remember when jongdae and zhang liyin gave us the best live performance of the century


“Her eyes were like galaxies, and everyone could get lost in them. How many stars flickered there, no one knew, but every time she glanced upon someone, a new star ignited, a new star was caught in the gravity of her stare.”

Heraklion 24/9/16 | The best model |

💪🏻😛✨I hope you had a good weekend guys…! Mine was perfect, training and chill! Hehe and today was a perfect #LegDay! 😁 now I’m focusing on new goals…! I’m sure this next week gonna be #AMAZING!!! 🙌🏼😏 #KeepMoving #KeepFocus #KeepGrowing (en Actic)

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OP: Haechan do you know Boys Over Flower?
HC: I do….. I really like it
OP: So you know about F4 right? Did you know that people are calling you apart of the F4 of SOPA right now? Along with Mark, Jaemin, and Jeno
HC: Oh wow really??
OP: Noona is going to be Geum Jan Di, would you protect me?
HC: Of course I would /laughs/
OP: You promise?
HC: Yes yes!

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