I don’t even know. I was taking a walk today and this idea popped into my head. I swear I’m still writing the bookstore AU, too. Also, *pops confetti*, I hit 2k followers today! Who ARE all you guys? Anyway, this fluff/ridiculousness is for you. ~1.6k words, rated G. Sterek, of course.

now also on AO3

The whole thing starts with Stiles really, really craving a meatball sub from the place across the street.

“God, someone shut him up,” Erica groans. They’re all kind of at their breaking point by now; they’ve been camped out in this meeting room all day, brainstorming. “He’s been talking about the same goddamn sandwich for seven and a half minutes now, and it’s making me hungry.”

“If only our ad campaign were about sandwiches, Stilinski would have it in the bag and we could all go home,” Isaac sighs.

From across the table, Derek rises abruptly to his feet and storms out. (Or maybe it’s just that Stiles always interprets everything Derek does as stormy. With those eyebrows, it’s hard not to.)

Stiles assumes he’s just gotten so fed up with them all that it’s either storm out or kill someone, and he’s just grateful Derek chose Door Number 1. It’s a good day not to get killed by Derek Hale.

Only, fifteen minutes later he comes back in. With a paper bag from the deli.

As soon as he gets within grabbing distance, Stiles practically collapses across the table in his haste to reach for it. “Oh my god, is that what I think it is?”

Derek holds it up over his head. “Who says this is for you? Maybe all your talk inspired me to go get a meatball sub of my own.”

“Oh, please. Like anyone with your abs eats meatball subs.” Stiles leaps to his feet on his swivel chair—because screw safety, Derek will catch him if he starts to topple over—and snatches the bag out of Derek’s grip. Derek doesn’t fight him for it very hard.

“Why don’t I get a meatball sub?” Erica whines, thumping her head down on her notebook. “Doesn’t anyone love me?”

Derek shrugs and takes his seat again. “You didn’t ask.”

“You just like Stilinski better,” she grumbles, and Derek just shrugs again.

Meanwhile, Stiles rips into the bag and takes a huge bite out of the gloriousness that is this sandwich. He can’t help throwing in a few theatrical moans just to taunt Erica, and she suitably rewards him with a glare of death across the table.

“Mmm,” Stiles says. “Derek, I love you so much, dude. Marry me.”

Instead of the grumpy eyebrows he expects, Derek meets his eye, leans back smugly in his chair, and says, “Okay.”

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RFA React to MC looking at Them like They’re the Entire Universe and More in a Photo

ok so this sounds like a dumb scenario but i just took a picture with a few friends of mine a couple hours ago and in the picture i’m looking at my boyfriend while laughing and it looks like i’m in love with him (which i am) and also like he’s my entire world and more so i wanted to make this a scenario of sorts idk man

if you all like this enough i could do v + saeran and possibly vanderwood but it really depends haha. that’s all for now please enjoy!

-y'all went to a fishing trip with the RFA that saeyoung suggested as a way to get ‘closer’
-yoosung was really excited because he got to spend time with some of his favorite people ever as well as you!!! what else in the entire world could he have wanted more than that??
-so you two packed up what little essentials for fishing you had and headed out for the day
-when you finally got there most of the time was spent trying to explain to jumin that no, he couldn’t pay someone else to do this for him and then at other times helping calm down zen after a fish came too close to his 'precious’ face
-even though there were moments where jaehee looked like she was about to kill saeyoung for throwing a fish into her lap it was a fun time
-to commemorate the day together y'all decided to take a picture together with your phone
-while saeyoung was focusing the camera yoosung said something funny that made you burst out in a small fit of giggles while staring at him
-before you could even prepare the picture was taken and you felt yourself grow embarrassed at the outcome
-everyone was smiling and doing cute lil hand poses but you
-you were definitely smiling but you weren’t looking at the camera, instead you were staring at yoosung with this sparkle in your eye that caused a deep red to cover your face
-“the way she looks at him, it’s almost as if though he’s her entire world and more.” jaehee said while hiding a small smile
-“get you a girl that looks at you like MC looks at yoosung.” saeyoung said while choking back a small laugh
-“wow! look at mc you guys, looking at yoosung like she’s in love with him!” zen continued on with a small smile
-“maybe she looks at him like that because they are in love??”
jumin said in a confused tone, obviously not catching onto the jokes
-a few of the members groaned at jumin’s obliviousness as they looked over at yoosung who was smiling at the picture on your phone fondly
-you peeked at his face while trying to calm the violent blush painting your features
-“it’s funny you’re looking at me like i’m the universe and more, when you’re even more than that to me.”
-cue everyone literally blushing and internally dying at how precious their youngest RFA member still is
-yoosung now keeps that photo framed in his office, even after years of taking it, just so he can be able to see your precious face looking at only him like that

-aight so this man loves taking selfies
-it didn’t take you that long to figure that out
-at every moment of every day you were together he would come up to take 'unexpected’ pics of you
-but he was a fool! after a week of surprise selfies you got used to it, and could now strike a cute pose to match zen’s beauty in every picture
-one day y'all were just having a normal rehearsal dinner with his cast when zen (who else would it have been??) declared they should take a group picture that he could post on social media to hype up the release of the musical
-so everybody agreed and begin to come close together to take the picture
-zen unexpectedly put his arm around you and said something along the lines of “smile, my beautiful princess”
-so ofc you were all smiley and blushy while looking over at him
-before you even had time to snap back to reality the flash went off and the picture was taken
-everybody was passing around zen’s phone looking at the picture making vague offhand comments about 'the look in mc’s eyes’ when it finally got to you and zen
-zen stared at it for a second, a wide smile pulling at his features before he looked over at you with a small blush painting his cheeks
-“what??” you finally said
-“look at the way you’re looking at me babe.”
-he handed you his phone and you looked over at yourself
-your eyes were all glazed over because of the flash and a warm smile was on your face all while you stared at a gorgeous zen smiling at the camera looking like the most beautiful man in the world
-“ah, true love.” a co-star commented
-you were beyond embarrassed!! the way you were looking at zen was so precious and whimsical and god it was just so embarrassing
-“do you really love me so much that you look at me like i’m the entire night sky babe??? aahhh that’s so sweet of you. it makes the beast inside of me awaken just a tad-”
-he has the pic as his profile picture on all his social media accounts, each one zoomed in onto your face and eyes, staring lovingly at his gorgeous face

-you guys rarely took pictures together since y'all were so busy with the cafe all the time
-but today was a special day!!
-it was the one year anniversary of the cafe opening and you saw it necessary to take a picture to commemorate such a big milestone
-jaehee was a little hesitant but agreed on the terms that some would be professional and others would be silly
-so y'all set up a camera on a stand and put it on a timer and started taking a bunch of silly pics together, some of them being professional
-you didn’t realize even realize it but at one point all you were doing was laughing at jaehee trying to push all her hair out of her face
-when the little photo shoot of sorts ended y'all went into your shared apartment and started looking over them together
-the first few were cute, just mundane peace signs and sweet smiles
-then at one point jaehee’s bangs went in front of her face and you looked like you were dying of laughter
-towards the end of the of the pictures there was one particular one that jaehee looked at for a long time
-it was one where she was laughing while tucking her hair back into place and you were smiling fondly while looking at her with such a loving gaze
-she blushed and said nothing and just continued on to look through them, commenting now and again just how silly some of them were
-the picture was never brought up again but a few weeks later you found out jaehee had not only put it up as her profile picture in the chat room but also printed a copy and stuck it neatly on your bedside table
-you didn’t say anything about it but every time you saw it you were embarrassed but also a little glad to know that it was clear to see just how much you loved her

-the only pictures that are ever released the public of you two are serious ones or ones of you both looking absolutely gorgeous while getting off your private jet or coming home from the airport
-but there have been dOZENS of pictures of you that jumin has always kept hidden from the world and all of his friends
-pictures only he could ever see.
-these pictures were usually taken during silly photo shoots, a small thing you both did every month
-you let him try to take pictures of you just smiling and he struggles but he’s trying his best to capture your cute lil poses stop teasing him!!
-most of the time you’re the one taking pictures of him struggling to do a peace sign but other times you take pictures of you both doing cute poses or kissing one another
-one time v offered to take pictures as a way to celebrate your wedding anniversary and you both agreed because v was a close friend and jumin wanted a chance to see his beautiful partner in wedding attire again
-so you two began doing the photo shoot with serious and sweet poses
-one photo was of jumin tipping your chin up to meet his gaze
-another was of him wrapping his arms around your waist and laying his head on your shoulder and there were dozens of others alike to those two
-but then in some you both were making stupid faces to each other and then finally, in the last one jumin said something that made your heart curl
-“i love you with all my heart mc, i wish i could marry you over and over and over again, just so i could see your precious face smiling at me while i slipped the ring onto your finger. is that selfish of me? i hope you feel the same, my love. let us spend the rest of our lives together, a life that will hopefully be filled with all your silly jokes and faces. things i fell in love with just as much as i fell in love with you. happy anniversary darling, i love you.”
-you were on the verge of tears and had no words to even explain what you were feeling but you just let out a small chuckle while staring lovingly at him while he looked over at the camera
-next thing you know the flash went off and you were now going over all the pictures together with jumin
-all of them were absolutely gorgeous (what else did you expect of v mc??) but your favorite had to be the one where you were sticking your tongue out at jumin and he was doing the same to you
-his favorite was the very last one
-one where you were looking at him with so much love in your eyes he could practically feel it radiating off the camera
-though you were embarrassed you were really happy
-he soon after put the picture everywhere he could
-in his office, in your office, in your bedroom, in a giant portrait right above the sofa
-though it was embarrassing it made you happy so it was alright

-he has like a thousand and one pics of you on his phone but little to none of you both
-all the pictures he has of you range from you in sexy lingerie to a bad angle of you sneezing while brushing your teeth
-he loves all of them just the same though
-one day he wanted to do a cosplay photo shoot with you which you agreed to since most of the time it was fun teasing each other back and forth about just how short your maid skirts were
-so he set up a camera you didn’t even know existed and immediately started posing all cute and such
-you tried to follow his lead but fell behind after a while and just stood back basking in all of his cute and over the top poses
-at one point all you were doing was laughing while he made the most ridiculous 'sultry’ faces he could at the camera
-when it was over you two stayed in your costumes and went over the pictures
-you couldn’t stop laughing at all his silliness and he couldn’t stop laughing because you were laughing!!
-it took forever because of your constant giggles and chuckles but you both made it through all of the photos
-you caught what was just a glimpse of one more photo which was just of you smiling at saeyoung while he side eyed you, a smile of his own pulling at his soft features
-you felt your heart leap in your throats as he wrapped his arms around your waist and kisses your forehead
-“thank you, mc. i’m really happy.” was all he said as he pulled you closer towards his torso
-you hugged him back and you both stayed there for a while, just embracing one another silently
-a few weeks later you came into your shared bedroom casually, almost missing the giant portrait of you two that was covering up an entire wall
-“yeeesss honey??”
-“why, why is there an entire wall covered in a picture of me staring at you.”
-“because the way you were looking at me was just so cute i couldn’t just let the opportunity of your cute smiling face pass by so easily!! look at you!! look at me!! look at our outfits! this is the best picture we’ve ever taken together.”
-“oh. saeyoung?”
-“i hate that you are the love of my life so much.”

