Life Gains Week 12

                                                  What’s up?

I feel like something’s turned over this week, like I’m gearing up to leave again, which I guess makes sense. I have a few family and friends who are also leaving/about to leave on big trips right now, which probably adds to that feeling. Anyway this week I;

Stared to apply for jobs in the UK, got about 12 I reckon. Including several live-in jobs in London, a seasonal job in Eastborne (That’s like Brighton but more…East) and three different jobs at Warner Brothers Studio Tour in Leavesden! If you’re not familiar, that’s the place that’s famous for it’s extensive Harry Potter collection, they have huge sets and props from the movies, I have a ticket to go actually, from my birthday last year, can’t wait!

Haha, actually that gif reminds me of another occurrence this week, I opened the door to the ute I’m currently borrowing and found a gigantic arachnid had set up camp between me and the steering wheel. I tried to remove it but it absconded into the dashboard and, to the best of my knowledge, is still there. Live and let live I suppose, though I’d be lying if I said I’ve never heard of road accidents happening when people get surprised by spiders in their cars #aussieissues.

I did end up writing a future-life-plan proposal (it was pretty underwhelming),

 I did manage to finish my short story for class (more or less), I’ve also started trying/not trying starting to consider potentially totally overhauling my remaining possessions that I usually keep here. 

It’s a pain, but I guess it has to be done, especially if the house gets sold before I next return. I started today going through all my books and DVDs, these could potentially be sold,my clothes for the most part aren’t worth anything. It’s a massive pain, but I did manage to find a company, which I swear have found their niche here with lazy Australians, who will, for the fee of $25, come to your house and collect boxes of stuff you want to sell, doesn’t matter what it is, take it away and do the listings for you online, then just give you the money (minus commission) when it sells. This of course means you don’t get the advantage of setting your own price,also the company, is nowhere near as widely used as something like ebay, you gotta admit tho, pretty sweet if you’re lazy, like me.

This week I’d like to contact some companies in the UK about potentially interning in a marketing department, to get an idea if I might really like to do that for a job. I’d also like to continue my half-assed efforts to get rid of most of my possessions,but you know, preferably with a whole ass

Mad thanks to lolkidliddyross who liked my last post, man I wish I was so tumblr savvy when I was your age. 

xx HG

PS.Talking of marketing and possible careers, pretty sure after collecting those gifs my true calling is to be on the social media team for fallontonight The Tonight Show