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Cute things the demons + Rin, Yukio, Bon, Shima, Angel and Lewin would tell their s/o :)

Sorry for how this looks, I will update it next time I have access to my laptop :3
This will be the most cheesy thing ever! *-*
I love cheesy romance.
Sorry that I didn’t write so many things to some of them bc I simply didn’t know what to add anymore.


  • “I want you in every kind of way. I just want you with me.”
  • “Feel appreciated my darling, you are.”
  • “You make me happy with only your existance and that means so much to me.”
  • “You look perfectly fine today.”
  • “I know I can be a jerk sometimes, but I hope you also know that I love you with all of my heart.”
  • “I would do anything for you.”
  • “I’m forever yours”
  • “I love you and nothing will ever change that”
  • “You’re the most beautiful person without make up I’ve ever seen.”
  • “I never want to lose you.”
  • “If I ever make you cry I want you to know that it hurts me more than it hurts you.”
  • “I would always choose you over everyone.”

(if this is true is another thing, because I do not trust Renzou, especially not when it comes to love but he would say this, lie or not)


  • “Where have you been all my life?”
  • “You’re less annoying than all the other people.”
  • “I love you, you are my treasure.”
  • “You know how much you mean to me, never ever question that please.”
  • “Don’t do something stupid, I need you and I won’t ever risk losing you.”
  • “Don’t ever question how beautiful you are.”
  • “Y/N I’m scared that Okumura kid likes you…” 
  • “You are perfect.”
  • “I hope your day was beautiful and I hope if it wasn’t, the people who ruined it better run fast.”
  • “You’re mine.”
  • “Pls be safe Y/N.”


  • “For you I would take a bath.”
  • “You’re obviously the most precious thing on earth.”
  • “You move me and turn my world upside down like nobody else ever did.”
  • “I’m willing to change everything for you.”
  • “Believe me, you are worth everything you want.”
  • “If I could, I’d give you everything a man could give the love of his life.”
  • “It surprises me every time, how beautiful you are.”
  • “I miss you so much, when we’re apart, Angel even started getting mad about it.”


  • “Forever is a long time, but with you every second seems to be worth as much as a thousand lives without you.”
  • “I could spend every day of eternity with you and it would still be the same perfect thing it is today.”
  • “If I ever find myself without you, I’ll sure be dead, because I don’t think there’s a life after you.”
  • “Maybe this world isn’t as unfair as I thought, because it brought me you.”
  • “You are the proof for god’s existance.”
  • “You’re my life, I hope you know and I hope I’ll never forget to show it.”
  • “If you’re ever unsatisfied with me, I failed, because the original plan was to make you the happiest person in both Assiah and Gehenna.”
  • “How can you even love someone like me? I’m a demon! I’m dangerous! I could hurt you.”
  • “As long as you’re with me, everythings going to be alright.”
  • “You’re a part of me now.”
  • “I always thought this world was cruel, sad and unfair because the most important thing in my life was missing. And that was you.”
  • “Without you ‘Love’ is just a word.”
  • “I will love you forever, I can promise.”
  • “I’m Lucifer, King of Light, but I’m nothing without my queen.”


  • “I thought love didn’t exist but then you came and made it the most real thing in the whole universe.”
  • “Need something, love? I’ll get you everything you want ⭐”
  • “You don’t even know how much I enjoy being with you.”
  • “I’m pretty sure that this time I’m in it for the long haul.”
  • “If you want to please me, you’re doing a very good job.”
  • “Let me know if there is anything I can do, to make my princess happy ⭐”
  • “You’re really too good for this world.”
  • “You must know…I didn’t know I could have such a huge crush on someone.”
  • “Are you sure that being as beautiful as you are isn’t a crime already?”

YUKIO OKUMURA (isn’t quite one for cheesy quotes):

  • “You have to promise me to be safe, because I couldn’t forgive myself if you were hurt.”
  • “I’m afraid that I might not be able to show you the love you deserve…”
  • “I miss you so much every time you’re not there.”
  • “If someone ever asks me what perfection is, I’ll tell him about you.”
  • “You keep me sane when I think I’m going crazy.”
  • “It’s good to know, that there’s always someone you can lean on .”
  • “You’re my whole world.”
  • “I will never let you go I promise.”


  • “Aye Y/N, you’re so cute.”
  • *blushes* “I love you…”
  • “You’re really special to me.”
  • “You’re different from other people and I really appreciate that.”
  • “The best thing about you is, that you encourage me in doing what I want when everyone else would say it’s bullshit.”
  • “You are incomparable to anyone.”
  • “You look so pretty today.”


  • “You’re the sweetest candy I’ve ever tasted.”
  • *pokes cheek* “I love how cute you are.”
  • “Someday I’ll marry you, okay?”


