Brooklyn-based artist Amanda Browder creates colorful, large-scale fabric art installations wrapped around building exteriors and other public sites. One of the things that makes her artwork so awesome is how each piece becomes a community project with local volunteers donating fabric, gathering to help sew it all together, and installing it on-site.

Browder has said, “The idea is that it is similar to a rainbow—a happenstance encounter with something so awesome that you would tell more than one person about it—and that conversation, construction, and reinterpretation is just as unique as the piece.”

For her most recent project, entitled Spectral Locus, Browder was invited to Buffalo, NY by the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, where she and her volunteers are currently creating a trio of dazzlingly vibrant installations. Pictured above is Spectral Locus on the Richmond Ferry Church (aka the Rosanna Elizabeth Visual and Performing Arts Center), which was completed just last week. The third building, Clifton Hall, will be wrapped in fabric this week.

Click here for additional photos from Spectral Locus.

Visit Amanda Browder’s website to check out more of her awesome textile art installations.

[Photos via Amanda Browder on Facebook]

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