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Help it's 1 am and I may or may not have had a tea and soda that were both full of caffeine before I came upstairs and I'm not really tired???? Idk man I don't have school tomorrow so uh??? Just read fanfic or what???

i mean?? if u dont have school just watch a movie or smth or whatever u usually do or do smth productive like homework for the next week or some assignment u might have?? 

in this situation i just watch bob ross and try to go to sleep at 3 am at least

Everyone gets on my ass about how “spoiled” my animals are. 

“They have so much stuff!!!!!” i.e., enrichment?

“They get so many nice treats!!!!!” a … proper fucking diet ????

“You spend way too much money on them! They’re just fish!!!!!” (in regards to the axolotls) uhhhhhhhhhhNNNNNNNNHHNNHNHHNHHGGGGGGG i want to scream into the night .

Like ok I DONT spend “way too much money”. It IS a significant amount, but no more than I have to. I want to provide a certain standard of care. Like ok my dad blows thousands every month on some collection of motorcycles but will throw a hissy fit when i come home with new toys for my dog and proper food. “They’re just animals!!!” really gets me. Like ok dad but your motorcycles aren’t even alive, thats just a hobby. It makes you happy. And my pets make me happy. To see something thrive because of my efforts really eases some of that #anxiety. So. Please. They’re not “just animals”////

(Also goes for anyone else who says that bc they aren’t just animals maybe you could raise your damn standards and treat your animals like living things with feelings idk just a suggestionnnnnn))))))


JuminV Week - Day 7 | Spring

For @juminvweek

I TRIED TO BE AESTHETIC OK– Lets end the juminv week with some bittersweet moment shall we because that is what this relationship all about anyway- //slapped Ahhh finally done- Not like what I expect it to be but I am just super tired and I really want to complete this event so–
Damn the week is over and so my life 

Thank you to the wonderful mods, Honestly I love all the prompt, its well picked and choosen //yes
I am happy to be able to complete this, and I hope by the time the next JuminV week I am still in the fandom to angst once more

But but juminzen week is comingggg and I am still considering whether to join or not hhfhfhfhf

Nothing to look forward anymore but in case you guys havent see my previous submission, link is down below~ wwww


Day 01 | Day 02 | Day 03 | Day 04 | Day 05 | Day 06 | Day 07

i just wanted you to tell me.
when things were getting hard again,
when all you felt was a whirlwind in your head,
when you went out with girls who weren’t me.

i wanted you to describe the people you fell in love with:
why you loved them, how they treated you,
if you still fight with yourself about
if you are worth anything or not because
they made you question your self-worth every day.
i wanted you to tell me about the things they did right,
about why they’re still in and out of your life,
about how you ran into them in the supermarket
the other day and you still felt something
when you hugged them goodbye.

i wanted you to tell me
about all of the the mistakes you made
and why you made them.
i wanted you to introduce me
to all of the monsters under your bed.
i wanted to hear about the happiest you’ve ever been
even if it wasn’t with me.
i wanted to hear about your boss and your job
and the new car you were thinking of buying.
i wanted to see the two apartments you were looking at
and try to decide with you which is better.

i wanted to know about the times
you’ve thought about driving your car off a cliff
and the little moments that made you re-think it.
i wanted to be there to celebrate your triumphs
and admire your strength - i wanted to know everything
about you so i could love you anyway.

but i guess with you, i found out not everyone is like me.
not everyone blurts out their whole life story
every time they are given the chance.
and i just wanted you to tell me
who made you feel like you couldn’t open up,
who hurt you so bad that you couldn’t let me in,
somebody who honest to god,
would have loved you no matter what.

but i ask you how you are and you say “not bad”
and then you ask about me
and you wake up in another girl’s bed
because you don’t know how to open up
and you let me find out months later
because you don’t know how to open up
and you let me hear stories about you from other people
because you don’t know how to open up

and it’s just sad, how all i wanted was to help
but you’ve never done anything but run from my love
and i get it
i guess
some people are just more reserved
and some people are afraid
and some people don’t take people up on offers to talk about it
even if the other person insists
and you can’t force people to let themselves fall in love with you.
you can’t force them to open up.

but aren’t there things that make you want to scream?
aren’t there things that make you want to cry?
aren’t there things you are so passionate about that
if you don’t let them out, you feel like you’re drowning?
don’t you ever hear something and can’t wait to tell me?
i guess what i’m trying to ask is
if you really have so little passion
or if you’re just not passionate about me.