  • “I love everything about you. Even your mistakes. Everything.”
  • “Do you mind staying with me forever?”
  • “You’re the closest to heaven that I’ll ever be.”
  • “I always thought I had everything. But then I met you.”
  • “You’re my everything.”
  • “I feel like I never understood what life truly means until I had you to show me.”
  • “It may be that the world doesn’t only turn around you but my world does definitely.”
AoS 4x22 Thoughts

All right.

 So, after last night’s AoS season finale, I’ve seen a lot of Chicken Little-ing going on around the FitzSimmons fandom. And while I see why people are disappointed, I thought I’d share reasons why I don’t think it’s as dire as some others. Whether people care to read them is another thing entirely, but I’ve included them below the cut to help people stay spoiler free for the season four finale.

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Can I have some advice? I was recently called out on being racist for saying that AOS demoted Nyota from an strong, intelligent, independent character to Spock's love interest. I just at want to know, was she right? feel absolutely terrible if I was promoting racism, but as a member of the LGBT community I feel robbed of a couple that's been icons to sci fi loving members of the LGBT community like myself. Her argument was that she went Scotty's (a side characters)love interest to Spock's.

No, you are not racist.

Originally posted by gfycat

The pairing was forced.

F. O. R. C. E. D.


It was implied earlier in the first movie that Jim had a liking to her. And she didn’t seem interested in him as seen. AND SHE DIDN’T BLINK WHEN GAILIA WAS NAKED. Which means she is not straight. And sorry for not replying earlier I was watching I wish for Jeanie tv show. Anyway, Star Trek promotes diversity and independence. These insulting fans do not promote this.  Turning  Nyota into a love interest for Spock made her feel like she was only there for his emotions and yanking them out WHEN NO, JIM WAS MADE FOR THAT. He takes them out, safely, without doing it forcefully and those light touches. He doesn’t smog Spock in a kiss right after he lost his damn planet. Which is insulting BECAUSE HE SHOULD SPEND IT IN A HUG NOT A KISS. Spock deserves time alone with a loss like that in the first 24 hours without people demanding that he express grief. Everyone grieves differently, Spock included. Jim carefully extracts them around Spock when he intends not to extract emotions. McCoy is the one who is all “HEY, POINTY EARED COMPUTER, CATCH THIS FRISBEE!” And Spock getting hit by it and not emoting. Spock either amused or flattered.

Which is a hilarious scenario with poor Spock.

NYOTA UHURA IS A STRONG, INTELLIGENT, INDEPENDENT WOMAN NOT MADE JUST FOR THE SAKE OF A MAN’S CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. IT’S THE OPPOSITE OF WHY SHE WAS MADE AND A DISGRACE TO HER CHARACTER. She was essentially robbed of being her own independent character for 2 movies with scenes that didn’t revolve AROUND SPOCK OF ALL PEOPLE.  Until Pegg wrote her right (god bless Pegg and Jones). Until that movie, she was only known as Spock’s girlfriend in those two movies. If they could accurately write a relationship between  Spock and Uhura without turning her into “Spock;s development” then I will be perfectly fine. Racism is saying “No, you can’t do that because you are colored” I don’t know why everyone thinks being racist is splitting apart a disgusting, horrible betrayal of both LGBT+ icons and putting them to their rightful pairing. Jim and Spock are not white people, SPOCK IS GREEN and JIM IS WHITE.


Does anyone not realize how humans in star trek were probably racist as fuck toward Vulcans before the united federation of planets were established? How Vulcans were treated by bigots, racists, bipobic, homophic, and people of all kind until they were brought together by space? And got over their differences? I have to admit, in star trek there are still likely some xenophobic people who do not represent humanity because THESE XENOPHOBIC people are the minority. Consider how T’Pol and Tripp dealt with becoming a couple on Earth, holding hands, and the stares they probably got onN Earth. I had to bring this argument up because they are both two different colors. Humans are pink/white. Vulcans are green. Do you see my analogy? Spock is not green in AOS for some stupid reason that I don’t know why. Now to the next pairing that is interacial relationship!

Nyota Uhura and Christine Chapel share a interracial W/W relationship. Christine Chapel appeared in the first star trek aos movie in the background as does Geoffrey M’Benga. They are a canon couple according to star trek tos episodes. Nyota values beauty over male attraction. She also kissed Christine on the lips. She also called T’Pring lovely. AND OH, NEED I SAY THE LOOK SHE GAVE JANICE IN CHARLIE X EPISODE?

So wonderfully gay. <3

Scotty and Uhura, in TOS movie, were brought together because they are sweet and I think Shatner probably forgot about Christine or–wait, he does not ever watch anything with him inside in it so there is a good chance he didn’t watch TOS and went off his memory. It was the logical thing to do on his part. But either way, they were cute and they were relatable. Dedicated to their job. They were married to their job. They represent people who were in the same career who gradually fell in love over decades. I consider that timeline with Uhotty as something that happens in the canonically TNG prime timeline due to Tryla Scott. Nyota and Christine probably raised Tryla’s grandparent when Scotty was stuck in the transporter. Scotty and Uhura started out as friends. One pairing is not interested in the captain and loves the ship but also cares too much about his friend Nyota. Nyota cares about her teddy bear engineer, very, very much. She is bisexual in that timeline. The other pairing, captained by James T. Kirk, is highly in love with Spock and the ship.  And is pansexual.

