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July 20th, day 5 nurseydex week prompt: hurt/comfort

[SORRY THIS IS SO LATE GUYS it was a long day]

“I’ll be back later,” Dex tells him, slinging his bag over his shoulder. No practice today, but Dex has an early class. Normally he doesn’t mind morning classes – years of working and living in Maine enforced an early to bed/early to rise mentality so fierce he can’t knock it even on off-season. Not even for Christmas. But he’s making a bit of an exception today and allowing himself to want to stay at the Haus, in bed with his boyfriend. Because it’s Nursey. And for Nursey, he’ll always make an exception.

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what about sterek + some good ol' clothes sharing? <3

sorry this is so late, charlie my pal! but i hope you like it <3 

It was the middle of the night and Derek couldn’t take his eyes off of his husband’s form, still sitting on the back porch, staring up into the sky. It had been years, he knew, but time had been good to Stiles. Derek couldn’t recall a single day passing by where he hadn’t admired how absolutely beautiful Stiles was.

And in Derek’s sweater, large on his smaller figure, Stiles looked like an angel, basking in the glow from the moonlight.

Derek shifted his weight from one foot to the other, leaning against the window pane for more support. With his hands crossed over his chest, he gave himself a few more minutes. He wanted to close his eyes, to take a deep breath in and release the tension from the day, something he expected to feel. Instead, he felt at peace.

“Are you just going to stand there?” Stiles’ voice called out to him. Like a moth drawn to a flame, Derek found his body pulled by Stiles’ mere presence, an inexplicable force calling out to him.

Derek smiled, sitting down right next to Stiles. “Sorry, I got distracted.” He put his arm around Stiles and tucked him into Derek’s side.

Leaning his head on Derek’s shoulder, Stiles snickered, “By what? Your shadow?” Derek turned his head to mock-glare. That had happened only once—by accident—when he forgot that the porch lights, along with the cracks in the wood, made weird shapes, twisting the shape of his shadow into something unrecognizable. Seeing it, Derek had yelped and with his alpha instincts, roared at it.

Stiles had driven himself mad with laughter.

“That happened once, alright?” He pouted, pressing his lips to the side of Stiles’ head. “No, I was just thinking about how good you look in my sweater.”

“Good, huh?” Stiles teased. Despite his cheeky disposition, Derek caught the flush on Stiles’ cheeks, barely visible in the darkness of the night. “I would think I look exquisite.”

“You’re just too much,” Derek sighed.

“Yeah,” Stiles grinned, “but you love me.”

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is there anything wrong with bassist using (or not using) picks? i've seen some that do and some that don't and i don't know what's the standard

honestly, i think it just comes down to comfort. i personally think that picking is more comfortable with my fingers because i have more control over them, whether it’s a guitar or a bass. BUT not using picks doesn’t make you a better bassist than someone that uses picks. so yea, there’s nothing wrong with it and alex james fucks with both so.

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For the ask meme ! I'm wearing a shirt that says loud and proud in rainbow colors so I'm thinking about Alec and pride 💞💞💞 Matthew said Alec wouldn't ready for pride but I'm gay and if I was out I would IMMEDIATELY go to a damn pride I feel like Alec would too and also with such a proud bi bf 😍 (all I want is proud gay Alec on the show/in general but idk if we'll get it :/) have a gay day!!!

I hope you’re having the gayest day possible, love, in every sense of the word. 💜💜💜

Alec stands in front of the bathroom mirror. Shoulders tense. Hands resting on the sink. Taking it all in. It’s not as though it’s really that much, now that it’s done. It had felt more extensive when he was putting the pieces together. Now, it feels more subdued. Well, maybe not subdued, but certainly less intense. His eyeliner may be thick - metallic gold, shining and sparkling in the light as he angles his face - but that’s the only makeup he’s wearing. Technically there’s also the rainbow flag painted on his cheek, but that’s different. That doesn’t feel like ‘makeup’. There’s glitter in his hair. The spray can had said it was rainbow, but in actual practice, it looks more like a colorful blur. He’s sure the whole rainbow is in there, but it’s all swirled together. Just a glittery mess of colors. He’d been shown dozens of t-shirts for him to choose from, but after several weeks of consideration, he’s picked ‘Loud & Proud’. Altogether, it’s really not that much. But it’s still…

It’s certainly more than he’s used to. Magnus has gotten him some little rainbow flag keepsakes over the past few months, but those are different. They’re more… detached. This is all right here. Right on his body. It’s more noticeable than he’s used to being. It’s not like no one has noticed - he’s fairly sure that stopping his own wedding to kiss Magnus in front of the entire Institute got that point across pretty damn well. People know. Alec knows people know. But this feels different. It’s brighter, in the very literal sense, yeah, but in the metaphorical sense too. It’s… happier. It’s happy. He’s happy.

“Knock, knock.” Magnus sneaks in the doorway, finally pulling Alec away from his own reflection. He’s added the finishing touches to his own outfit and… and it’s slightly more involved than Alec’s. His hair and makeup aren’t necessarily any more intense than usual, but his outfit picks up the slack. A pink shirt, with big text: ‘I’m Not Gay, But My Boyfriend Is’ (just in case Alec’s outfit didn’t already make it clear enough). Purple shorts that are… short. They’re very short. Distractingly short. And blue heels - high enough that Alec doesn’t know how he’s gonna survive an entire day in them. It’s all coordinated, all carefully thought through. Outfit, hair, makeup, nail polish (fingers and toes), jewelry, all of it. He stands next to Alec, faces the mirror with him. And he smiles at their reflections, warm and bright. “Ready?”

Alec doesn’t actively make the decision to smile. But after a few seconds of seeing Magnus look at him like that, well, he can’t really help it. He takes another moment to look himself over. Look Magnus over. Look himself over again, one last time. And he takes Magnus’s hand. “Yeah. Let’s do this.”

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Day 14 - Once Upon a Time
Aki from my Fantasy AU that’s in the works, coming to a near you who knows when


If you watch them for long enough, they end up catching eachother staring again


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