The strange milled receiver striker fired cousin of my AK family : my Century VZ 2008.

I got her from PSA with 5 mags on sale for $399.00. Since then I’ve added a NEA rail, Huff installed Czechpoint QD scope mount for me w/ a Primary Arms red dot, and a Stormwerkx stock adapter with an ACE Entry Stock. I also modified a Magpul AK grip to fit.

It’s lightweight, simple, and runs. The stock trigger is pretty heavy but aside from that I have no complaints…except that I wish it took AK mags. Eventually I want to get an actual CZ VZ. 58 in 5.56 with the AR mag adapter but that’s down the line.

psst i’m still alive
i’m sorry i havent been online in like a month!!

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Alright man, what should i get next time I go

Get a route 44 blue raspberry nerd slush with a double shot of sour & a double extra shot of nerds

you can also grip a Purple O slush w/ nerds or a smoke a blunt with sour & extra green apple flavoring 🏆

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oh man. It looks like Peri's the one holding onto Jasper. But she can't breathe underwater, so I don't know how long she could hold on. Jasper--it kind of looks like she's trying to keep hold, but probably hasn't gotten a good enough grip. Also, You're art is amazing and i'm invested in this story and this ship now. I love it.

fucking good enjoy their pain

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I was literly just about to write to you about how Jensen's arm bypasses two people to make sure he's touching Jared also hes like gripping Jareds shirt and pulling it (if jared was in a normal V neck we'd be seeing collarbone). And if you follow jareds back arm it's either somewhere on D's midback or Jensen's hip/side.

its totally on jenny’s hip/side/BUTT bc honestly when arent those two touching in pics??? like they ALWAYS find a way 


And this is Selenite. :3

Her gem is in her eye. Her hair is made up of very thin fibers of her crystal. They’re clear when in strands, but bunched up together they become white. She also grips her hair when she’s nervous.

More new purchases!

  • Bought some “DC Blocks”. They were a bit pricey but they’re pretty much indestructible. Will be using for block pulls, deficits, box squats, as a step up platform, etc. so it has a TON of uses
  • Also just bought a multi grip bar from Rogue Fitness. The thing looks freaking awesome and it’ll be great for my clients with shoulder problems for pressing.
  • Finally got 495lbs of 45′ers coming in tomorrow! All cast iron, none of that plastic or weird rubber crap

Unfortunately still waiting on them to stock up on the mats for the platform I bought so for now that’s just a frame. It’s not THAT bad but it just looks weird.



+ work was same old. So happy it’s the weekend!

+ snuck to the gym at lunch. Super sweaty.



3x: 300m row, 10 kb dead lifts and 10 goblet squats

5x3 heavy deads at 235#


4x 3 min AMRAP w/ 1:30 rest in between each

1 rope climb (18ft!)
3 dead lifts at 205#.

Woowww this was very high in the air and also very grip intensive. I got 4-3-3-3 rounds each AMRAP. It was a good workout. The deads were supposed to be unbroken but I had to go to singles by like the second half of the second amrap.

+ food- b- green smoothie (almond butter, almond milk, kale, coconut water, apple) l- carrots. Leftover crab legs and a bit of trout…mmm. Some grapes. D- homemade meat loaf, grilled veggies. Desert (not gunna lie. Not whole 30). Coco bliss pure coconut ice cream.

+ then ran a bunch of fun errands for my best friends upcoming bridal shower!!!! Went to the florist, anthropologie, Rona (we are building a harvest table!!), and then got fresh manis (and some flowers for ourselves, duh) with my bestie! Also- new kinfolk out! Friday’s rule.

+ I’m in a really good mood. My boyfriend told me some really really exciting news today and I am beyond excited. Life is so special and it feels sooo soo good for my future to become more clear with my masters, T, etc. I am a happy girl.

Happy weekend!

“ Wow yer really are light as a toy Goldilocks. Ya really should fuckin’ Eat more!—OW!” He let go of the other and just dropped him on the couch carelessly.

[This motherfucker.] The blond thought while also trying to grip on the couch properly and not slip off. ‘‘Light as a toy, you say.’‘ Without a warning, the blond got up from couch and tackled the other on the floor. ‘‘And you are so heavy, oh my.’‘ Getting up, he dusted his knees while glaring down at the other. ‘‘Go fuck yourself.’‘

Guys, I know you’re excited, but that picture of Obama and Biden running around with rainbow flags is photoshopped. You can see it if you look around near Obama’s elbow and Biden’s shoulder (you can see some of the background of the original photo.) Also their grips on the flags are weird, indicating to me the flags were put in (no one holds a flag at the very end of the pole or with their fingertips.)

Sorry to be a spoilsport, but it was really bugging me that people were reblogging it and acting like it was real.

Why the seahorse's tail is square
San Diego CA (SPX) Jul 05, 2015

Why is the seahorse’s tail square? An international team of researchers has found the answer and it could lead to building better robots and medical devices. In a nutshell, a tail made of square, overlapping segments makes for better armor than a cylindrical tail. It’s also better at gripping and grasping. Researchers describe their findings in the July 3 issue of Science. “Almost all anim

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July 05, 2015 at 07:54PM