—  we were sitting across from each other screaming, but i was the only one making a sound

i’m just.. ok, you hate everything about andromeda, that’s fine. You do you. Can we just.. let people be happy about it tho? I really, really loved it, and idk if that’s just me being positive or what, but i’m getting real tired of people telling me i’m wrong and stupid for liking it like??? get away from me

@ yall who keep saying im a pedo for having this username or some shit

1- im younger than keith so like. if u wanna accuse me of anything, u shouldnt be using That Particular Term. if ur gonna be petty at least get ur terms right and maybe Learn a little about the person u want to be petty towards
2- i took this username way before any ages were announced. like WAY before. originally my username was going to be either “shirosock” or “keithmobile” so my intentions were literally nothing to do with sexualization of a minor 
3- its not particularly sexualization. i didnt take this url with the implication “oh this is so cute bc its sexualizing keith!!” like dude. u dont need to have sex to own underwear. seriously. 
4- i like the idea of keith being not straight (as a not straight mlm myself) and having feminine qualities and aspects and therefore some “feminine” clothing, which, in this case, includes cute undergarments! because they are cute and he is cute and deserves nice things for himself
5- you all REALLY try too hard to make everything seem problematic. like usually i am totally one for fixing whatever mistakes i have made, and i like to be educated so i dont make those mistakes. but in this case this is rly ridiculous. you’re judging a person’s account by the URL before even looking at the blog itself because you’re entitled, and believe you know what is right and wrong before even clicking on the content and situation of the admin. christ, im hardly even active on here anymore and yet apparently I am an active threat in multiple ways according to this fanbase and I hardly DO ANYTHING. it’s amazing like idk how to even run a blog in this fanbase withOUT it being deemed problematic in some way. really I’m hardly on here, and I don’t even express my opinions too often on here anymore, and I try my damn best to understand and be educated of actual issues, but this is just petty entitlement and I’m really tired of seeing it every time I log into this account. real issues exist in the world other than a minor’s fucking view and characterization of a fictional character. if you’d like to call out what is problematic, do so for those actual issues. im really damn tired

CONSIDER THIS: single parent docnut and tuckington au. doc is a single parent of problem child o’malley, and tucker of junior. they attend the same kind of parent-and-child bonding classes or whatever, and their kids are more or less buddies. maybe junior is the only kid that’s not afraid to get within 10 feet of o’malley. the class is run by butch flowers. donut and wash run the joint daycare next door that the kids are dropped off at when the parents are at work. junior is super curious and o’malley throws tantrums, so they take a lot of attention from donut and wash and the two have to work together just to keep up with them (idk maybe there are other people running it with them, like, the freelancers or the LTs or something, so donut and wash can focus on junior and o’malley)

eventually junior and o’malley (tho he probably doesnt like admitting it) get really attached to donut and wash, and junior starts crying/o’malley throws ANOTHER FIT (hes crying) when they have to leave one day and the parents are just like “???? i am so tired why is this happening they were JUST having a blast over there like 5 seconds ago w h y”

the kids finally go over to get their things and the parents are just standing around talking to donut and wash (more like donut was all HEYYY UR THE PARENTS TELL US ABOUT YOURSELVES). doc mentions that he works at a florist shop and donut is ALL ABOUT FLORA so they start excitedly chattering about what kind of flowers would “brighten up the atmosphere in this stuffy daycare room” and tucker is like “you look like you havent slept in like 10000 years unlike mr sunshine over here” and wash tells tucker that he’s pretty convinced that both butch flowers and donut are not humans. he is convinced and has  conspiracy theory ready and prepped. tucker laughs like “lmao yeah you definitely need to go to sleep”

and suddenly theyve got plans to all have dinner at donut’s house that weekend (”you can bring the kids and they can have a playdate :D!!!”) 

bonus maybe it turns to polyamory (docnutuckington ????) and everyone is in love and the kids are now siblings with four dads the end

Hey! You wanna go walkin around the block with me today? I was thinkin we could check out flowers or clothes. I jus’ realized I could really use some clothes outside of my gakuran.

