Bellarke Fanfiction Rec’s Post #4

Hey Loves,

So, I just realized I never posted my fourth Rec list for Bellarke. I was like…I know I started it and then I must have gotten distracted because that’s what I do LoL. So now the list is huge and I figured before I added any more stories to the list I’d rec the ones I’ve read so far because I know people are always looking for quality Bellarke fics set in The 100 world and not some Modern AU.

I’m not a fan of modern AU’s lol sorry. I need my Bellarke happening in the 100 universe. Anywho, these stories are all awesome. The characters are portrayed accuratly and the expansion of the universe inside these stories are on point. I only rec things if I love all aspects of them because I’m a picky bitch. I’m sorry LOL.

After Wednesday’s episode I need some comfort so if you haven’t read these doooo itttt. You won’t regret it. So much awesome. I will love these writers for ever and ever. ♥

And onto the recs…

Five Times He’s There For Her, And One Time She’s There For Him by myhomeistheshire
How Long (Till We Call This Love)? by Xanisis
We’re Doing Okay by Willowwren
The ghosts you draw on my back by Roadmaps
To Take A Bath by questionmark007
Home Is Where The Heart Is by TheWildOne1
Anything by banshee_in_the_dark
My Days Without You (they’re just an echo) by banshee_in_the_dark
Don’t Go Where I Can’t Follow by Ginnyweasleys
You Know What We’re Like by Gingeraleandchocolatecake
Rule One by Opensummer
One Of Us by Opensummer
Between Sleep and Wake by Lokiintheskywithdiamonds
I don’t want to be alone (When these bones decay) by shield_maiden
We Can Do This (together or not at all) by Orangecoconut
The Harsh Dark by Crystalkei
Take Care by Fanfictionandcats
Dragons Are Afraid of You by Queenofchildren
No Second Troy by Queenofchildren
Down to the River to Pray by Lila82
Putting the Dog to Sleep (Or Four Times Mel from Factory Station Couldn’t Take a Hint and One Time that She Did) by Lila82
Hell is Round the Corner by Lila82
Didn’t Leave Nobody But the Baby by Lila82
Hot Springs by Bassair
Drinking With Friends by mollivanders
Don’t Take That Sinner From Me by Thebookavenger
Idle Touches by Thebookavenger
Exceptions to the Rule by Kay_emm_gee
My Tears Are Becoming a Sea by Lila82
Someday by ThanksForTheBreasthat
Like Herding Cats by Romanitas
If I Should Fall Behind by Lila82
Distraction by Durinsbride
Point And Shoot by Bellclarke
Where There Is Smoke by Kay_emm_gee
Chrysalis by IrisCandy
King and Princess Talk by Somethingofatrainwreck

The signs as my favorite lines from Hamilton

Aries: I need my right-hand man back!
Taurus: And if this child shares a fraction of your smile, or a fragment of your mind, look out world, that would be enough
Gemini: You have married an Icarus/He has flown too close to the sun
Cancer: Now I’m the villain in your history 
Leo: Well IIIIIII heard you got a special someone on the siiiiide, Burr
Virgo: Hey/Hey/Hey/Hey/Ooooh~ I do I do I do I doooo~
Libra: Pray that hell or heaven lets you in
Scorpio: I know my sister like I know my own mind/You will never find anyone as trusting or as kind
Sagittarius: Well I arranged the meeting/I arranged the menu, the venue, the seating
Capricorn: And so the American experiment begins with my friends all scattered to the winds
Aquarius: And another thing, Mr. Age of Enlightenment/Don’t lecture me about the war, you didn’t fight in it
Pisces: You sent the dogs after my scent, that’s fine! (bonus: that’s Lin’s favorite line, or at least his favorite one to write/rap)

Date Day// Chae Hyungwon

Originally posted by minyeossi

Pairing: Hyungwon x reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Anonymous said:
can I request a hyungwon scenario? It can be about anything but please make it fluffy. thank you have a nice day!❤️

Author’s Note: Hyungwon is my Monsta x bias and this made me feel some type of way I cry

xoxo Sara

You walked hand in hand with your boyfriend, Hyungwon, as you two travelled the mall in search of things to do. The mall had always been your go-to date place, because it had many stores that practically begged to be explored and messed around with, but it had seemed like you two had worn off all of the magical and wondrous places that there were.

“Yah, Hyungwon,” you whined, “What can we doooo?”

“We can go to the pet store..” He looked over at the tiny pet store, filled with animals that you both had already named and petted and wished to take home

“We already did that today.” You murmured, looking at the ceiling. “How about we get out of the mall? I mean, look!” you pointed up at the ceiling. The mall had a sunroof, which showed the beautiful glowing sun. “The day is still young, why not go to the park?”

“Do you want to do that?” he asked softly, smiling at you as you nodded quickly, pulling him over to the exit.

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OMG IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY!!! Happy Birthday, my dear!!! Hope you had an awesome day and that your dash was filled with Peeta Mellark and Scott Eastwood and all things Everlark :) Oh, and that you had some birthday macarons! *hugs*

It’s my birfday, gonna party like it’s my birfday, doooo-doooo doooo-doooo! Thanks sweetie, so good to see your name!

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