As Alec walks into the New York Police Department, the first thought that hits him is that this place is so much more lively than the Institute. For a simple errand, he’s decided to forego the total glamour, settled for only hiding his runes, as that is more convenient; Luke doesn’t have to make it look like he’s talking to something other than air, while Alec can just pose as a friend that swung by to chat. He almost fits in with his dark get-up between all the navy uniforms, and nobody really pays attention to him, which he’s glad for.

He slinks past the information desk, tips of his ears still subtly burning from the flirting debacle months before, then does a casual jog up the stairs to the first story. His senses are overwhelmed by all the noises and visuals around him - fax machines robotically spit out paper after paper, phones ring in unison from different corners of the floor, people chatter about cases and daily life; Alec has to constantly sidestep out of someone’s way, once or twice doing the awkward waltz where both people move in the same direction.

He manages to find Luke’s office after walking through labyrinth-like corridors, all laden with wood-paneling and illuminated by yellow-tinted lights hanging overhead. Everything here reminds Alec of those old cliche crime novels and noir movies Magnus has a soft spot for, even the ‘Det. Luke Garroway’ written in bold lettering over the rippled glass in the door. With a perfunctory knock, Alec peeks his head inside, almost expecting to find Luke in a beige trenchcoat and with a cigarette between his fingers, the off-white smoke curling in wisps towards the ceiling.

Instead, the werewolf is sat at his desk with his feet up on it, a cup of what Alec assumes to be coffee in his hands. When he sees Alec, he smiles wide, with a wave of a hand welcoming him further in.

“Hey, man, good to see you,” Luke says, setting down his mug and straightening up before shaking Alec’s hand, cold from the autumn chill outside.

“It’s been a while,” Alec answers, unzipping his coat and searching through the leather messenger bag hanging on his shoulder. “You should come by more often, Magnus has been complaining about you missing cards night last week.”

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boyfriend!hwang minhyun
  • knitted sweaters
  • him teasing you
  • and having the cutest laughter ever
  • towering over you
  • mh: “you can’t reach the highest shelf?”
  • pouts
  • tells seonho that it’s tiring to receive so much love from him
  • but loves you exactly how seonho loves him
  • baking together
  • the cupcakes end up burnt
  • the both of you are still happy because the dorm hasn’t caught on fire
  • minhyun tries to the best of his ability to decorate you a cupcake with your name and adds hearts all over
  • the cupcake ends up looking like a catastrophe but it’s too adorable you melt
  • then minhyun freaks out because he is such a clean freak and you accidentally dripped icing everywhere
  • glares at you “you are lucky i love you!!!!!”
  • 12 am chicken dates at your house and ren tags along
  • [good luck for your interview today!!!! fighting :*]
  • and he sends you a voice mail of him singing to cheer you on
  • you smile so widely and the day starts off right
  • you surprise him at the dorm with his favorite food (beef stew)
  • he hugs you so tightly and doesn’t let you go
  • “minhyun the food is getting cold11!!!!!!”
  • is actually a great listener and very mature when it comes to you confiding in him
  • other than that he acts like a giant puppy 24/7
  • but doesn’t want to admit
  • “i’m cold, hug meeeeeeeeeeee”
  • rubs his hands together then proceeds to hold your hand to keep your hands warm
  • sings in the shower and you are in awe because he sounds perfect
  • forces you to watch Transformers with him
  • you tease him by calling him optimushwang lulululul
  • “yah!!!”
  • keeps saying how cute his niece is and spams your phone with her pictures
  • [mh: let’s have a cute kid together next time, y/n~~~]
  • [who said i was marrying you :p hehe]
  • [mh: fine!!!!11 hmph don’t talk to me anymore]
  • selfies with snow filters
  • the both of you end up spending the whole day playing with snow filters like how???????
  • funny english pronunciation that cracks you up but it’s ok he’s just a cutie pie
  • “wHy arE yoU….”
  • mh in korean: “wait what’s laughing in english???????”
  • the both of you end up laughing so much your cheek bones ache
  • his smile is blinding
  • the type to spam your phone with his selfies when you are sleeping
  • also take pictures of you sleeping because too cute!!!11!!!!! his adorable bb
  • you are always happy when you are with him
  • “you are the best boyfriend ever minhyun" n_n
  • and you 100% mean what you say because he loves you whole heartedly
  • the both of you are just smol happy precious beans so arguments rarely occur but when it does,,,,,,,,
  • he is passive aggressive in arguments
  • threads his fingers in his hair in frustration
  • mh: “look that’s not what i am saying”
  • mh: “you know what”
  • mh: “let’s give each other some space”
  • minhyun ends up tossing and turning in bed because he made you cry
  • [mh @3am: i’m sorry y/n… my heart hurts when i see you cry]
  • sniffles  [you @3.01am BECAUSE HOW COULD YOU FALL ASLEEP: i’m sorry too. let’s not quarrel ever again T_T]
  • the next day minhyun comes over with a cute soft toy he won at the claw machine on the way to your house as an apology gift
  • you hug it to sleep every night
  • and minhyun hugs you
  • overall, you really really reaaaaaally love minhyun
  • and he loves you a lot too


find a date at the amusement park with boyfriend! hwang minhyun here

my first ever scenario posted here (・´з`・) feel free to request for any kind of AUs!!! i’ll write for the produce 101 boys top 20 because i know them better n_n

take care and thank you for reading!

A Week in Montreal

Highly requested! This follows Millennial Love, Part 2 in my series I’m calling: “A Modern Love Story”! 

Preface/Summary:  A few weeks after Tom’s initial offer of meeting, you had finally agreed to visit him in Canada. A week of shenanigans ensues. 

“Flight 203 to Montreal, now boarding.” 

You anxiously grabbed your bag and waited in line, fiddling with your passport and boarding pass. Once you got onto the plane, you quickly texted Tom: “On the plane! Excited to finally meet you 😘” 

Wow, you thought. I’m finally meeting him. A wish that so many fans dreamed of was finally coming true. After his first mention of you coming to Canada was implanted into his brain, he asked you to visit weekly. Your refusals were due to your worry that your visiting would interfere with his work, and his rebuttal would always be that he “wouldn’t have mentioned it if I didn’t want to see you.” 

You smiled, butterflies filled your stomach. Bless the internet, you said, really enjoying this feeling. How did this even happen? This is insane. Your phone vibrated with a text from Tom. 

“Perfect! Text me when you land, please. See you soon!!! ❤️ “

A couple hours later… 

“Tom! Tom!” yelled Harrison, grabbing Tom out of his reverie. Harrison was currently driving on the way to pick you up from the airport, while Tom was busy staring out of the window. “Thinking about Y/N again?” 

Tom blushed, “Shut up, man. I’m nervous. I can’t believe she’s really coming!… Is it weird? Like, now that I’m really thinking about it… She’s really a stranger that I met online… This is absolutely insane.” 

“Stop overthinking it, mate. It’ll be great! Plus, it’s not like you don’t know her. You’ve been speaking to her for months.” 

Tom’s phone dinged loudly, as to make sure he wouldn’t miss your text: “Oh! She just landed!” 

“Perfect timing, if I do say so myself,” Harrison gloated. 

“Hey! I got my bags and everything. Where are you?” you said over the phone. “Uh.. where am I? I’m by a sliding door?.. Right, that doesn’t give you much of an idea… What am I wearing? I’m wearing jeans, sweatshirt, backpack.. My shoe’s untied? I don’t have laces–” You looked at your shoes, then over your right shoulder, as you felt a tap on it. “Tom!” 

Tom stood with his arms wide open, ready for a hug. You jumped into his arms; the hug was everything you imagined it to be. His arms wrapped around your shoulders tightly, the scent of his cologne filled your nostrils, the material of his shirt rubbed against your cheek. 

Click, click, a shutter of a camera made you break the hug. 

“Harrison!” you exclaimed. 

Harrison stood a little away from Tom, holding his camera. 

“That’ll be a great photo,” he said, as he gave you a hug. 

Your ride to Tom and Harrison’s house was an experience. Tom blasted his favorite songs over the car speakers, the bass pounding. When “Sexual” came on, you yelled: “I’M SORRY JACOB’S NOT HERE!” as Tom and Harrison started dancing wildly at the chorus. 

“Umbrella” came over the speakers just as you three arrived to the house. 

“We’re home, kids,” Harrison announced.

“Nooo,” Tom moaned. “But this is my song!” 

Their house was nice, to say the least. “Whoa,” you gawked when Tom and Harrison gave you the full tour. “They hooked you two up!” 

“So, here’s where you’ll stay,” Tom opened the door to a cupboard full of cleaning supplies. 

“Ha, ha, very funny, Holland.” 

The week in Montreal was one of the most surreal and best weeks of your life. 

You visited set, and all the cast and crew were so kind. The amount of people that already knew who you were was shocking: “Hi! You must be Y/N?” Tom’s makeup artist asked. “I’ve heard a lot about you.” 

“I hope all good things,” you laughed. 

Also, Harrison was glad to have a buddy to accompany him on coffee runs and random errands, and to prank Tom (”Now he won’t just be angry at me!”). 

