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"But it’s also true that his profile has never, ever been higher. And, well, you can thank someone else for that. Her name is Taylor Swift. And Tom Hiddleston will be benefitting from their association for long, long time. So remember that when you keep sh-tting on her for whatever role it was that you think she played in the hype around their relationship." From Lainey's column today!! She has a point, too!!



Oh you all know me and my MyCharas.. I have made a profile template for Aikatsu MyCharas before, but recently more Pripara MyCharas are appearing in my twitter tl, so i made a Pripara one too!!

Please fill these in if you’d like!! I also have a Stage Profile template if you want to fill that in too~

The first image is transparent!! so that you can choose your own background, I have collected some priticket backgrounds from my videos and scaled them up for your convenience~ theyre over at this google drive folder.

i’ve filled the profiles for my characters! here they are, please read them as an example ww

Send me yours if you use these templates because id love to hear about your character ‘7′ !!!


INGENIOUS, right?!? 😏
Full video recipe (link also in profile):
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Nouveau Ancestors

Well, these took approximately a million years.  But hey, they’re done now, and I learned a lot long the way.  Unfortunately, I also lost the original order I wanted to put them in after they were paired up..  Oh well, first and last are still the same.


ultimate dragon age meme: five mages (3/5)


“We will fight for a world where our children can be born mages and free. Ten years, a hundred years from now, someone like me will love someone like you, and there will be no templars to tear them apart.”

{2/} edits of my little prince // suho + side profile ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)