” He says later that she could also be a drunk sloth and Karen and him start draping themselves over the shrubbery until Karen stops and just looks down and says “what are we even doing?”

They are asked about New York and they begin on a tangent of how much they loved working there, and beyond that how much they saw that Americans love Doctor Who and how that also grew with their series’.

They tell a story to one night they were so happy that New York loved them so much, they decided to go out dancing, and that they stayed out dancing all night and when they later came back they danced to Arcade Fire until morning, Matt says if you look really hard you can tell in one of their videos the next morning when they seem like they are half dead and grumbling their responses to the press. (AHHHH DANCING IN THE MOONLIGHT FEELINGS).

They say their favorite episode was S05 E02 “the Beast Below,” Matt loves Series 5 the best, but he is freaked out whenever they bring him pictures of that Series that he realizes how long they look, Karen agrees and Matt is insulted “don’t agree!”

They talk about how they play a game called “gapping,” which is basically going up behind a person when their arm is out and putting your am in between and yelling “Gapping!” and then leave- they apparently did this a lot to each other as well as many extras on set. They are also asked about how close the three of them are and they reply that they have their own special language, that they can say something in a certain voice and they will both lose it.

Matt’s favorite side character was Vincent Van Gogh

They are asked which Doctor is hotter, Ten or Eleven. Matt looks at Karen and she finally answers Eleven. Though at first she pretends to forget who plays the Eleventh Doctor.

When asked if he loved to work with Jenna or Karen more he says “I love working with each of them more than the other” then he gets up and runs off the stage… He comes back and later says that while he does love working with Jenna, it’s different because Karen is his best friend, so naturally he loved working with her a bit more, and that that can be seen in his relationship with Amy, that at some point it really became life imitating art, and that their relationship off and on screen were practically the same (thank you for saying what we were all all thinking Matt).

After Series 5 was made BBC did not know if they were going to continue making more Doctor Who, but later decided to and that now they as a company would never think of NOT making another series of Doctor Who.

Karen begins to say that in reality so much of her Matt and Arthur going on the journey of them being on Who paralleled so much of how they were as their characters. That their journey together was so large and this brings them back in talking about Amy and Eleven- that their relationship was at times a father to a daughter, a mother to a son, a brother to a sister, two friends, two children growing up together, that while these and other feelings were there, they did not go just on the path of romance, just having a typical romance would not be enough for their relationship, there is more than that, their connection is deeper. Later, Matt says that the greatest introduction of a Doctor and his companion was that of Eleven and Amelia Pond, but that he is biased. They both also agree that filming their first they were in was more difficult than their last day. Matt says that Karen was just so natural, he would just look at her and be in awe of that.

Their favorite episode with Daleks were the one that they were both in “Asylum of the Daleks.”

Matt’s wardrobe was inspired by him, he auditioned in a tweed jacket and he could have gone in a leather jacket he had with stripes, yet he thought it looked like he was a pirate and thought that the doctor would never be so cool, and decided a “professor” look was better. He was dying for a hat all of the first series that Steven Moffat finally decided to add in the fez and that while it was only there for a few minutes on screen, it now is iconic as well as the tweed jacket and bow-tie.

Karen went back and forth with her wardrobe department until she got really into the look of her leather jacket and skirts.

Karen finished working on a Western, as well as a comedic pilot for HBO with ANDY SANDBURG, KIT HARRINGTON, WITH APPEARANCES BY STEPHEN SPIELBERG. Matt, as we know, is working on Terminator, and also wants everyone to know he loves Detroit, Michigan because he loves Motown, Rap, and will be driving through there as he drives up to Canada (he says he loves road trips in general).

They miss working on Doctor Who because they saw each other as well as their other friends every day. They miss Arthur and his lunges (Karen says Arthur is a boy who is always lunging around). They miss Moffat and the ability to run around and away from monsters. Matt as a mini-breakdown and asks Karen what they were doing when they decided to leave the show. Karen says she doesn’t know what they’ve done.

