If We Lay a Strong Enough Foundation

After discovering her pregnancy, Emma vows to make the most of things, not just with her pregnancy, but also Killian.  

A/N- This prompt actually came from my husband, who prompted me to write about Emma discovering she was pregnant for the entirety of 5b. So, here’s to you, panda bear. 


“…and Prince Charles and Princess Leia danced around the ballroom, both forgetting their mission in hopes of spending another minute in each other’s arms.”

Emma felt a flutter in belly as she recounted the story of her and Killian’s first dance, the once recorded in Henry’s storybook. She’d read that at around twenty-five weeks, the fetus would begin to respond to familiar voices. She was delighted to find it to be true, her developing daughter moving about with each word she read.

When Emma had been pregnant with Henry, she’d done her best to ignore those sort of developmental milestones, unwilling to grow further attached to the infant she knew she would be unable to keep. She didn’t read pregnancy books, and paid little attention to the ultrasounds she’d received when ushered to the prison’s infirmary. Over the years, Emma grew to regret that ignorance, especially after Henry reemerged into her life.

She vowed not to make the same mistake the second time around.

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How to determine if your ship is the ultimate OTP of OTPs

• Endgame from the start
• Leading power couple
• Their actors are the biggest shippers to ever ship the ship
• A ship so canon they fired a canon while sailing a ship together
• Even the villains ship them
• Christina Perri wrote a song and dedicated it to them
• You also ship Princess Leia and Prince Charles

Once Upon A Time 4x02 "White Out" Recap

Spoilers Ahead

This week’s episode fortified and built strong relationships impeccably while once again reminding us how vital it is to fight for the things we want most without ever giving up. 

Enchanted Forest Flashbacks: Kristoff had given Anna, Charming’s name as the one person he’s known in the Enchanted Forest and Anna ends up playing vital role in his life. When Bo Peep (Robin Weigert) comes to collect her debt, Anna inspires Charming to actually fight for what’s rightfully theirs. Not exactly as sweet and friendly like the one in Toy Story is she? However, it’s not until after Anna’s held captive by Bo Peep where Charming packs up the courage, and wins the impossible fight against Bo Peep and her men.

Modern Day Storybrooke: Persistent to find her sister Elsa puts up an ice wall and traps the entire residents of Storybrooke, but what she doesn’t expect to do is play a part in Emma freezing to death. Charming and Hook team up to both find Anna, and save Emma, meanwhile the exhausted new mother, Snow attempts to save the town from a blackout as her first duties as Mayor.

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anonymous asked:

Emma getting to meet Liam! And also Milah! Being able to gain real insight into her love's past! Is this a dream?!

It’s like A&E read all the CS fan fiction and then each season they decide which of our shipper dreams to fulfill!

Honestly, I never thought it could get any better than the S3 Finale when they gave us Emma below deck on the Jolly with two Hooks!  As if that wasn’t enough they threw in:

  • jealous!Hook punching out his past self for making out with with Emma.
  • wench!Emma seducing Captain Hook
  • Lieutenant Ducking (in the form of Princess Leia and Prince Charles)

Then there was S4!

  • Domestic Captain Swan
  • Hook with two Hands
  • Hook in modern clothing
  • virgin!Hook being seduced by pirate!Emma. 

Now here we are in S5 anon…and it’s more fan fiction come to life:  

  • Dark Captain Swan? Check!
  • How about proof that Hook would choose Emma over Milah? Let’s have them all meet up in the Underworld to settle it once and for all!
  • Oh and you want Liam back? LOL - careful what you wish for ladies because he’s back and he’s in modern clothing…and not only does he get to meet Killian’s True Love but also Henry!

And we still don’t know the state of things in the Underworld. Is Hook himself? Does he have all his memories? Will we get to see a cursed version of him? Will he fall in love with Emma all over again?????

This season is filled with so many goodies already. And I’m beyond excited by the possibilities that may come from Killian Jones’s loved ones - past and present meeting up.