Jealousy-Alexander Hamilton x Reader

Title: Jealousy

Word count: 712

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x Reader

Warnings: Uhm, jealousy? Alexander kind of being stupid, but that’s not new. Idk.

A/N: Hey, look, something new! I’m not planning on doing a lot of Alex x reader, but if inspiration hit I’ll do it. Just a warning, I’m super tired so I haven’t really checked it or anything. There’s a 99% chance of me regretting putting this out tomorrow.

On another note, thank you so much for over a 100 notes on my Friday Night imagine! You have no idea how much I appreciate it, and I’m kind of freaking out (but then again, when am I not freaking out?). 

I’m planning on maybe write for other fandoms too. I’m not sure yet. I watched 13 Reasons Why, so now I’m kind of wanting to write a Clay imagine or something. And I’ve also thought about something for Dan Howell, which would be an AU.

Yeah, okay, this was a long a/n, so I’m just gonna cut it here.



Being Alexander’s boyfriend came with many ups and down. It seemed like your relationship was a blur of fighting then making up (and out) again. Some people wondered why you were together, when you kept fighting like that, but they didn’t know about the late nights up cuddling and the candle lit dinners and the sneaking in and out of dorm rooms. You wouldn’t change it for anything.

But there was days like this when you questioned your whole relationship. You, Alex, John, Herc, Laf, Eliza, Angelica and Peggy were hanging out at Laf and Herc’s place, playing video games and eating candy and just catching up. You and John were goofing around, throwing popcorn at each other and giggle like two schoolgirls. You probably should’ve paid attention to your boyfriend, but to be honest, you were kind of tired of him. The whole day he had been in a bad mood, lashing out at you and putting you in a bad mood. Now you just wanted to have fun, until you had to suffer a car drive home with him again.

It had started with small signs you didn’t notice, but if you had noticed, you would know what happened. His jaw clenching, and his fingers pressed into a fist. He started to get moody, and send John and you angry looks. And then he snapped.

“Get your hands off of her!”

Both you and John froze as you looked back at the shaking man. He was breathing heavily and his face was red. His hands clenched to fists at his side.

“Relax Alex, we were just goofing off.” John said, but took a step away from me anyway.

“Yes Alex. It’s okay.” You added.

“You’re my girlfriend. You shouldn’t feel the need to ‘goof off’ with anyone else than me.”

That made a bubble of irritation form in you. “Well, I didn’t think you wanted my company tonight. You’ve been moody and snappy and you have refused to talk to me the whole day.” You spoke, trying to keep your voice calm and steady.

“Well I’m sorry you’ve felt that today. Maybe now you know how it feels for me?”

You had no idea what he was talking about, and now the irritation was turning into anger. In another part of your brain, you noted that everyone else filed out, obviously noticing what was happening.

“Feels for you? I have no idea what you’re talking about! Sure, I can have some mood swings every now and again, but at least I tell you and apologise afterwards, instead of getting angry at you and your best friend!”

“I wouldn’t need to be angry at you and my best friend if I hadn’t known that my best friend likes you!” Alex yelled, tears springing out of his eyes. He always started crying when he was fighting with you.

You froze, and it felt as if all the air left your body. “What?” You whispered, not sure of you had heard correctly.

“John. He likes you. The same way I do. He told me about it yesterday. That’s why I’ve been so hard to deal with today,” He whispered, looking down at his shoes. “I’m sorry.”

