Boku No Hero Academia as according to my 51-year-old father

Favorite Character? all might  

Least Favorite Character? midoriya  

Coolest Power? ice and heat dude

Favorite Overall Aspect? the american hero in the japanese show

Least Favorite Aspect? too many students, hard to keep track of all of them

Pros Of The Series? excellent action

Cons Of The Series? sometimes hard to follow all the characters

Overall Rating? 9/10

Describe The Characters:

All Might (One For All): excellent cross between hulk hogan and thor

Izuku Midoriya (One For All): never has someone wept so much over so little

Katsuki Bakugo (Explosion): tries too hard to be a jerk, secretly likes kittens

Ochaco Uraraka (Anti-Gravity): very brave kid that can be trusted

Tenya Iida (Rocket Legs): a good leader, will be even better after a few drinks too relax

Shoto Todoroki (Ice and Heat): bad ass, could rule the world with that power

Tsuyu Asui (Frog): a bit of an odd sort but seems nice

Denki Kaminari (electric): closest thing to Pikachu, so has to be cool

Eijiro Kirishima (Iron Arms): very tough

Shota Aizawa (Quirk Cancellation): brave while being in a bad mood, very impressive

Present Mic (Voice): could be annoying

Tomura Shigaraki (Stone Touch): excellent power, like to see more

Nomu (Anti-All Might): just another goon to beat up

anonymous asked:

This character hopes for a Native American/Canadian hero

Hi, lovebug! ❤ We’d be thrilled to make this box for you, but can you give us some more specifics? Ex. do you mean a character who is part of the Canadian First Nations, or something more broad? And what image/flag/colors would you like us to use on this box? Please get back to us, we want to make sure we make it just right!! ^^ 

  • person: can you stop talking about your favorite character?
  • me:
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#BlackHistoryMonth #tbt: Being the first African American woman to travel to space is one of Mae Jemison’s many accomplishments. A dancer, Peace Corps doctor, public speaker and astronaut, Mae went to college at age 16, holds 9 honorary doctorates and has founded many STEM-related programs for students.