When you weren’t on set, Tom and Harrison made sure to take you sightseeing or doing something fun at night. On one occasion, the three of you went bowling. You posted an Instagram story while Tom posted a photo of you three striking poses with the caption: “Guess who won #wasntY/N #imthebowlingmaster #harrisonsokay 🎳”

Social media went ballistic. Your followers and his fans couldn’t believe their eyes. 

“Oh, thanks for the promo! Gaining those followers like crazy,” you teased Tom. 

“Anything for you, babe.” 

But, most of all, spending time at the house was your favorite. You three could talk about any topic; there was never any reservations, though that backfired sometimes (”God! Harrison, I didn’t need to know that information.” “Eh, whatever. I don’t have much shame.” “Clearly not.”). After dinner (whether it was takeaway or one of you whipped together a meal), movie nights occurred almost every night. Though, it usually ended up that all three of you fell asleep on couch. Tom’s head would rest on your lap, and when you would try to retreat to your room, he would mumble “Just stay here. ‘S comfy…” in protest. 

The week raced by, even though every night you wished that the minutes would slow down.

On your way to the airport, the whole car was incredibly subdued, except for the hum of the music in the background.

“I want to thank you two for an incredible week,” you said, breaking the tension.

“It was so fun!” Harrison said.  

“Yeah, it was,” Tom whispered, visibly upset. 

Once at the airport, Harrison parked in the drop-off lane. “Thank you both for taking me here,” you said, as the three of you got out of the car. 

“I guess this is goodbye… for now!” Harrison hugged you. “It was so fun, Y/N.” 

You turned to face Tom who put on a sad smile. 

“Cheer up, Tom. You’ll finally have me out of your hair,” you teased. “Er, shorter hair.” 

He chuckled as he hugged you, “I’ll miss you, Y/N. Text me when you get home.” 

“I will. Thank you again! Best week of my life,” you walked through the automatic doors, ready to start your journey back home. Walking down the airport halls, you heard someone’s pounding footsteps behind you. Turning, you saw Tom running towards you. 

“Tom? Are you okay?” you asked, as he came face to face with you. 

“No,” he whispered, taking a deep breath and looking deep into your eyes. Urgently, he pressed his lips against yours. 

(A/N: Left it on a cliff hanger again! Let me know if you would like a Part 3 in this new series, A Modern Love Story.)

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AU idea can you do a supercorp where they inexplicably have to share a bed??? Bonus points of mon (pain in the ass) el catches them and gets a rude awakening. LYSM <3 <3

Protective Custody

“I’m really sorry about this.”

Kara says apologetically, setting their bags on the sofa before continuing.

“If it makes you feel any better, Alex says it should be like two nights, tops.”

It doesn’t.

Make Lena feel better that is.

Especially now that she’s getting a chance to look around the hotel room.

And she isn’t being a snob, really she isn’t, but the whole place just feels …


“Why do we have to stay here again? I know plenty of luxury hotels in national city that would be happy to-“

“That’s just it, Lee, that’s exactly where they would look for you! No one would ever guess that you’re in a place like this! It’s safer this way!”

“My best friend is Supergirl and I don’t even get the perk of being able to stay at a five star hotel when some idiot is trying to kill me?” She arches an eyebrow in Kara’s direction, but the other woman only pouts.

“I don’t want anything to happen to you, I want to take every precaution. I’m sorry this place isn’t the Hilton, but I’d rather sleep in a pile of trash for a week than have you get hurt. Besides, this place isn’t SO bad. I mean there’s a free ice machine down the hall! Free ice!”

Lena crinkles her nose at the thought of using ice machine left unattended for hours at a time.

Kara’s hands settle on her shoulders, rubbing up and down her arms in a soothing motion.

She tries not to shiver at the touch.

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You Teach Them How to Draw/Paint (RFA + V & Vanderwood)

The last one got really popular, so here’s a sequel!

▪he can’t see, obviously, but you came up with a solution!
▪finger painting with different textures of paint!
▪You mix some things into paint and then added different objects that’d give it different textures
▪this precious boy is so excited
▪you pull the smock over his head, a plain white t-shirt with paint speckles all over the front and sleeves and hand him a bowl of warm water to wash his hands in
▪you take V’s hand and touch each of his fingers to the paints (some gritty, glittery, smooth, clumpy, anything you could do to make them different from one another) and tell him which of the paints are which colors
▪he immediately goes to work smearing the paint on the canvas almost expertly, taking great care into this painting
▪V gets some red paint in his hair and there’s a smear of yellow glitter on his cheek but his smile is so wide and pure that you just m e l t
▪forgets about the paint on his hands and kisses you
▪your faces are bright yellow and fuscia and that’s the day V seriously considers getting the surgery
▪kind of pains him hearing you so ecstatic and knowing the lengths you’re going through to make him comfortable and happy
▪"MC…you’re so beautiful"
▪he insists the two of you take a selfie to immortalize the moment forever what a cheeseball I love him so much but he doesn’t tell you that when he does get the surgery, he wants to see what you looked like today
▪finally, he adds a signature: the letter V in braille
▪it’s a clunky, glittery mess but you hang it right in the living room where you can see it all the time!

▪dis boy ain’t got time for this
▪he takes the pencil and draws a lovely picture of a middle finger, titling it: “To 707”
▪707 finds it and pretends to be really touched, even goes as far to print out seven hundred and seven copies, and then proceeding to tape them all up on his wall

▪he doesn’t want to learn
▪he wants to model
▪"Draw me like one of your Korean guys, MC"
▪poses provocatively on the sofa and even tries his pose from Promiscuous Jalapeño
Zen pls keep this PG-13
▪Remember that Brandon Rogers quote? “This is my hippity house I like to do a lot of fun and creative poses here”
▪yeah that’s Zen
▪when you do sit him down and tell him to draw YOU instead, he nearly panics
▪turns out his behaivor was just a front
▪he’s not good at drawing and doesn’t want to disappoint you
▪tries his best and when it doesn’t come out quite right, he erases your face and draws a funnier one on to make you laugh

▪when he asked you to teach him, you were expecting him to want to draw an LOLOL character
▪so honestly, you were shocked when he pulled out his phone and snapped a quick pic of you
▪you give him guidelines and things that’ll help him
▪he pulls his bangs back and sticks his pencil between his teeth, scrunching his face up as he studies the drawing
▪something isn’t quite right about it…
▪he tried, at least!
▪he’s really proud of it (and tbh it’s really cute, just also really messed up)

▪Jaehee looooves watercolor painting
▪she has a few books of famous watercolor painters so when you offer to teach her, she’s beside herself
▪"Really? You’d teach me?“
Jaehee I’d eat my own foot if you asked me to
▪tries to paint a watercolor painting with different kinds of coffee and it actually looks pretty good, especially since painting with coffee is kind of hard!
▪her painting is almost as good as yours
▪You’re lowkey jealous since it was her first time but Jaehee was so excited that you let it slide
▪she hangs up her paintings in the coffee shop and her face lights up everytime she passes by them
▪paints Zen a few times
▪but when Jumin asks her to paint a picture of Elizabeth 3rd, she declines faster than Seven consuming a bag of Honey Buddha chips ▪literally lives for the days the two of you sit down at the table and open up all of the windows to paint
▪she thinks that you’re a whole different kind of beautiful when you’re focused, sunlight streaming through and bouncing off of your hair and eyes
▪she actually tells you one day though
▪you were surprised when she leaned over and brushed your hair behind your ears, telling you how pretty you were and how your eyes looked translucent in the pretty light
god Baehee makes me so gayhee

▪you suggest oil painting!
▪he has the best paint, canvases, and easels imported from God knows where just for this
▪how did you even get them here so quick??
“I have my ways, MC”
▪…you mean money.
▪chooses to paint a picture of a landscape
▪Wait, no Elizabeth?
▪"Am I not allowed to have other interests besides Elizabeth 3rd?“
▪the two of you step out for a moment, and that’s when Elizabeth decides to take revenge on Jumin
▪you come back to a green and brown cat, and have to chase her all over the penthouse to give her a bath
▪the painting actually turns out really nice, he doesn’t even wear a smock and manages to stay pristine the entire time
▪however, he does keep Elizabeth’s paw print on the painting, and insists she helped him with it

▪actually begs you to teach him
▪you finally agree and sit him down, pulling out a kit of acrylic paints and a pad of artist’s paper
▪he, for once, looks really happy
▪when you ask him what he’s painting and try to look, he shies away
▪"I-it’s a secret, baka!“
▪"if you must know, it’s a picture of my one true love! She’s beautiful, sweet, makes me happier than anyone in the world….”
▪You’re suddenly really happy
▪Elizabeth 3rd is a cat so she can’t like memes, so he must mean you!
▪*Donald Trump voice* wrooooong
▪turns the picture around
▪it’s a freaking painting of himself kissing a bag of Honey Buddha chips

Think of Me

@lostqueen1613 , @the-shadow-of-atlantis, @jxsontxdds, @miss-nerdalots, @welcometothecity

A/N: This has not been beta’d so I apologize if it isn’t the best. This is a sequel to Forget Me Not. There will probably be a part three to this lol

Dick stood there, frozen in shock at what had just happened. He watched as Y/N quietly rushed from the room before turning to Jason.

“What the actual fuck did you just do?” Dick asked quietly, trying to push back the anger he felt at his brother.

Jason lifted a brow in question before wincing. “What can I say? She was freaking me out.”

“Jason, she is your girlfriend.” Dick said, “Well, probably ‘was your girlfriend’ as I doubt you can come back from this, especially considering how awful you have treated her lately.”

Jason shook his head. “I don’t remember her at all.”

Dick studied the man lying propped up in bed for a moment. “What year is it?”

“Pfft, what kind of a question is that?” Jason scoffed.

“Just answer it.” Dick said as he sat on the bed.

“2015.” Jason said confidently.

Dick’s face paled as his fears were confirmed. “Jason… It is 2017.”

Jason was quiet for several seconds before letting out a quiet chuckle. “Nice try, Dick.”

“This isn’t a joke. This is very real and the woman that you just pushed away-” Dick’s voice rose as he gestured to the route Y/N had taken. “Is also very real and really loved you. Why she does is beyond me.”

Jason rubbed his eyes tiredly as he tried to process what Dick had just said. He didn’t want to believe it because it would mean he not only lost a year of his memory, but that he had managed to ruin another relationship. He sat like that, with his hands pressed against his eyes and taking deep breaths, for several moments. He heard Dick walk up to him and felt something being held out to him. He removed his hands and opened his eyes to find a phone in front of him.