You didn’t hesitate taking two longs strides over to where he stood and putting your hands on either side of his face. You looked up at his glassy with tears, bloodshot eyes. Even though he was really short, you were still shorter than him.

“Alexander. You’re the only one I like. No one can take you from me, especially not John. Until now, I thought he was gay for gods sake!”

His body relaxed as you leant in and kissed him. It was a short and cute kiss, but it said all you needed to say. As he started to sob, you wrapped your arms around him in a hug. He clung onto you. You knew this wasn’t the only thing on his mind. You knew he had been stressed for a long time. So you hugged him and kept him close as he let it all out.

“T-thank you.” He whispered a while later, when you were both sitting on the floor.

You kissed his forehead. “Sometimes we all get a little jealous. It’s okay.”


Dorks in love giving out dorky and cheesy pick up lines- (psst click on them to see them)

Idk it’s supposed to be a reference from during the pacifist ending in Undertale Alphys and Undyne scene where Undyne was trying to cheer up Asgore and like Alphys just kind of flirts with Undyne and idk it’s really cute- Now I really just wanna do Genocide art for this lol-

I’m having too much fun with @classycloudcuckoolanderclasso southtale au-

i hate it so much when im clearly upset and pushing someone away and they literally just leave?? like.. nobody ever wants to say “hey i know you dont really wanna be alone so im not gonna leave and im gonna make sure ur okay and happy before i ever do have to leave you by yourself” am i really not worth doing that for?


I’ve have this cute little oc girl, that doesn’t have a name but I love to draw to her cause she’s adorable. 

So since I’ve been watching My Hero Academia I just threw her in the girls uniform and called it a night/Morning. It’s 4 am….. SO I GUESS SHE’S AN OC FOR THAT ANIME NOW! IDK…..

I’m really tired… sorry for the caps

ANYWAY this drawing too me four hours cause it has a background!


It’s four am. My internet is shit here. But I did these edits just now :U

I should’ve just used marks video from case animatronics instead of the park but my mind is tired so i made this

An edit where Mark and Jack switch places?? idk man here you go im tired

EDIT : The chair has been bugging me so i changed it. let me know what else I should change if necessary. Man Im really bad at photoshop XD please recommend me more edits i should do so I can practice.

idk why people i talk to would suggest things about me being mixed race that makes me question my identity even more than i used to…. it has a lot to do with wording and i feel like a some people will intentionally phrase questions negatively. especially when people say shit like “ but you’re only part ____ why would you do that?”
why would i NOT pick up cultural traits even if i am not entirely in tune with that culture? it comes off really condescending and patronizing. especially when there is no actual answer and it’s just rhetorical.

mental disorder headcanons for neurotypical characters really bother me, guys. i get it’s “”“inclusive”“” and can sometimes be a coping mechanism, but i am really fucking tired of seeing the most fucked up character be ~*~bipolar uwu~*~. i find it borderline insulting to see people stick surface level diagnoses on whoever is alcoholic or abuses drugs or just experiences different emotions.

Running Log 4/21-4/23

4/21 - 2.5 miles. This run felt very long. Probably because I was a little dehydrated. However, I do feel like I am getting progressively slower with running…I don’t know if it’s because I’m not putting in enough effort or if my body is just tired. Idk, I’ll just run with it for now. I’m not very concerned with times anyways.

4/22 - 6 miles. First 2.5 miles were the worst, but once I got past those it was smooth sailing. I had a lot of uphill running in the last 2 miles. Poor planning on my part, but I felt really strong finishing my run with steep uphills at the end. I also struggled with foot pain again =((((( It really only bothered me for the first 3 miles, then I couldn’t feel it anymore. Maybe a shoe problem? Who knows.

4/23 - 2.5 miles. Quick recovery run 10/10. I’m barely even tired haha

the whole week i have felt so detached in a weird fluoride type of way like some chemtrails idk but im fully aware i just feel really tired like im gonna die at some points in the day and then it goes away momentarily but i still am uncomfortably numb not to sound cliche or anything but breathing has been hard