They are asked about how they keep up while spending so much time apart when they used to spend all of their time together, and Karen says in a sultry voice: how do we keep the relationship alive? How do we keep the chemistry from going out?“ and Matt is stuttering/laughing like a fool while making faces at each other. They say that doing things like panels help so they can see each other. Someone says they should go bowling and Matt gets very indignant and states that he has always been an athletic boy and that Karen whom  cannot hold her head with her body weight and who flails like Bambi was better at bowling than him. "This is how I work with Karen, I give her a compliment, and then take it away.”

They are asked to make up their own episode of doctor who. They have Amy see a llama with green teeth that is terrorizing people, she calls the doctor and he comes and crashes the Tardis on top of the llama, she believes it’s over but he is soon possessed by the spirit of the llama and his teeth start turning green and develops fur and hooves. Amy undoes the spell that she finds in a book in a labyrinth in the swimming pool.

They decide that their favorite line Amy says is “Doctor” they start a game to which they decide in all the ways and voices they can say “Doctor” (yes, my mind went there oops).

They talk about Eleven’s regeneration twice. The first is when they do a reenactment and Matt suddenly (in slow-motion) begins to reach for Karen’s face, and Karen reciprocates. Later, Matt is told that Ten’s regeneration was extremely dramatic, while his was just a sneeze into turning to Peter Capaldi,. Matt says that there were several takes they did for that scene and while there were some dramatic ones, it was decided that the Doctor knew he was not dying, he was not upset he was leaving, but resigned to the fact that he had to “change.”

Karen says that she was there and she personally thought it very emotional.

Matt says he wants to go back in time to hang out with dinosaurs and eat some forbidden fruit, Karen says she wants to go to the future and see what technology will be present and that she believes humans will be living in a virtual reality.

The final question was what would they do for a Klondike Bar? Matt and Karen don’t know what they are but when explained Matt says “I think the question really is What WOULDN’T I do for a Klondike bar?”

That concludes the panel and it was the best thing.

Again, I’ll post what videos survived whenever they load.

Some more things from Matt's panel that I didn't mention last night

The lady who introduced her baby born on the 50th anniversary started off with, “I’d like you to meet a very special baby,” to which the moderator was like “Whoa hold on where’s this going?!” And she was like “OH MY GOD NOT LIKE THAT! I would love to be able to run with that but no!” And then she asked if baby I think Chandler could meet Matt, and Matt just jumped up and was like YEAH! He loves kids so much it’s adorable. We couldn’t see the people asking the questions but you could always tell when a kid was at the mike, because Matt would kind of crouch down on the table like he was trying to get down on their level. He’s so great about not talking down to kids.

At one point this little girl asked if we could all sing the theme tune, so Matt led us all in singing the theme tune, complete with his interjected commentary at key points like, “And then the credits come up and OOOOO” and “AND THEN THE TARDIS SPINS UP AND THE DOORS OPEN and we’re off.” I cannot with this man.

At one point he was asked about his thoughts on the Tasha Lem is River theory, and he said he definitely doesn’t think they are the same person. They are a lot alike but “she’s just some crazy lady who runs a church.” It was around this time he said he thinks the Doctor really loves River, in a different way than anyone else, and that she’s a space vixen. But about Tasha and River, “he’s clearly attracted to powerful space vixens.”
A boy asked Matt’s thoughts about a female Doctor. “Heaven help us.” A female Doctor would be a “Force of nature.” He then asked the kid what he and his friends thought, and he said they thought the Doctor should remain male, to which Matt said “I think secretly all guys sort of feel like that. Like, ‘don’t take him away from us.’”
After flustering about how he loved both his companions equally (though his inability to shut up about Amy/Karen says differently) he was asked about Rory, and jokingly said “Oh he’s WAY down the list.” “Rory’s always dying or being stupid. No, I love stupid face Rory.” But it was so hilarious.

He also told us that he called Jenna the orher day and left her “this really horrible message” where he was like “I know you’re cheating on me, (then sarcastically) I bet he’s REALLY nice, and you’re having A LOT of fun.’ But I was just joking…a bit.”
He talked about his costume, both about the costume evolution and the initial choosing his costume. Steven Moffat’s only note when they were initially picking out his costume was, “the thing about the Doctor is that his costume has to be something that children can draw.” Which was really interesting.