“It’s yours.” Dick said as Jason took it. “Maybe it’ll help jog your memories.” With that, Dick turned and left the room. Leaving Jason with his thoughts.

He smoothed a thumb over the screen of the turned off phone. He steeled himself as he pressed the power button. He was met with a picture of Y/N. She looked as though she had been laughing as she turned to say something to someone. He felt his heart jump as he took in her bright eyes and wide grin. Even if he didn’t remember her, he had to admit that he wouldn’t mind being in a relationship with someone as gorgeous as her.

He wasn’t sure how he knew the password, maybe his fingers remembered what his brain could not, but he had soon unlocked the phone and was pouring over his texts. He had some to Roy and Kori, some others to his family, but his conversation history with Y/N was appeared to be almost nonstop. From flirting to grocery lists to “Good Morning/Night”s and “Stay Safes”. He shook his head as he looked at his pictures.

Again, he found a lot of Y/N. Pictures of them together, candid shots of her doing household tasks, and pictures she had left on his phone for him to find later of her face contorted in a bunch of different positions. He laughed when he saw a picture of his surprised face as Y/N gave him a kiss on the cheek. He smiled as he remembered the day that had been taken. They had just started dating and they were just hanging out. Y/N had suggested they take selfies as they were both incredibly bored. It had started with normal smiling pictures, when Y/N, being the mischievous imp she was, had decided to surprise him with that kiss. It had led to them forgetting all about taking selfies.

Wait, he remembered that? Jason stilled as scenes and feelings slowly flowed through his head. He didn’t have a full picture of the two years missing from his mind, but he definitely remembered more than he had before. He concentrated as he tried to build up a timeline using the memories he now had.

His side of their relationship was hesitant at first, then very soft and sweet, growing stronger and stronger, but then he got distracted. Distracted by what? Jason tried with all his might to remember. The mission. Human trafficking. Street kids. His young friends. He needed to save them. That must have been how he got hurt, but how did that affect his relationship with Y/N?

Then, he remembered. He had been finalizing all the details. Bringing everything together. She had brought him lunch and he had snapped at her. Why had he done that? He wasn’t mad with her, he just was afraid of failing those kids. And he had taken out his fear on the one person who deserved it the least. After all, she was just looking out for him. Even after he had pushed her to the side.

He could feel the tears gathering in the corners of his eyes as he thought about how shitty he had been to her. How could he even hope to fix this mess he had made for himself?

“You need to talk to her.” Dick said quietly.

“Anyone ever tell you it is rude to lurk in doorways.” Jason ground out at as he wiped his face.

Dick ignored him in favor of drawing nearer. “You have been a huge fucking jerk to Y/N. I don’t care if you regained your memories or not, in the very least you are going to apologize to her.”

“And what am I going to say? ‘Sorry I pushed our relationship to the backburner because I got too focused on a task and didn’t trust anyone to help me then got hurt as a result and developed amnesia and proceeded to be a dick to you.’? Yeah, that’ll fly over real well and she’ll have to forgive me.” Jason scoffed as he focused his eyes on the ceiling.

“This isn’t about her forgiving you.” Dick cried out in frustration. “This is about you admitting that you wronged her and trying to make amends. You can’t just refuse to apologize because you think she won’t forgive you. That isn’t how this works.”

Jason hated to admit it, but Dick had a point. “How soon can I get out of this bed? I’ve got some things to make right.” Jason murmured as he stared up at the ceiling.

Dick smiled at his brother’s words. “I’ll ask doc.” He said as he ran up the stairs to the kitchen where he knew Dr. Thompkins was talking with Alfred. He shot up a prayer to any higher power that would listen that it wasn’t too late for Jason to fix his mistakes.


Request: Hi love! I was wondering if you could do a jealous Shawn imagine where maybe your famous too and another celebrity or something flirts with you on Instagram or comments under your pics? If that makes sense? Haha thanks!


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- - - - 

You hear the sound of the balcony door sliding open which interrupts the calming sounds of the breeze you have been surrounded by for several hours. Abruptly, you spin around and set your eyes on the person standing with a bright smile in front of you.

“Hey, you.” Shawn says with his arms crossed and leaning up against the red brick wall.

“Shawn!” You reply now with a wide grin on your face. You slam your laptop shut and put it down gently onto the chair that you’ve been glued to for the majority of the day.

Shawn opens his arms and you gladly fall into them, knowing that it will provide you with the feeling that you’ve been longing for all day. In 4 days it will be your 3 year anniversary of being a couple, and your 6 year anniversary of knowing each other. Shawn has always been extremely supportive of you and your career and vice versa. That’s how you both work so well together and you always will.

Ever since you were 12 years old you’ve wanted to be acting in films and musicals, and Shawn has wanted to be a musician from a similar age too. Both of your dreams came true at pretty much the same time, and within 6 months of meeting each other, which is quite convenient. You landed your first acting role in a teen TV show where you filmed most days, and Shawn signed with a record company, where he worked incredibly hard to create his first album which then topped the charts.

 Amongst all of that hectic stuff, you’ve had each other. Making the time for each other was the hardest thing ever sometimes, but it was so important to you both that you did and remained together. You loved and continue to love each other every single day deeply. Some days, you both truly believe that’s all you will ever need.

“So, do you think you’re going to audition for that new part? Is the script any good?” Shawn asks you whilst rubbing your arm and breathing in your scent. He places a tender kiss on the top of your head and you ponder your response. 

You love how the first thing he asks you about after his long day is about yours. He’s always been so interested in you and selfless - it’s just one of the many characteristics that you adore about him. Pulling out of the hug slightly, your eyes meet his and your body tingles slightly like it has done since the day you met him. “Honestly, I’m not sure if there is even any point.”

Shawn raises one eyebrow to highlight his confusion, “What do you mean? Of course there’s a point! You could get another job… what’s the movie about?” He questions curiously, whilst tucking your loose strand of hair in front of your face behind your small ear.

“Well, it’s not that I don’t want to audition for the role. It’s the opposite of that actually: I would absolutely love to! I just think that so many beautiful and talented girls are going to audition for this, so there’s statistically less than 0.1% chance that I would get the role.” You tell Shawn, feeling a bit embarrassed and fiddling with your comfy hoodie’s sleeve.

There’s a pause that you weren’t expecting, and suddenly Shawn pulls completely out of the hug and repositions his hands on your shoulders like someone would when they’re about to give their child a stern talking to. His smile never falters. 

“Are you kidding me, Y/N?” Shawn shakes his head and takes a breath, “There are always going to be people out there whom YOU think are more talented than you, prettier than you, skinnier than you, etcetera etcetera. But what you don’t realise, is that so many people out there will think differently. The casting director for that role may unintentionally sometimes have a perfect image in their head of the person they’re looking for to play the part. Those other girls can’t fit into that image every single time. One person can’t play every character, and I personally think that anyone you audition for is lucky to have you there even showing interest to make the effort to be there in the first place.”

How does he always know the right thing to say? You look at Shawn for a moment and then down at his hands on your shoulders; and then back at him, and then back at your hands on his shoulders, hoping he gets the hint that you’re wondering when he’s going to move his hands.

He lets out an outburst of laughter randomly as he realises how weird this would look to someone else watching. Shawn’s about a head taller than you so it looks from afar like you may not be a couple, but a father and daughter. It’s quite humorous actually.

“I love you so much, and I really hope you know that.” You say lovingly and take his hand to lead him over to the comfortable chairs on the balcony of the house you share. 

You move your laptop onto the little table you have out here, and then both sit down heavily and lie back in your seats. He’s had a bit of a longer day than you have being at the studio and all, but Shawn doesn’t care or acknowledge that. Both of you love simply being in each other’s company and chilling out together to destress and forget the world for a while.

A vibration in your pocket makes you get your phone out and check your texts briefly, before then going on Instagram and liking lots of your friends’ posts. Then you make the decision to quickly choose one of your latest selfies, post it and then turn your phone off straight away to get back to relaxing.

Shawn’s phone buzzes when you post it, “Oh I forgot that you have my post notifications on!” You exclaim loudly as you watch him blush.

“Come on, Y/N! I know you have mine on too.” He replies chuckling and his eyes wide in judgement. He gets his phone out too and clicks on the notification from your post. Shawn likes the photo without any hesitation with a small smirk on his face, “You look really hot in this photo wow, Y/N.”

He looks up at you and smiles, triggering the blush across your cheeks he knew fully well that he would cause. You see him typing a comment on your post; thinking carefully about what he should put because he knows that all of your fans collectively will see it. Shawn’s not the kind of guy to comment cringey things that would make you internally vomit, and you’re secretly really happy about that. Watching Shawn closely, you suddenly see him post the comment and then begin to scroll through other comments on the photo.

Swiftly, you grab your phone and go to your notifications to see exactly what he commented on your post, “Aww, Shawn, you’re too sweet.” It says simply, “Wow.”

When he doesn’t reply and is still looking far too engrossed in his phone, you reach over and tap him on the shoulder. “Huh? Sorry, I was too distracted reading BROOKLYN BECKHAM’s comment on your photo.” Shawn says pointing at it in a harsh motion, clearly very shocked and not sure how to react to this.

“It’s literally been posted for 2 minutes how has he seen it already?” You ask Shawn as a rhetorical question, as you’re just as confused as he is. Probably a lot more actually. Brooklyn Beckham? What? You look closer at the comment – “😍😍 omg” 

Shawn shakes his head, “I don’t know, Y/N. But all I can say is that it’s weird to me that he would comment on your picture at all, let alone that, and after only a few minutes. He knows we’re together right? Do you like him? Have you met him before?” Shawn asks you, talking a little bit too fast for it to be casual.

You laugh a bit to yourself, and then instantly regret it when you see the serious expression on Shawn’s face intensify. You squeeze his shoulder, “Babe, I have absolutely no idea why he would comment that on my photo, and I also have no intention of finding out why I promise you. It’s just a compliment that’s all. I’m sure he knows that we’re together, and no I’ve never met him before so I definitely don’t ‘like him’ in that way if that’s what you mean. I’m pretty positive that he means no harm doing that and he’s just being kind, okay?”

