Leopold Fitz in every episode4x01 ‘The Ghost’
We can’t tell Simmons about this. This is too dangerous to show the new Director. We don’t know what he’d do with it. And she would have to tell him, so… she can’t know. Not until… Until? Until she’s perfect.


Just before that people start to rant about how unrealistic the ending is I have to say :

Kakeru here isn’t cured of his depression, what the ending is all about is that now he will TRY to stay alive. He’s still depressed, but Kakeru will try from now on to live and think about tomorrow.

Basically his friends gave him one things to look for. It doesn’t mean that he have been magically cured by love, but that he’s aware now that he’s supported and loved, and for this reason, he will try to stay alive.

While the Western Approach is in fact a desert, it’s not a desert due to questions of latitude, general geographical features, or weather/ climate. During the Second Blight, massive hordes of darkspawn swarmed up out of the Abyssal Rift in the Approach and a huge battle was fought there; the darkspawn blood seeped into the ground and permanently corrupted it into a desolate, infertile place. It is a barren wasteland due to this blighting, not by nature – and it’s actually canonically cold there even during the daytime, in fact, despite the common conception of deserts as very hot places. 

Basically, it’s explicitly an unnatural landscape, not a naturally-occurring desert which has any reference to questions of climate or latitude. In Asunder, it’s even described as having sands that are purple-black like bruises and looking very foul and corrupted, as opposed to the more natural-looking desert colors we see in Inquisition. (Bioware getting its own canon wrong? Never!)

ETA these relevant Asunder quotes:

“It was only going to get colder as they headed south into the badlands.” Asunder, pg 141.

“The Approach had a strange sort of beauty to it even so. It was a desert, but not a warm desert with glowing yellow sand. It was a cold desert, mottled purple like an unhealed bruise.” Asunder, pg 178. (emphasis mine)

“Evangeline found these lands cold and uninviting, and not for the first time since they arrived she wondered what she was doing here.” Asunder, pg. 191  (emphasis mine)

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Dude!!! Sebastian is so fucking nice it is unbelievable!! I'm pretty sure he was jet lagged at comic con today though but he was just so cool!! Like I really want to meet him again now!!

i know…like what did we do to deserve him?? hes so precious like wtf!! alsO THATS AWESOME HOW YOU MET HIM!!! pls tell me more


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stressed // lrh

People put a lot of pressure on Luke. Being the lead singer of a band is tough work. Today was one of those days. Luke just was so stressed from getting all this judgement and hate he didn’t want to deal with it anymore. A strangled sigh leaves his lips when he gets off the stage from soundcheck. Little do you realize that your boyfriend was so stressed. You were sitting backstage just talking to some crew members. You notice the boys coming back towards their dressing room and lastly Luke looking distraught. You excuse yourself from the discussion and walk towards Luke making him stop. “Lu, are you alright?” you ask him looking up at his blue eyes. “People are assholes,” he mutters towards you. You sigh loudly and grab his hand. You pull him towaRds the exit so you two could have come privacy. The two of you sit down in your tour bus. “Want to tell me why people are assholes?” you ask carefully looking at your stressed Luke. “Everyone puts so much pressure on me and I can’t seem to do anything right,” he sighs running his hair through his already messy hair. You sigh loudly looking at Luke sadly, he didn’t deserve all of this hate but that’s what happens when your the leader of a band. “Lu,” you say as he looks up at you. “They don’t know what they are talking about. You do your best and the real fans will love you for you.” He searches your face before grabbing it quickly and kissing your lips passionately. “I don’t want to fail them,” he numbers against your lips. You pull away slightly and shake your head, “Of course you’ll fail sometimes, that’s just life but that shouldn’t matter because you’ve done so much already.” You join your lips again as he smiles too against your lips. “Thank you,” he mumbles against your lips.


While Reading Harry Potter And The Cursed Child...

I came to the part in the beginning with the sorting hat.

Does this mean he has legs of his own? If so then…

Oh no

I don’t think its fate thats making Rose tense

He puts himself on her head…

Is this how it works?

Steven and Connie saying how they should hang out with Amethyst more and she’s the best.
Stevonnie demanding an apology for Amethyst.
Stevonnie promising to protect Amethyst right before Lion Battle.
All this love for Amethyst.

And she wasn’t around for any of it.