So at like, I dunno, 1am or so, I got sidetracked from my laptop and came back about 40 minutes later, expecting it to have gone into sleep mode. Instead, found “getting windows ready, don’t turn off your computer.” Apparently, I missed my opportunity to delay an update. Okay, well, shit happens.

It stuck that way for like an hour, long enough that I was googling on my phone to figure out wtf was happening. (Windows 10 anniversary update, apparently.) As I was googling and starting to really worry, the screen finally shifted. Now it had an “updating #%, this will take a while, don’t turn off your computer.” With the slowest. progress. ever.

Okay. Well, shit happens. The percentage keeps creeping upward. Gets to 91% after about two hours. Stays at 91% for another two and a half hours. As I start to google solutions and mildly panic again, it finally ticks up to 92%. Then sloooowwwwwwly creeps upward over the course of another hour and a half, reaching 100% and then sticking at THAT for about 30 minutes.

Then I wait through one of the slowest, most laborious restarts in recorded history. Computer finally boots up, takes another million years to actually load all the start-up shit, then stops functioning. I can see my desktop, but it won’t respond, not even to ctrl+alt+del. So I hit the power button and force shut down. 

Start it back up, which takes a long time but not quite as long as the previous start up. Finally make it back to the desktop. Click around, get stuff to actually respond to my clicking. Fix the settings that the update fucked up, give my programs a quick once-over, open up chrome. 

It is now 9:40am. Windows 10′s sneaky fucking update (which is really more of a fucking upgrade) has tied up my computer for like seven hours. And I didn’t even get an option to approve the fucking thing. I left my computer unattended not even long enough for it to go into sleep mode, and then couldn’t use it again until seven hours later.

What the shit, dude. That shit should not be able to start until you give it the okay. Seriously, what the fuck.

I Caved...

And started playing Mystic Messenger. 

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I do enjoy a good dating sim (not like I can get a date any other way ahahaha OTL;;) and by the way some people I follow were going a little nuts over it my curiosity got the better of me, so I downloaded the damn thing and spent the better part of the dead time at work last night playing it. I’ll put it out there that I haven’t looked up how to play, or how to go down specific routes, that sort of thing, so I’m playing it blind with only the knowledge that 707 is apparently aware it’s a game? I think? That’s what’s been suggested to me, anyway, but other than that I only know the bare minimum about the characters and the game in general. My first impression is I’m impressed by the quality—the voice acting, the beginning animation, it’s all really nice.

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