“After coming to Korea, my dream turned into a nightmare,” she added. The chairman of the museum is 59-year-old Hong Moon-jong, who also happens to be a senior lawmaker and secretary general for the ruling Saenuri Party (NFP).

Twelve migrant workers gathered in front of the Saenuri Party’s headquarters in Seoul’s Yeouido neighborhood on Feb. 10. They, like Faina, have been employed at the AMOA for sculpture, performances, and other duties. A total of 24 people were hired, but eight have since returned home, while another four have fled, they said. The working conditions they described were virtual enslavement. No legal labor standards - minimum wage, suitable food stipends, vacation time - were observed. Museum administrators responded to complaints with contemptuous remarks about Africa. “I thought this was a lot of money in your country,” one of them reportedly said.

The workers had to sleep in rooms where mice chewed at their clothes, and survive on spoiled rice. Razack, a 26-year-old from Burkina Faso, said they were deceived about their accommodations.

video showing their dormitories here

this is fucking sickening. 

Nirak’s Sketchbook Project @ AMOA.

My sister’s sketchbook artwork will be at Austin’s AMOA on March 12th so I’m mandating that everyone in Austin go check it out.  It’s surreal to me that she’s off living in Nebraska while her artwork will be packaged and shipped only blocks away from my place.

Also, as someone who has repeatedly signed up for the Sketchbook Project and then done nothing with it, I’m in awe of her commitment.

my second submission for 5 x 7 in Show at AMOA

Violet II - 5 x 7 in. oil on illustration board

same process as the other one for the same show. painted the whole board that blue color, then roughed in some colos with a palette knife and scratched down to the first layer of paint for the lines.

i think this one came out much better and more balanced than my first attempt. might try this process on a larger size piece.

Erin Curtis-Further West Exhibit

One of my favorite museums in Austin is AMOA-Arthouse at Laguna Gloria. The museum is surrounded by beautiful scenery and is a lovely area to visit and walk around. The grounds are located right next to Mount Bonnel and Mayfield Park, which are both gorgeous places to visit while you are out there as well. The last time I went to Laguna Gloria was last year during their amazing Art on the Green exhibit, where several artists made their own miniature golf course hole and allowed anyone to play on the course. I was excited to visit the museum again and check out the Furthest West exhibit by artist, Erin Curtis.

Erin Curtis is a local artist based in Austin and graduated with an MFA from UT in 2007. She uses a mixture of both painting and sculpture in her work. I became interested in her work after seeing some of it online and wanted to make the trip to see it. I’m glad I did because the effect was much different in person. As you walk up to the exhibit, there are sculptures leading up to the door and banners hanging above the walkway. These add a splash of color to the scenery and depict the kinds of shapes found in her paintings. When you walk inside, a tapestry hangs in the entryway of the exhibit. This piece was my favorite, because it used light in such a beautiful way. The front of the tapestry was completely illuminated and the back was mostly in shadow, with points of light coming through where she had cut repetitive designs into the tapestry. Although I don’t always enjoy abstract artwork, I absolutely loved Erin Curtis’ work. The vibrant colors and use of intricate design in her paintings made them beautiful to view. I also loved that though they were abstract, some of the paintings were reminiscent of architecture and city structures. In my current art history class, we’ve been studying patterning and decoration, so it was nice to see contemporary work in Austin that deals with these concepts. Her work reminds me of the paintings of Joyce Kozlof and Miriam Schapiro, whose work you should also check out if you are at all interested in abstract painting or pattern.

In addition to Erin Curtis’ work, two other artists have exhibitions up on the grounds that are worth checking out as well. One of the artists, Marriane Vitale, used left over parts from railroad tracks to create an amazing bridge-like structure in the shape of an X. If you enjoy sculpture, her work would be great to see. Laguna Gloria museum hours are from10 am- 4 pm Tuesday through Sunday. Furthest West will be on display until January 5th, so head on over to Laguna Gloria!
-Kelsey Amundsen