 Shawn looks away from you and back down at his phone, and you lean in to kiss him softly on the cheek, “Sorry I guess I am overreacting a little, aren’t I?” He says quietly.

“Just a tad.” You reply with a grin.

A/N: Sorry for not posting in a hot minute!! Wow lol, anyways please enjoy!💙 You can send me requests here.

In Over Their Heads

A Yuri on Ice Fanfic
Written for @seungchuchuweek

Sara laughed at him for three minutes straight. And, yes, he did time it. She tried to say something twice, and both times collapsed back into laughter.

“Honestly, I can’t take it. My sides hurt.” She finally gasped out.

“It isn’t funny.”

“Seung Gil, it is sooo funny, you don’t even know.”

“It’s your fault.”

“I said “or you could be a coward and say you are with someone.” The first half of my advice was “Tell her you aren’t interested.” So clearly it’s yours.“

“I tried your first advice. She insisted she could change whatever I didn’t like, including getting plastic surgery.” Seung Gil scowled. Sara was skating that night, so dumping his problems on her probably wasn’t fair. Seeing as she seemed so amused, though, he didn’t feel the least bit guilty.

Sara wrinkled her nose. “Well, that does sound a bit creepy. So you told her you were engaged, though? I mean, couldn’t you have just said dating?”

“I said I was with someone and she demanded to know if we were serious. Any hint otherwise seemed likely to make the whole confrontation pointless.”

“Okay, so she posts her heartbreak online where, of course, it goes viral.”

“My coach called me at 4 am, Sara. 4 am. She didn’t even wait til practice.”

“Yikes…” Sara grimaced. “Okay, so now it’s all over the web, and the reporters are starting to drop hints because they want to break the story. Except there is no story.”


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dating nct johnny!!1!1!1!!

• “i can see why ten calls you a fatass”
• “girl wys”
• him being more of a best friend than a boyfriend, usually
• “johnny please stop”
• “who’s ur favorite nct member, babe”
• “ten.”
• you begging him to sing for you all the time oh my gosh
• to the point where all the other members go “UGH-”, drop everything, and leave the room when you ask johnny to sing.
• lotta hugs and hand holding and, idk why but squeezing like, everywhere, not like, all perverted, like, sometimes he’d just squish your cheeks and be like “lol u look like a duck”
• pointing to food, to, food, yes food, and saying “dat u”
• “guRLLLLL-”
• “johnny stfu”
• lots of weird text messages like, johnny is literally afraid to turn his phone on at the end of the day.
• he mimics you a lot
• you mimic him mimicking you and, it’s just, one thing leads to another and you two end up forgetting what you were doing
• when it’s your birthday he goes all out and he does a little, special something extra that makes you cry
• he once pretended that he had nothing planned and kissed your forehead and was like “sorry babe, practice was hell last night, i couldn’t get anything special for you” and you were like “oh- oh god, johnny that’s ok don’t worry about it. i love you-”
• and that was overall true but he still got jaehyun and taeyong to cook something special and got the baby rookies to get you cake and a pretty little birthday card
• and he made his own card for you and he got his guitar and decided to sing you a song
• all the members signed the card the baby rookies got for you
• johnny called you over bc he “felt bad and thought you should still at least have dinner w them”
• you come over ands everyone’s like “haPPY BirtHdAY.” and throws confetti everywhere and holds a cake up in your face and jisung starts laughing really hard and jaemin’s like “for goodness sak- BLOW THE LIGHTS OUT. THE FIRE ALARMS GONNA GO OFF BC OF THE SMOKE” and mark throws the card at you like it’s a ninja star
• and you’re like “a- whATT?”
• but you don’t see johnny and you’re like “where the fatass at”
• and johnnys like “iMHEREBABY!!!!!!!”
• and starts singing w his guitar
• and you’re like “someone pls explain what’s happening why is no one explaining anything” but you’re smiling bc aw this is cute and you love everyone and you love johnny so much.
• and finally he gives you a nice warm hug and kisses you and he’s like “happy birthday babe” and gives you the card he wrote and you start reading it and start crying
• “whA- NO”
• lots of cute, quiet little cafe dates
• holds your hand a lot
• holds your hand when you’re scared
• you wear his button up shirts and johnny’s either like “shit ur hot” or “what the hell that’s my favorite shirt take it off, you-”
• he’s kidding tho. he likes seeing you in his clothes bc johnny’s huge and his clothes are like blankets on you and it makes you look like a baby, and you are a baby, his baby
• he is so into meeting your family
• “are u nervous?”
• and he’s like “lol no who do u think i am.”
• but he’s a little kitty in the dark on the inside and you know it so you hold his hand the whole ride
• your family loves him
• everyone loves him. even your pets.
• but he’s still kinda awkward around them and zones out
• “johnny, where are you from?”
• “oh- no thank you.”
• he looks at you funny everytime you play pokemon go
• you wanna take cute selfies w him but he won’t stop making derps
• you scream and call out johnny’s name everytime there’s a bug
• “you don’t even scream my name that loud when we’re having sex”
• sexy time w johnny is all the time
• johnny tries to seduce you, a lot, but when he actually tries it’s just- no.
• but when he’s in a very needy position and n e e d s it, he just, goes for it and oh my mamas, that’s hot.
• “did u leave ur shirt sleeves at home.”
• but you love it
• you watch cartoons w him and johnny’s so into that, surprisingly
• you two also watch shows like pretty little liars together.
• during season one y'all are like “WHO IS A.”
• random english/korean breaks that confuse you bc it’s like “yes baby like, taeyong wanted to touch the 호랑이 when we were at the 동물원 but the 아저씨 working there was like "죄송합니다, 얘가좀 소심해서 사람을 잘 무는 경우가 있어서…”
• “johnny”
• “oh, right- sorry”
• he always grins really wide when he says “i love you” or puckers up his lips while saying it and you’re like “uGH. yES. ME toO.”
• “do you want a son or a daughter?”
• “i want both, as long as they look like you.”
• “and if they don’t look like me?”
• he sends a lot of cheesy texts but you know he cringes hardcore while sending them
• sometimes he’s so in love with you and just, the thought of you that he has no shame sending these cheesy messages
• video chats w johnny are, so… idk how to explain it but there’s a member that comes on screen that’s like “yeah so i was like "holy shit is that really an alien?” but turns out it was just ten wearing pants in the dorm for once- OH SHIT HEY (Y/N)“ every 5 seconds.
• ten is like your best friend bc you two lowkey love teasing johnny and it annoys johnny so much
• ten ships you two so much he just, cant.
• ten once told johnny that you should name your first kid after your ship name.
• "ten, shut up”
• random singing outbursts it’s just, “oh yeah so- CHEER UP BABY CHEER UP BABY-”
• “oh i love this drink so muc- CALL ME BABY-”
• johnny loves you lots lots lots lots
• you love him lots
• he kisses you so much and you always turn into mushy jelly and he knows it and he’s proud
• his kisses are super super rough sometimes and super super nice and short and sweet sometimes, you love both.
• “i love you”
• “mhm. me too.”



YouTuber!Au Series

Word Count: 1621

Genre: Fluff

With a final tap of your screen, your fanart for the latest WonWooJi video, “What it’s Really Like to Date a YouTuber,” was up on instagram for the world to see. Art was one of your favorite pastimes, and you had WonWooJi to thank for it.

While you’d enjoyed drawing since you were young, you’d never thought you were particularly good at it and had no confidence in your art skills. If anyone had asked you to show them any of your drawings a few years ago, you would never have shown them, but that had changed slowly as you found the YouTube channel run by two quiet 96 liners.

You’d discovered WonWooJi before they were well known and had watched their subscriber count grow from less than 200k to s million over the course of many years. The subscriber count had constantly grown little by little over the years and the video quality had slowly gotten better and better as well. The once limited camera angles began to get more decisive and direct. The scripts that bordered on cliches grew more and more original and you had seen the confidence of the two young video makers grow over the years.

Through that, you’d found the courage to try drawing for the sake of drawing. You tried to ignore whether you thought it was good or bad and simply strive for improvement because you enjoyed it - the way that Wonwoo and Jihoon had. Slowly but steadily, your art had improved and your confidence in your ability to draw and improve grew and you made the huge decision to start posting your work, and naturally, you posted a tribute to the people who had started you on your art path. And since then, your collection of WonWooJi fanart on your account had only grown along with supporters until the WonWooJi official account had followed you back and you’d almost died in happiness and shock. You still got overly excited whenever the account liked any of your fanart.

Since you’d gotten a follow from your idols, you’d set a new goal of meeting them and that dream was about to come true in less than a week. You’d been invited to set up a little booth at a convention, only to later discover that WonWooJi would be there as well with their own booth. It had been an honor to be invited in the first place as it meant that you yourself had enough fans to warrant that kind of treatment and the chance to make one of your dreams come true was just an extra cherry on top.

You were excited but also extremely nervous about your first convention and first time meeting your fans, the fact that you had fans still blowing your mind. You were worried if you’d live up to people’s expectations and whether you’d make a fool of yourself.

You refreshed your page to see the notifications and almost fell off your couch when you saw a like from WonWooJi and a comment reading “excited to finally meet the master artist at the convention!” on your latest post. Your legs kicked wildly in the air as you let out a little scream of excitement and praeyed for the convention to come a little faster.

When the day of the convention came, you headed off to your booth excited about meeting Wonwoo and Jihoon as well as your fans and the other random convention goers you were sure to encounter. You were humming to yourself as you set out the stickers and other goods you’d brought to give out and sell when you felt a pair of eyes on you despite the fact that the convention had yet to start. You brushed off the feeling as you being delusional, but there was someone observing you from across the floor.

“Hey Jihoon, isn’t that the one fanartist that sent us those stickers?” Wonwoo said as he nudged his fellow YouTuber and nodded in your direction. He’d first found your account about a year ago when he’d found your fanart of the “Love Locks” amongst the hundreds of notifications that came in on instagram. Your art had caught Wonwoo’s eye right away with your distinct style and the ability to pick out what he considered to be the most important part of everything that he and Jihoon AKA Woozi, decided to put on their channel. Since then, Wonwoo always waited for your fanart after every video and made sure to like all of them with the WonWooJi instagram.

Jihoon glanced over and nodded.

“Looks like it. We should go say thank you later.” Wonwoo nodded at Jihoon’s words and the two of them went back to setting up their own little station.

