Regina and Hook + parallels and similarities.
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Okay but have you all considered the following

  • Tom knowing multiple languages due to his status as prince of hell (I mean the BMB is a pretty special event I doubt he’d be able to change it without having some powerful influence)
  • Tom flirting and whispering inappropriate things to Marco in French around other people to embarrass him. 
  • Marco tries to do the same thing in Spanish, but doesn’t count on Tom being able to whisper sweet things back to him.
  • They casually flirt all the time in Spanish in front of Star but are completely embarrassed when She tells them to get a room.
  • Tom helping Star get ready for her dates with Jackie an being a 100 % supportive and caring best friend.
  • Tom wrapped up in a scarf and Marco’s hoodie because he’s used to how hot hell is. He hoards all of the blankets in the house and it only gets worse during Winter.
  • Marco meeting Tom’s parents and being hella nervous because his dad is intimidating af but his mom is super nice and immediately takes a liking to him.

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When the mods post a Pearl!Reaction because Perifaces cannot accurately convey their emotion.(Which I'll note is fantastic because I Love Pearl.)

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