He also says that he always wanted the costume to evolve but “I made one mistake. (Shaking head.) The green coat. It just didn’t work. Badly tailored, and it just didn’t work.”

Speaking about filming the Christmas Special, he says that while he’s very proud of what they ended up with, they filmed a lot and “a lot more brutal” versions, and particularly about the regeneration scene itself, they did a LOT of versions of that, and of what they filmed, what was used isn’t exactly what he would have chosen. He was very conflicted clearly saying all this, and was trying very hard not to sound like he was saying he didn’t like the episode or something like that, and he pointed out that it’s very strange as an actor to be watching it, and that of course regeneration scenes are tricky anyway. Because “the actor knows he’s leaving” but “the character knows he’s gonna be fine” he stressed that the character isn’t leaving and knows that he’s still going to be him and “he knows he’s not going to be in pain anymore”.
He talked about how he got in to acting, and how he had a drama teacher who kept casting him in plays and “I just kept not showing up. I was like no, acting is for girls. I’m a sportsman. I play football this is what I do.” He was laughing as he said all this like he could see how dumb young!Matt had been. And finally the teacher called his mum and told her he really needed to act.
He also said that the way he felt during his first little while filming DW was basically “what have I done?”
And that his favorite Doctors were Troughton, Baker, Eccleston and Tennant (“I loved Eccleston and Tennant, don’t make me choose between those two!”)
When talking about going from DW to How to Catch a Monster he said he called Steven and told him he was going to shave his head and at this point he imitated Moffat’s reaction: “No. No. No. You can’t. No.” “Yeah, I am.” “No. No.”

How he felt when he found out who River was: “Annoyed. I was like really, River? Again?” And overall that was one of the biggest plot twists. “I was just like Steven, what the hell? And then the baby EXPLODES??”

Series 5 was his favorite story arc, and his favorite monologue was his Stonehenge speech.

He also pointed out that he was a strange child, but that strange is good.

Aaaand that’s all I can remember right now and my phone is about to die.

"Group Therapy" - A summary of the Doctor Who Q&A Panel featuring Matt Smith and Karen Gillan at the Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con

(credit to @aboleyn on Twitter)

Okay so Matt and Karen’s panel was earlier today and it was absolutely amazing! I documented pretty much everything during the panel for you all to read at your enjoyment! There was A LOT so I’ll be putting it under a read more, read at your own risk/pleasure/whatever you prefer.

(Some highlights- Matt and Karen doing the drunk giraffe, as if they were “star-crossed lovers”; Matt’s socks; their mothers; Matt being slightly jealous of Peter Capaldi; Matt and Karen singing the Doctor Who theme song, and encouraging the audience to join in; a lot of sass on Karen’s part; and Matt’s inner Doctor coming out.)

Keep reading

Q&A of Matt & Karen at Comic con in Philadelphia [ June 21, 2014]