Oblivious to all of this, you simply continued to make your booth as appealing as possible by covering it with your art. You finished with some time to spare and stepped back to admire your work from afar and take some photos for your instagram when you felt your back run into someone.

“Oh my god I’m so sorry!” You said as you whipped around to face the person you’d run into.

“It’s ok,” the voice that responded was deep and oddly familiar.

“Oh my god. You’re Jeon Wonwoo.” You gaped at the tall male in front of you.

“Yes I am, and you must be Y/N. Jihoon and I really like your art. It’s nice to finally meet you.” He shot you a smile and held out his hand to shake. Your mind started as you whir as you realized holy shiz. WonWooJi knows you by name. You’re shaking Jeon Wonwoo’s hand. The Wonwoo who’d inspired you to keep drawing and to find a passion outside of “normal” life. The Wonwoo who’s videos had made you laugh and cry more than any other people you could think of.

You thanked Wonwoo graciously as you tried to keep yourself from embarrassing yourself. Wonwoo was much more attractive in person than on screen, and you were blown away by how nice his voice sounded and how the person you knew to be endearing and deep through videos was also a beautifully flawless man that knew you by name.

On the other hand, Wonwoo was just as restless. He’d never known what you looked like until he’d walked into the convention center earlier and he was blown away. You didn’t look like a model from a glamour magazine, but you had your own charm. And maybe it was because he’d already fallen in love with your style through your art, but Wonwoo found your style in real life to be just as charming and couldn’t help but feel a little drawn to you. There was also so much he wanted to ask you about your art and how you’d gotten to where you were now, but he restrained and instead started thanking you for your support and art instead.

The two of you were both brushing off the thanks and trying to thank the other for the support when Jihoon showed up.

He greeted you respectfully as you got starstruck once again.

“Don’t make it so obvious.” Jihoon whispered to Wonwoo, “or just ask for their number. Go big or go home.” Wonwoo flinched as he heard Jihoon’s soft words, but you didn’t notice the exchange.

“Ten minutes!” You heard a voice shout into the convention center from the door signalling that it was almost time for the people to come flooding in.

“I’m going to finish set up, come back in 5 minutes.” Jihoon said to Wonwoo. “It was nice to meet you. Stop by our booth later and we’ll give you some merch as a thank you.”

“Well, I should do stuff too. I was going to take photos for my instagram.” Wonwoo immediately offered to help and you accepted the offer.

“So, how did you get started with drawing?” He asked after telling you to go pose in your booth so you could be in the picture. You bashfully admitted that it was due to him and he grew a little red as well. However, the conversation didn’t stop and the two of you found yourself falling into a comfortable rhythm over the course of a few minutes until it felt like the man you were talking to wasn’t some sort of celebrity but someone you’d befriended in college.

Through those few minutes, you two managed to barely scratch the surface of your curiosities about the other and their passion, paths, and such, leaving you both disappointed when the 2 minute warning was called.

“You should go now, Jihoon’s probably waiting, but I really enjoyed talking to you.” You said to Wonwoo. Wonwoo agreed and seemed like he wanted to say something else, but refrained. “Wait, can we take a picture?”

You remembered who you were talking to and wanted to document the moment. His eyes perked up a little and the two of you quickly agreed to take a selfie.

Wonwoo fumbled for his wallet afterwards and produced a business card that he handed to you after scribbling something onto the back.

“That’s my personal number so you can send me the photos, and I’d really like to continue our conversation sometime so shoot me a message if you ever want to go out for coffee.” He could feel his face burning since he never made the first move with people due to his more introverted personality and proceeded to quickly bid you goodbye and run off to Jihoon.

You stood there in shock until the events finally registered, leaving you with a wide smile across your face. This convention was off to a great start.

Written by Admin Sea

Pool Parties, Booze, and Kids: A Short Story in Domesticity

Summary: After an invitation from one of Phil’s old Uni friends turns out to be a pool party for his 4 year old son, the topic of kids comes up. And neither of them are really afraid to hold back. 

Genre: Domestic fluff

Word Count: 4k

Warnings: swearing

A/N: This idea just kind of came up after a pool party I went to (are pool parties even a thing in the uk idek). Set some time in the summer of 2014, based on the assumption the book/tour was already an idea in their head. First fic so comments are majorly appreciated?? Anyways, hope you enjoy :’)

Read on Ao3


The summer that year seemed to be exceptionally – and unbearably – hot.

And Phil was not passing up a chance at a pool.

Phil.” Dan leaned on Phil’s doorway, arms crossed and eyebrows strung up. “I don’t exactly want to go to this ‘party’. Who is it even for anyways?

Phil sat on the carpet next to his bed and groped through his dresser, searching for the swimming trunks that hadn’t seen the light of day in god knows when. “I told you it’s for an old school friend.” He was too focused on finding them to focus much on Dan’s whining.

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Lets Talk About Sex

Request: How about an Alec imagine where he asks Jace for advice about sex since he’s a virgin and all but has been dating the reader (female if you don’t mind ) for quite some time now so he kind of worries and stuff even though she is a Virgin still too :) just make it a little fluffy , awkward whatever haha

 Pairing: ReaderXAlec

 Word count: 2.5k

 Warnings: Mention of sex but that’s it really 

Author’s Note: Hey everyone sorry that its been so long! I hope you enjoy the imagine, I think I went a bit off track but anyways 💃🏻 How is your day going? I hope you are all doing great! LYSM 💗 



Originally posted by eternallovefor

Alec’s POV

“ Jace could I talk to you?” I mumble quietly as I open his bedroom door. He was currently sprawled across his bed with his phone in his hands. He looked up and smiled.

“ Yeah, sure… Whats up?” He says focusing back to his phone. I quickly closed his door and moved to sit on the end of his bed. Jace’s room was always clean, neat and organized. It was something people would never guess about him, unless you really knew him.

“ I just have a few questions…” I say looking at my callused hands, they were currently red from training.

“What kind of questions?” He finally asks, putting his phone down. Paying full attention to me. I suddenly regretted doing this.

“ Its about me and Y/N” I mumble, just loud enough for him to hear me.

“ Why? Whats wrong? She isn’t pregnant is she?!” Jace says getting fluster, his eyes filled with panic.

“ Emm… Actually, I… Eh.. Was going to ask you- eh- to - em” after struggling to get my words out I cleared my throat “ How do you have sex?”

Jace almost choked on air but he soon recovered and began to laugh.

“ What? I just assumed you and Clary have done it” I say, about to stand up to leave, only to be stopped by Jace’s hand on my shoulder.

“ Wait, don’t leave” he chuckles, letting me go. “ Sorry I didn’t mean to laugh, its just I never expected you to ask me about that… Like… Ever”

“ Its fine… I came to you because you are the only one I trust” I say playing with my hands.

“ What do you want to know?” He asks looking serious.

“Its mine and Y/n’s 2nd anniversary tomorrow and I wanted to make it special… I wanted to ask you how could I make it special?” I question, looking him in the eye, he suddenly softened.

“ So its your first time?” He asks, I nod slowly, avoiding eye contact.

“ Right, so first of all you want to take her out on a date type of thing, make it really romantic, Y/n will live that. Then bring her back here, take her to your room. And ask her if she is ready and if she is just go with it.” he instructs as I take in what he is telling me.

“ But what do I do if she is ready?” I ask, by the angel this is getting awkward.

“ Em… Alec do you remember the birds and the bees story? The one that your Mum told us?” He says scratching his neck.

“ Sort of… So I just go along with it?”

“ Alec, at the time you will know” he chuckles.

“ Right” I laugh. “ Thanks Jace” I say as I get up. When I reach the door I quickly turn.

“ Sorry, if that was awkward, its just I have no clue on what I’m doing” I laugh, Jace cracks a smile.

“ Don’t worry about it”

Y/n’s POV

“ Good Morning beautiful” You hear Alec say, You groaned and snuggled further into the duvet. Only to have two strong arms grab you from behind, pulling you across the bed so that you guys were spooning. Alec’s breath tickled as he drew nearer. Eventually he started to kiss your neck softly as he whispered “ I love you” repeatedly, making you grin.

Moving around quickly to face him, you got to see his face. He looked so good in the morning, tousled hair, grey sweat pants and a deep, husky voice. Slowly you close the space between you and peck his lips.

“ Good Morning handsome” You mumble as you place a palm on his cheek, he instantly snuggled into your hand.

“ So, what are we doing today?” You yawn out, opening your eyes to see your adorable boyfriend staring at you with a small smile.

“ Well, I was planning on letting you and Izzy go shopping, then I have a special evening planned out for us” he says quietly as he closes his eyes again. You take this to your advantage as you move your face closer to his, running your hands up his bare toned chest.

“Sounds perfect” you whisper, leaning in to place your lips on his, he quickly responded by pulling you closer.

“ I love you too by the way” you mumble against his lips,then quickly rolled out of bed.

“ Where are you going?” Alec whined, as he stretched across the bed.

“ I’m going shopping” you wink, walking to the bathroom. Hearing Alec sigh behind you make you giggle.

You and Izzy were currently in a clothes shop looking at the new collections, as a shadowhunter you weren’t supposed to have all of this “fancy mundane” stuff. But it was something you and Izzy couldn’t withhold from, shopping was like an addiction.

“ Can we stop by the DVD shop on the way back?” You ask Izzy whilst examining a pair of black skinny jeans.

“ Sure, what are you looking for, to buy in there?” She says, totally engrossed in the small jewelry stand.

“ Well I was hoping to find a film for me and Alec to watch tonight, after we get back from dinner” you say as you place the jeans into your basket, moving to the blouses, only to hear Izzy snickering.

“ What?” You ask in confusion, tilting your head.

“ You do realize Alec has something else planned for tonight she grins as she picks a silver necklace up to examine it.

” I don’t understand"

“ Basically, tonight is the night! You have been will Alec for so long now and you are the only one that really understands him for being him and you know that he doesn’t let many people into his life. He told Jace that he is ready, ready to show you how much he loves you.” She says with slight enthusiasm, as she places the necklace in her basket. You were gobsmacked, Alec was ready?!

“ Wait! Hold up, are you saying Alec is ready to have sex?” You whisper/ shout as loud as you could without drawing attention from other customers.

