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Do you have any recommendations for contemporary pieces to learn for an intermediate player?

That’s hard. I always suggest you start with Density 21.5 by Varese, because it’s kinda where every one starts for contemporary flute (unless you’re me :P).  Also check out Ian Clarke, he has a lot of pieces for the less experienced contemporary player. It’s hard to really tell you where to start because I don’t know your level or your comfort level with contemporary flute/performance.  If you have a teacher I would talk to them about it.

#thebrightsessions cast all together! Sadly missing @mcquownz but introducing the fab @alexmarshallbrown !

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A lil watercolour comicythingy I did of one of my favourite Hidden Route scenes! ^-^

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Gallavich prompt: Mickey calling Ian pet names, especially 'honey' and 'babe'.

Title: Thug Muffin and Pumpkin Pie

Summary: Canon up to 4x11. Ian and Mickey are alone in their apartment on the North Side of Chicago, and they finally have the freedom to try out something new.


This morning, Mickey was the first to wake up between the two of them, which gave him the opportunity to gaze upon this wonderful redhead laying down behind him. His eyes were closed as he remained in his peaceful slumber, and Mickey wouldn’t be surprised if he mistook the man for a painting in a Chicago art museum. That’s how mesmerizing the man was to him.

And yes, Mickey did have these free-flowing feelings running through his veins right now. Of course, he was out of his father’s home. Granted, he wasn’t as far away from the Milkovich house as he wanted to be, but at least he didn’t have to worry about Terry hunting the busy Chicago streets just to find him. He made sure Mandy was reminded to not tell Terry his whereabouts in the event he got released earlier than he was scheduled to. Mandy even reminded their brothers that in the event that one of them just so happened to let the idea slip their minds. Mickey trusted Mandy enough to keep their whereabouts a secret, and Mandy planned on making it her mission to keep her brother and her best friend safe. They were the two people in her life who mattered the most.

Mickey trained his eyes on Ian’s short, red hair. The light coming from the windows in their bedroom illuminated the younger man’s long locks, making them almost sparkle in the morning sun. Mickey couldn’t honestly believe he was cooped up with the most attractive guy from the South Side of Chicago. He might as well be dreaming.

He slowly lowered his lips onto Ian’s cheek, giving the younger man the softest kiss ever imaginable, and such a light yet powerful touch was all Ian needed to finally pierce open his eyes. All he could see was Mickey facing him – blue eyes directed at green – and the annoyance Ian was feeling towards the sun for a second or two went away as he gazed upon his boyfriend in front of him. He couldn’t help but smile in response because Mickey was being incredibly adorable for no reason this morning.

Not that Ian was complaining nor would he actually tell him that.

“Mornin’ Mick,” the redhead croaked, stretching his body a little bit to release some of the kinks that had been stuck in his body since he had been resting in the same position for about nine hours or so.

Mickey watched Ian stretch a little bit before he leaned back over to his face, whispering into his ear before placing another kiss onto Ian’s cheek. “Mornin’, babe.”

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Breaks is a webcomic by Emma Vieceli @inkytasty and Malin Ryden- queerspeculativefiction @breakscomic

The characters in the Pic are Cort ( Cortland Hunt) and Ian (Ian Tanner)

You can support the comic at:

Also bonus runner Ian for those of you with pale partners who are held together by freckles during summer.