  • Matt and Karen dancing the drunk giraffe. Epic!
  • Karen took from the set the binoculars from the TARDIS and Matt took his suit and fez
  • What was it like working with David Tennant on the 50th Anniversary? Matt : “We were just kinda fanboyish, really." 
  • Karen’s favorite actors are Tilda Swinton - and everyone from F.R.I.E.N.D.S
  • Matt wanted a flight Manuel for the Tardis!
  • Karen Gillian says the word tardis in the most satisfying way.
  • matts impression of Karen first stepping into the tardis "drunken seal”
  • Q. What’s it like to run from statues? A. “Its really fun to run away from things, in general.” says Karen
  • matts icon is Karen 
  • matts mom has garden statues that scare him!
  • “If my Doctor had carried on I think he would have become meaner, tougher. Damn I should have stayed!”
  • Matt Smith: a castle is just a big fridge
  • “I wanna play Macbeth!” “I want to play lady Macbeth”. “Lets do it together!”
  • “I put on my eleventh doctor outfit when I’m sad about my life and look at pictures of peter capaldi”
  • “I was really influenced by an actress called Karen gillan.” -matt
  • Karen is bewildered by the moderator’s technology
  • Matt thinks his character would’ve become meaner, “the universe would’ve weighed on his shoulders”
  • “She’s a full Hollywood movie star”- matt
  • Matt keeps calling Karen “K face”
  • “She’s got a great singing voice!…but she can’t walk in a straight line”
  • If Matt Smith could play anything… “Something cool and villainous.”
  • Talking about filming their last scene; had to film it multiple times and it was “SO SAD”
  • Matt talking about the upcoming DW world tour “not that I’m bitter!”
  • Karen on Peter: “I’m hoping he swears all the time and they bleep it out with tardis sounds”
  • Peter Capaldi will bring his own reinvention to the role. It will be bold, says Matt
  • “I was the same age as Amy so I was like, I know what we wear! you don’t!” -Karen on her costumes
  • Matt talking about other versions of regeneration scenes; doesn’t want to offend people who worked on it
  • Matt wanted it to be more “troubling for him to go; he was in much more pain physically, but then he sees amy and it doesn’t matter”
  • “How many death reactions can one person come up with? Karen: "the multiple death reactions I’ve had to conjure up because RORY kept on DYING.”
  • “it was so nice having you there on my last day. just as a, thing.” -Matt to Karen
  • Karen says her mom is “one of the biggest whovians in this room right now!”
  • In England, you’re just born with knowledge of Daleks, say Matt and Karen
  • The mod just called Karen “Amy,” she says “I quite like it when people do that!”
  • Karen cringing at matt inadvertently calling her a hot chick
  • “Billie was my favorite companion”-Karen
  • Matt’s mom was the one who convinced him on doing the audition for the doctor.
  • There’s nothing more weird than a doll of yourself"-Karen More cool than weird though, says Matt
  • “call JJ Abrahams!”-matt
  • Matt liked his tweed suit best because it was uncool, which made it cool.
  • If Matt were Amy: “yes, I’m a kissogram!!" if Matt was Karen’s companion he would wear the kissogram outfit
  • "That’s the doctor!!” matt says, making an inside joke face at Karen
  • “It’s as fun to make as it is fun to watch,” says Matt
  • Matt’s worst experience on set was seeing Karen in makeup; “no, actually it was one of my favorite times!”
  • While filming TATM, Karen hung upside down for so long she burst the blood vessels in her face
  • “Doctor Who changed our whole life!”-Matt
  • “I think you look nice with short hair!”-Matt to Karen 
  • matt calling small children “dude”
  • Matt and Karen laughing about their shared bald experience 
  • Matt is still jokingly distraught about no longer being the doctor
  • Karen was dressed as Britney Spears at her concert in Vegas; someone yelled “OMG ITS AMY POND”
  • Goldberg came to Matt and Karen to tell them she’s a fan of the show.
  • Karen said nothing would get saved if she was the doctor
  • What character would you be? “I was gonna say Rory, but like, to be married to myself??”-Karen
  • “But run a bath as the Doctor would run a bath. Kids, ask your parents because you could have a flooding bill.”
  • What was it like filming in the US? “The best! We love coming over here!”
  • The little human things that confound the Doctor make you realize he’s an alien, says Matt Smith
  • A cappella rendition of the DW theme is happening on stage!
  • Riding a dinosaur is painful according to Matt.
  • Matt loves Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, old disney films
  • Karen doesn’t like football. She just likes football player stickers
  • Matt: my mum sold my disney movies! Karen: LYNNE!!
  • Karen collected football stickers as a child. Matt: “who are you?!”
  • Karen’s favorite doctor is Matt! Matt says good answer.
  • “I made a belt out of them (heat packs). I’d put them in my socks.”
  • “The eleventh hour ” is matt and karen favourite episode.
  • Karens favorite 90s show is FRIENDS and matts is men behaving badly
  • Karen strapped 7 heat packs to herself on set; “she’s massively selfish”-matt
  • Matt read a book on psychosis to get into character for American Psycho.
  • Amy and the Doctor: the time-traveling Mulder and Scully
  • Matt ate 20 fish fingers filming “The Eleventh Hour.”
  • I did eat fish fingers and custard, which I highly recommend to anyone under 10,“ Matt says
  • Matt loves the angels. Karen loves Silurians.

Thanks to the whole twitter who was at the con!