“ Well.. Duh” Izzy says in a sarcastic tone as she picks up a short red dress. By the Angel! You didn’t really know how to process the fact Alec was ready for that sort of step. Questions flew around your head. What was going to happen? Were you ready for this?!

“Oh my God” you mutter to yourself, grabbing your phone. You has two missed calls and a text. All from Alec. One text read:

Hey Y/n, sorry to bother you, I just had a quick question what flowers do you like best? Xx

A small smile creeped on your face, he was so obvious but adorable at the same time. Then suddenly you received an attachment text from him, you clicked it, only to open a cute selfie of your boyfriend doing an impression of the sassy hand emoji. This caused you to burst out laughing, people began to stare but they became apart of the background. You suddenly thought to yourself, Yes I am ready.

You had just gotten back to the Institute when you were bombarded by Max. As soon as you entered the doorway he had ran up to you and hugged your leg. He was the definition of cuteness, you hoped that when you and Alec have children that they would be as great at Max was.

Max was also very into the idea of having somebody younger than him in the house, but that wasn’t going to be for a long time.

“ Hey Max” You say with a soft smile as you ruffle his fluffy hair.

“Hey Y/n, I missed you whilst you were gone.” He mumbles into your leg. You bend down so that your facing him on his level.

“Well, next time I go shopping what if you come with me?” You say as you stroke his curls from his eyes. As soon as you said this his face light up like a Christmas tree.

“Really?!” He says in excitement, jumping into your arms.

“ Of course! I need my partner in crime, just don’t tell Izzy” you say grinning at the small child as you return his hug.

“ I wont speak a word” he says pulling away, motioning with his hands that his lips were sealed.

“ Good, right I’m going to go get ready for tonight, I will see you in the morning for waffles, strawberries and Nutella” you say as you head up the stairs, turning at the top to grin at Max.

You finally make it to yours and Alec’s room, you hurry in, struggling with the handle because of all the shopping bags. You internally curse yourself for buying an outfit that you did not need. The door suddenly opened in a swift movement.

“ Hey” You hear Alec say from your room.

“ Hi” you say in return as you dump your bags on the bed.

“ So, what did you get” He says walking out of your en suit bathroom in just a towel. You blush at the sight and quickly look back at the bags .

“ A dress and some other bits and bobs” you stutter out, looking up to see Alec’s hair dripping with water, you watched as a bead of it run down his neck and over his toned chest… Damn you thought. You had never had been flustered like this before.

You quickly grabbed the bag that held your dress and headed to the bathroom. After a quick shower you dried yourself and slipped into your new dress. You weren’t really one for wearing dresses but tonight was a special occasion. The dress was a sleek fitting, above the knee black dress that went really well with your burgundy lace up booties.

You quickly dried and curled your hair, added minimal make up and headed out.

“ Woah” Alec breathed as you entered the room, his face was in shock, his mouth wide open and his eyes were scanning every inch of your body.

“ You look amazing Y/n” he finally says once he composes himself. You get a chance to appreciate his appearance as he does so. He had gelled his hair in its usual style and was wearing a black suit with a clean, crisp white shirt. She looked unbelievably good.

“ Not so bad yourself” You grin back, earning one in return.

“ Shall we?” He says holding out his hand for you to hold, which you gladly took.

The date was the best it could of been, the food was delicious at the restaurant. Alec had took you to a fancy place that he would never have been caught dead in, he really was trying to impress. After the meal he told you he had a surprise.

You both arrived at the surprise venue in a taxi. As you got out of the car you realized it was the theater where the ballet was showed. You had told Alec when you guys were younger that you had always wanted to be a dancer. You quickly looked up to him as grinned.

After the show of Swan Lake, your favorite, you guys headed back to the institute.

You could tell Alec was nervous because he had all of a sudden become really quite.

“ Hey, you okay” you way as you slip you hand in his. He looked down at your intertwined hands and smiled.

“ I’m great” he mumbles back with a smile.

As soon as you entered your room you flung yourself onto your bed.

“ Alec?” You sigh.

“ yeah” he replies heading over to you.

“ Can you take me heels off please?” You mumble into your arm, which was draped over your face.

“ Sure, anything for my Y/n” he says, doing as you had asked. After he laid down next to you, looking up at the ceiling. You took this as an opportunity to appreciate his delicate face. His soft, smooth skin glowed with natural blush, due to it being chilly outside. His long, black eyelashes flutter lightly on his cheekbone as he blinks lazily, he was the definition to godlike.

You moved your hand to his thick hair then ran your fingers through it, bringing his attention back to you. He gives you a boyish grin as he gently places his palm onto your cheek.

“ You’re so beautiful” he whispers as his thumb rubs your cheek. You smiled shyly into his hand. Compliments like this was one of the many ways Alec made you feel special.

“ Alec… Can I ask you something?” You whisper into his hand.

“ Yes of course” his eyes cascading down to your lips then returning to your eyes.

“ Izzy told me that you are ready” you blurt out and instantly regretted it.

“ Izzy… What?!” He says quickly, wide eyed, panic flashed across them. “ I don’t want you to think I’m pushing this, If you aren’t ready I totally understand” he quickly looked at his hands and muttered “ to be honest I don’t know if I am”

“Alec” you move to place your hands on his shoulders “ we don’t have to do anything if that’s what you want, and if you do then great… I’m ready if you are” you say resting your head on his shoulder. He turned his head to face you.

“ Are you sure? I mean I have no idea what to do” he mumbles, his eyes escaping yours, dashing to his intertwined hands.

“ Me either… ” you say quietly.

“Maybe we can just cuddle for a while?” He suggests, looking up for approval, you nod with a grin.

You both move so that you were spooning, you felt suddenly safe when you were in Alec’s arms. A strong barrier that blocked the whole of the shadow world out, keeping you safe…

After what seemed like hours of talking about recent TV shows and books, you decided to go put your pajamas on. You return to your room to find Alec under the duvet with his eyes closed.

You wander over to him, turning the lights off as you do so. You climbed into your bed and was suddenly engulfed into a huge bear hug from behind.

“ Jace said I would know when the time was right…” He whispers in your ear, his hot breath made you shiver.

“ And when is the time right” you say nervously, turning around to face him. His eyes glistening in the light from your window.

“ I would say round about now” he mumbles as he cups your cheek, bringing you in for a kiss, you kiss back instantly.

“ I love you so much” he mumbles against your lips, making you smile.

“ I love you ” You say softly, those three words had escaped your mouth on many occasions but this time it just felt different. But this time you really meant it..

Fuckin’ Moron

Alright so Enzo fic. Here we go friends. Uh. I usually write the warnings and stuff after I write the story bc… That way I have more details??? I dunno. Thought I’d try something new. Annnnnd it is not working out for me very well so. I will. Try again. After. I write. Some porn. 

Hey so I’m back. After writing this. It’s hecka cute. Got into it. Love Enzo so much, honestly, he needs more love so. WORD. I love this so much. LOVE THIS SO MUCH. I’m taggin’ @janayawashington bc. She requested this. SO YES. Ha. HAHA. Tagging my boo boo, my love, @fuckyeahbulletclub bc I was messaging her while writing this SO YAY MY BOO BOO.

Warnings: Sex. Cussing. Sex. JEALOUSY. Uh. Yeah. Yeah. It’s not too too bad, but like. I mean. It’s still NSFW. So. Yes. 

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Time Will Explain

apparently i write fanfiction now? lol its my first fic ever pls go easy
Read on AO3

Summary: In the year 2020, Liam Payne, sits down for an exclusive interview with Ellen on The Ellen Show, to promote One Direction’s reunion album and to reveal a secret about his personal life.

He bounced on his feet, rubbing his palms together, trying to settle his nerves. This was the most difficult part before any interview but he was looking forward to this one. And there was a special reason why.

A frazzled looking technician edged forward from the curtain and gave him a jerky nod, trepidation and awe in his eyes. That was his cue; with a skip, he moved forward through the curtain and a door and out into the blinding studio lights. A deafening applause was the only thing that filled his ears, followed by a shrill cacophony of screams of ‘Liam!’ and ‘We love you’.

Still humbled by the positive response of his fans, he made his way to the couch and met Ellen with a warm hug and a hello. After a lot of waving and grinning at the audience, he sat down on the white couch, screams and shouts still echoing in the studio. Ellen only continued grinning at him and looking back and forth at the audience, laughing slightly at their response.

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Burn Part 3

Seth Rollins x Reader

Part 1Part 2 Special thanks to @50shadesofadamcolebaybay!

Originally posted by deathprincess777

You and Seth bought yourselves some iced coffee before hiking. Seth picked out a route while you were showering. It was a warm and sunny day. You talked about everything you had missed during your time off. Seth reported about new make up artists and staff. You were happy to hear that Bayley, Sami and Roman were doing just fine. As the time passed, your conversation with Seth grew more serious. You told him about your doubts and fears. Seth silently listened to you, giving slight input here and there. He knew that you had to get this off your chest.

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anonymous asked:

Heya so can i request a supercorp prompt? If thats a yes, how about lena and kara flirting as 'friends' and playing truth or dare and something like "kara, i dare you to kiss me" and being flustered but still does it and kara getting lena back with something even flirtier? You know?

This actually something I posted for a different prompt, but it fills this one pretty well too! I think (hope) you’ll like it!

Protective Custody   

“I’m really sorry about this.”

Kara says apologetically, setting their bags on the sofa before continuing.

“If it makes you feel any better, Alex says it should be like two nights, tops.”

It doesn’t.

Make Lena feel better that is.

Especially now that she’s getting a chance to look around the hotel room.

And she isn’t being a snob, really she isn’t, but the whole place just feels …


“Why do we have to stay here again? I know plenty of luxury hotels in national city that would be happy to-“

“That’s just it, Lee, that’s exactly where they would look for you! No one would ever guess that you’re in a place like this! It’s safer this way!”

“My best friend is Supergirl and I don’t even get the perk of being able to stay at a five star hotel when some idiot is trying to kill me?” She arches an eyebrow in Kara’s direction, but the other woman only pouts.

“I don’t want anything to happen to you, I want to take every precaution. I’m sorry this place isn’t the Hilton, but I’d rather sleep in a pile of trash for a week than have you get hurt. Besides, this place isn’t SO bad. I mean there’s a free ice machine down the hall! Free ice!”

