AM tour

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Am I the only one not that excited for the Japan shows? I mean, it'll be interesting to see what she sings because whatever she sings there, she'll sing here, but it's not gonna be the full show.

As far as I know she hasn’t indicated if it’ll be the full show or not, BUT the dancers are going so that’s promising towards the former seeing as she didn’t bring dancers when she started the Speak Now tour overseas. Regardless, it would still be interesting hearing songs live for the first time and whatever outfits and setting she has for over there.

Seeing Taylor at the airport making her way to Japan is seriously starting to make it feel real now. Like in less than 72 hours Taylor will be kicking off her fourth headlining tour. I am getting these proud mum feelings.

this was my sign for the red tour, I am SO excited to start making a new sign and costume for the 1989 tour soon

Hey Taylor! I hope you’re having a nice day! I am SO excited for tour to start! I hope you have a safe flight to Japan! LOVE YOU ❤️