All right so in the wake of that new KH3 trailer I’m seeing an increase in confusion among fans re: how it’s possible for Sora and Roxas (and, by extension, Ventus) to exist at the same time. Because I just love tl;dring more than anything - plus helping people out is nice too - let’s review:

  • Roxas was born during KH1 when Sora turned the Keyblade on himself and removed his heart. Unlike most Nobodies, Sora himself didn’t become a Nobody, but produced a separate, physical individual entirely different from himself. Roxas, at the time of his creation, was an empty body with no heart.
  • At the end of Chain of Memories, Namine has to take Sora’s memories apart and put them back together, a process that takes months to complete. As explained by Namine during 358/2 Days, some of these memories find their way into Roxas, presumably having naturally gravitated to him since he’s a part of Sora. (Note that this, going by the calendar in Days, occurs after Roxas comes out of Zombie Mode and starts developing a personality. Sora’s memories are extra, not a core piece of his personality/existence.) 
  • From Roxas, some of Sora’s memories find their way into Xion because of her ability to copy Roxas.
  • As also explained by Namine and Riku, Xion contains Sora’s most precious memories: Kairi. Without them, he can’t wake up. Namine says that the “best” solution is for both Roxas and Xion to die since they’re “fighting so hard to be their own people” and the memories can’t be taken back from them any other way. (And this is just my speculation here, but I imagine Roxas needed to go primarily because he could continue to threaten Sora as an unintentional conduit for those memories to escape into someone else again - a second Xion, so to speak, if Xemnas went that far.)
  • After Xion and Roxas return to Sora, his memory is completed and he wakes.

Prior to Sora’s memory being scrambled by Namine, Roxas was no “threat” to him. He was his own separate person. It was because he was unfortunately caught up in the middle of everything that he had to return to Sora, in order to complete the latter’s memory. Thus, if Roxas were recreated (by whatever means), he shouldn’t take any of Sora’s memory because Sora’s memory is intact now. And since Roxas grew his own heart, he’s now a heart inside of Sora’s with his own emotions and memories; recreating him isn’t necessarily a matter of creating an entirely new person again, but freeing his heart (and giving him a body, however that’s going to work, which also applies to Xion and Namine and presumably Terra and Eraqus, as well, if you want to get into all that).

So, really, there should be no co-existence issues between Roxas and Sora in the future - or, better put, there’s definitely room in the established lore for the possibility of their co-existence. Granted, I’m sure it won’t be a simple matter (hence Xemnas’ suggestion) but when thought out alongside all the past indications that Roxas will be saved, it’s definitely likely.

As for Ven: for some reason there’s even more skepticism that Ven and Roxas could co-exist than there is for Sora and Roxas. Roxas is arguably more Sora than he is Ven; Roxas shared a lot of Sora’s memories, rejoined with him directly, and even told Sora in DDD “You’re me.” …And yet it’s now entirely plausible that they can co-exist. There’s no more of a connection between Roxas and Ven than there is Roxas and Sora - except that they share the same face, which really means nothing - so if Roxas and Sora can exist at the same time, Roxas and Ven most certainly can, as well.

so shhh sshhhhh enough of this “Ven and Roxas will merge into one person” nonsense we will have both precious children alive and awake and safe or so help me

tbh it’s nice that there’s a character like aizawa who’s rly vocal about how distasteful it is that the media and the big paycheck have taken the selflessness out of being a hero. he assumes all might is the ultimate example of this fact & that’s the same impression we’re meant to get from him (all might) when he first speaks to izuku?

the slow process of aizawa learning how seriously all might takes being a selfless hero to the point of self-destruction & being refreshed by the genuine goodness of his students is literally the same journey the reader goes on and it’s 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

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@gdipalomo thank u for this sweet prompt i died about 500 times drawing it just bc i love the idea of palomo being a big brother to junior :”)

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Did you like the andy/ robert dynamic? What are your thoughts on their relationship as brothers?

I LOOOOOOOOVE their dynamic. It’s so fascinating and hostile and every so often tender and so incredibly unique. First off, their backstory is soooo long and textured (i dont want to dryly recite it but think about the following) – Andy filled the space that any offspring of Jack would presume to inherit, while Robert never wanted it and became the odd man out despite being raised in the family from birth. Andy’s adopted as a kid and yet finds greater favor from their shared father; they take opposing sides in their parents’ split; Andy prefers Jack’s livelihood and lifestyle while Robert feels left out and rejected. Not to mention Andy killing one of their parents and almost killing the other (with the intention of killing Robert, so, you know, lots of Killing-Adjacent activity on Andy’s hands is bound to hurt Robert). 

Plus you have the whole Katie dynamic, where Robert initially chased her because he felt like Andy had this shiny cute thing and he wanted to take it away from him even if it eventually became real (not to mention trying to run away with Debbie and Sarah to hurt Andy for similar reasons). Then you have the awful manipulations after Katie’s death where he mentally destroyed Andy. Throughout their upbringing that dynamic of Robert belittling him is ever-present, often feeling like bullying even though we know it’s rooted in some deep insecurities of Robert’s own. 

Anyway this isn’t to denigrate one or the other because they’ve both presented atrocious behavior over the course of their brotherhood, just to say it is …… complex to say the least. And I think that’s why it’s SO interesting. Robert NEVER accepted him fully – one of the things that has haunted me since Kelvin’s exit is when Robert had that spiteful conversation with Chrissie and still, even after their powerful goodbye where they called each other brothers, said Andy wasn’t his real brother. But further down deep you can tell that Robert feels as rich of a familial bond toward him as he’s capable of with anyone in his life (except Victoria, who’s probably his purest relationship). You can tell Andy feels no doubt whatsoever on his end that Robert is his brother, whereas Robert sometimes claims it in name only (if at all).

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Are you ready for the stand
Blood on the ground
And mud on your hands
Take another breath
Make another try
You think you’re gonna break
You think you’re gonna die

Get off the dirt
Listen to the crowd
Screamin’ your name
Screamin’ it loud
I know you think you can’t
I know you think you’re done
But we can’t stop
Until we’ve won

You’re not alone
We’re not afraid
This is our moment it won’t come again

So lean on me and find your feet
We will not accept defeat

Get up
When your body’s screaming out
Get up
And your hope is fading now
Get up
And the light is dimming down
Get up
And your strength is waning…

Get Up by Extreme Music 

Tonight was the first night I prayed and cried in front of my sister.. Usually when I cry during prayer, I hide away and pray somewhere nobody can see me but today it was different. I was looking for a place to pray alone, and then I thought why am I so scared of people seeing me vulnerable? I should be scared of Allah (swt). So I prayed my heart out and cried quietly, my sister noticed half way through but she didn’t say anything..

Okay but in all seriousness 

Akechi’s excitement on learning about the calling card effect says a whole hell of a lot. He’s just so damn happy to learn more about the Metaverse which he has, until now, used to a pre-set ends with the only power he knew

When he picks up something fresh about cognition that he wished he could learn fucking years ago to avoid the shutdown messes, just the sheer idea of it is like music to his ears

i always see wholesome posts about loving your mom and giving her the world. those posts are fine and all, i’m glad you guys love your moms and have happy healthy relationships. but for some of us it just isn’t realistic, so this one goes out to everyone who’s stomach twists when they see those posts because their mom isn’t a good person and because they don’t have a good relationship with her. you don’t have to love your mom, you don’t have to love any of your family members. you choose to love who treats you right, don’t let posts like that make you feel bad for not liking your mom.


But we’re a million worlds apart..