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Meeting Tarjei

“Now, if you think this story was cute and sentimental, the story of meeting Tarjei was much more quirky and funny.So it was the last day before our departure from Oslo, and we decided to visit all of our favorite places there, just to remind ourselves how much we’ll miss it. One of those places was Aker Brygge.As we were walking and enjoying our day and beautiful views in front of us, And right in that place, as we just turned our heads in the left, we saw a familiar figure passing by. He was wearing earphones and staring at us from time to time. Gabi, of course, immediately caught up that it was him and quietly whispered “Noooo way” to which Tarjei stopped, thinking that we must’ve told him something. Both of us, couldn’t believe that he actually stopped next to us, so we just remained speechless, while he was awkwardly struggling to volume down the music in his earphones and actually take them off.As soon as he did, he walked up closer and said his little cute “Hei”, which made Gabi say “No way, you’re real” and hug him. Tarjei greeted her with open arms and a smile hugging her tightly, and then me. We kept standing there smiling as me, being the dumbass I am, asked “How are you?” to which he happily responded “Well I’m doing fine, just going to a rehearsal”.Of course, we were intrigued what that was so we were like “Oh really, that’s great!” to which he laughed and said “Yeah, I’m gonna play in a concert, well, not a concert, more like a, you know, theatre but with music”. So I was like “Musical, right?” and he just went “Oh yes, musical” to which me and Gabi just responded with “Wow, that’s amazing”. He felt so nervous and like I really don’t know what’s the matter, but he was so happy to see us actually make a conversation with him, that we all forgot the pictures. It was him who later on just simply said like “So, do you want to take a picture?” and we just messily started looking for our phones like “Yeah, omg sure!” But we realized that we didn’t have anyone to ask to take it. In that situation we were very lost but Tarjei, as goofy as he is, said “Well I can use my long arms to take a selfie with you guys” and we were like “Yes omg it would be great!” As we stood into our poses, he kept taking all those pictures and he seemed like he didn’t even wanna stop lmao.As we finished he looked at us, and another dumb phrase ran out of my mouth being “This is our last day being here in Oslo and you actually made it like so much better now. We weren’t even expecting it to start out so good.” To which he asked “Oh, so where are you guys from?” and when we said “Lithuania” he gasped like “Ohhhhh, Lithuania”. Me and Gabi laughed at him, after what Gabi asked if he actually knows where that is. His response was “Yeah, I know Lithuania, but I never got to meet any fans from there before, wow”. It was such a pleasant thing to hear that that I just blurted out a “So we’re the first ones, ayy” which made him laugh.After that, he told his goodbye and wished us good luck and that we have a nice last day here, to what we responded with the same kind of thing.That moment we just rushed down to the shore with wide smiles on our faces and only one phrase rolling in our heads “What the heck was that?"Even tho Tarjei was a little nervous talking to us, he seemed very happy which made us, of course, happy as well.
On this note, I would love to say huge thank you to both Cengiz Al and Tarjei for stopping by and taking some time to talk to us.Hopefully, anyone reading this will have a chance to meet these two sunshines as well.
Spread the love and positivity! “ via Agata aka @jcksnsgf on Twitter


Have you met or seen(but without invading privacy) a member of the Skam cast and want to share your story? Message me!

Short stories are also posted on Instagram @imetskamcast

The Boy Who Selfies - Hinny Drabble

So in honour of Harry James Potter’s birthday I decided to write a little Hinny drabble.It’s super cheesy but then I’m Hinny trash so I don’t even care at this point!Also apologies for the absolutely awful title but I could not for the life of me come up with a better one. Hope you enjoyyyy :)

You can also read it on my page if you prefer that format.

The Boy Who Selfies:

Harry was sat on their plush sofa on a rather lazy Sunday afternoon in their small but cosy flat in the centre of muggle London. Stretched out with his arms resting behind his head, his sweat pant clad legs resting on the other arm of the sofa whilst a copy of Quidditch weekly was levitating above him, the pages magically turning when he had finished scanning a page.
His hair was much more tousled than normal as he hadn’t bothered to even try to tame it with it being a Sunday.
Soft foot steps could be heard making their way through the flat and before long Ginny came bounding into the living room, plopping herself on top of Harry rather ungracefully causing the wind to be knocked out of him,  catching him off guard.

“Omfff Gin a bit of warning would be nice…you were very close to flattening the crown jewels there.” Harry whined as he let his arm snake around her hips lightly.

“Ooops sorry can’t have that I’ve become quite fond of them.” Ginny grinned at him, rubbing one hand lightly on his stomach and toying with her mobile in the other.

Ginny was also wearing her usual lazy Sunday outfit which consisted solely of Harry’s old Gryffindor Quidditch jersey that came to mid thigh. Sometimes accompanied with a pair of knickers underneath, sometimes not…
Ginny’s hair was slung into a messy bun with fiery strands escaping all over the place, framing her face.

“I’m glad, funnily enough I am also quite fond of them.” Harry hummed as he wriggled his butt to provide a slightly more comfortable position to where his said jewels weren’t being suffocated .

Noticing something in Ginny’s eye he quickly deducted, from now years of practice at reading her, that she was up to something.

Noticing Harry studying her quizzically Ginny broke into a grin.

“What are you up to Weasley?” Harry gibed and prodded her hips.

Ginny grinned wider yet and brought her phone up and waggled it in front of him.

“So Hermione introduced me to snapchat the other day and I want us to take a selfie together.” She grinned.

“Sorry a what?”

“A selfie Harry. It’s when you take a picture of yourself. Self…e…” Ginny raised an eyebrow at him. Usually it was Harry introducing her to muggle things so this made a change.

“You know I hate pictures Gin.” Harry began, resting his head back down and resuming his reading. Ginny pouted.

“Ohhh please Harry there’s this really cute filter that makes you look like a dog, I know you’ll love it.” Harry looked back up from his magazine to Ginny. She pouted still, fluttering her eyes dramatically at Harry as she brushed her fingers up and down his bare chest.

Harry rolled his eyes.

“Oh come on Harry. If you don’t like the pictures I promise I’ll delete them. Just give it a go…for me…” Ginny pleaded making her eyes even more puppy like than said snapchat filter.

Harry huffed, waving his hand to make the magazine drop down to the floor and sat up forcing Ginny to slide further down from his lower torso on top his lap.

“Fine but only to make you happy. You do realise you are ridiculously manipulative don’t you?” Harry joked.

“Only when it’s for your own good.” Ginny smirked back and kissed him quickly on the lips.

“How is taking a self-me for my own good?”

“Self-ie Harry.” Ginny corrected courtly.

“Yeah whatever selfie smelfie.” Harry grumbled into Ginny’s shoulder as he wrapped his arms tighter around her waist.

“Ok right let me just open up the app, and then Hermione said you have to turn the camera to face you….ok there now I see us. Ahh look how cute we look…well actually I look cute you look like I’ve just told you I ate all the Treacle Tart.” Ginny snorted.

Harry huffed and pulled his face away from Ginny’s shoulder where he had been resting.

“There that’s better.” Ginny chirped as Harry positioned himself beside Ginny in the frame of the photo.

Ginny pulled a ridiculous face and Harry couldn’t help but laugh and before he knew it the sound of the shutter went off and Ginny had captured their first selfie.

“See it’s not that hard.” Ginny said turning to Harry to smile warmly at him.

“Fine yeah not that painful.” Harry grumbled but smiled warmly back at her.

“Alright time for the dog filter!” Ginny exclaimed excitedly.

“Hermione said something about holding down in the centre and seeing a circle thing…ahh yes that it. Now we can scroll through the filters…” Ginny began shifting through filters, each changing their appearance. One multiplying them across the screen, another removing their nose and another changing them into Bees. Finally she came across the one she had been looking for.

“Ahh hahh found it.” Ginny shouted before bursting into a fit of giggles.

“Oh merlin this is great.” She snorted taking in the filter of them both with dog ears, nose and tongue. Ginny the sandy-red dog and Harry the spotted black and white Dalmatian.

Harry couldn’t help but laugh along with her, her giggles contagious and if he was to be honest the filter was pretty fun.

“Ok open your mouth Harry and see what happens.”

Harry opened his mouth and a long tongue came out. Harry laughed loudly and Ginny snapped the photo. It captured Harry’s eyes crinkled at the sides in laughter, Ginny’s eyes sparkling beside him and grinning widely.

 “Ok, ok I admit this is actually really fun.” Harry said, pulling Ginny closer in to his side and kissing her temple.

 “I knew you’d love it.” Ginny beamed. They flicked through more of the filters, taking turns to snap ones of each other, giggling like school girls the whole time.

“Thank you.” Harry sighed as he nuzzled at Ginny’s neck a while later.

 “What for?”

“For always making me laugh and helping me to not be such a big grump all the time.” Harry said as he pushed a strand of Ginny’s hair that had escaped from her bun behind her ear.

 Ginny looked taken aback slightly for a moment at Harry’s soft words before breaking into a breath-taking smile.
“And thank you for giving in and taking selfies with me, it was fun.” Ginny beamed.

 “Mmm anything to please you…Merlin you have me wrapped around your fingers.” Harry chuckled into her neck.

“Anything?” Ginny raised her eyebrow.

“Oh god I should not have said that” Harry groaned and Ginny laughed.

“Don’t worry Potter it’s nothing too drastic. Let me post one of these selfies of us….and kiss me.”

Harry grinned and pulled Ginny flush with him before crashing his lips to hers. As soon as he had taken her lips in a deep kiss he heard the familiar sound of a shutter.

Pulling his lips away from Ginny’s he saw her arm outstretched and a photo of them in a deep embrace. Turning back to Ginny he furrowed his eye brows at her but burst into laughter at the cheeky grin on her face, eyes sparkling in that distinctly Weasley way.

 “Ooops I must have slipped.” Ginny grinned.

 “Right put that phone down now…we don’t want anyone accidentally coming across any photos with what I am about to do.” Harry wiggled his eyebrows before pouncing on Ginny causing the phone to fall to the floor.

The room filled with giggles…then gasps…then moans.

 A few weeks later Hermione showed Ginny the wonders of Instagram and the first picture posted was of their first selfie. Ginny grinning widely as Harry rested his face against her shoulder like a sulking child… the photo captioned as ‘Mr Grumps… the boy who broods ;)’