If I sound insulting, please tell me because I do not mean to. 


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So can you do a little bit on what rin would do if he and his S/O went on a date? Like what would he wear, where would they go, flowers or no? Would he bring his S/O a gift? Etc.

Originally posted by yuukibutterfly

  • It would probably be his first girl/boyfriend 
  • And his first date
  • So he’d be hella nervous
  • He’d take them to a nice cafe or restaurant
  • And maybe also to Mephhyland or the arcade either before or after eating
  • He probably wouldnt bring any flowers or a gift because he’s forgetful like that
  • If it was Shiemi or someone he knew loved flowers he might bring them some just because they know they like flowers
  • If he didn’t know them much he’d probably not bring anything
  • Rin doesn’t see the need to dress up so he’d just wear something casual, but clean and fresh
  • Something typical and average 
  • Something non constricting and easy to move freely in
  • He would pay attention to what food you order
  • So he can take into account your favourite flavours
  • So next time he can make you a delicious meal
  • He would be thinking about wanting to hold your hand
  • But would be to shy to ask or to just do it
  • So he just awkwardly keeps his hand available incase you wanna hold it
  • If it were cold he’d give you his jacket
  • He’d pay for everything 
  • Not because he believes in sex roles
  • Just because he’s trying to be nice
  • If you’d been dating a while he may bring you a gift
  • Just something small but cute
  • He doesn’t have a ton of money and he feels really bad about that 
  • Because he wants to give you everything
  • But he can only give you everything he has
  • Even when you reassure him he’s still a little sensitive about it
  • He’d totally wanna get a milkshake with two straws and drink it with you in a cafe
  • But would’t ask that on the first date, maybe the fifth or something?
  • Despite how much he wants to, he also would not kiss you on the first date
  • He’d probably wear something like this, the sorta thing he usually wears, or maybe a little tidier but he wouldn’t dress formally unless you were going somewhere really nice, but even then he’d probably ‘Rinify’ himself a bit

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are you still doing headcanons? can i have all of them for aomine?? and for the question can you do yandere!aomine headcaons?

☾ - sleep headcanon
★ - sad headcanon
  • He’s pouting without realizing it and his eyes are softer and more rounded than his usual sharp yet indifferent glances. Does that even make sense? lmao
  • But people usually notice his furrorwed eyebrows more, so they all think he’s especially mad that day when it’s quite the opposite.
  • He also doesn’t argue back as much when Momoi tries to convince him to go to practice or wants him to go shopping with her.
  • He probably thinks he’ll feel better if he plays some basketball but he’s strangely not in the mood so he just stares at the basketball at his feet and wonders why he’s feeling this way.
☆ - happy headcanon
  • He smiles a lot more and is more talkative which is weird because it’s AOMINE, for crying out loud. Although, he probably talks about Horika Mai-chan half the time.
  • He’s also going all-out at basketball practice
  • After that, he ended still wanting to play basketball and probably coincidentally wandered into the same street court that Kagami and Kuroko were at. Of course they play basketball.
☠ - angry/violent headcanon
  • He has this really scary look on his eyes, and it really makes you feel like he’s really looking DOWN on you.
  • He isn’t afraid to get in trouble for picking a fight either, so whoever made him angry will probably have to watch their backs for a while.
  • He usually only gets this when someone goes too far and harms other people, his friends, and himself.
✿ - Sex headcanon
  • He is a male.
  • OH wait! You mean that isn’t what you meant by that? Oops.
  • Wellp… I don’t really get too nsfw but he loves it, that’s for sure.
  • And he’s probably the one who always initiates it and he’s defintiely the dominant one.
■ -  Bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon
  • It’s a mess.
  • He doesn’t really bother cleaning unless his mom or Satsuki tell him off.
  • In fact, his constant mess makes Momoi wonders how he could live in his own dump, to be honest. It makes her feel like she’s gonna have to look after him forever.
♡ - romantic headcanon
  • He’s very confident of himself and his ability to impress whoever he has his eye set on.
  • In dating, he’s the surprisingly thoughtful kind of person who would bring flowers and maybe even chocolate or something.
  • Momoi probably helped him a lot with coming up with dating ideas with his S/O, so he would actually do well and all his relationships would surprisingly last long for someone who seems to only date girls for fun or physical appearance. In his case it’s bust-wise.
  • Even if he’s the type of person who would date girls for fun, when he actually found someone who he was truly interested in, those kind or relationships would last a lot longer (like more than a couple months probably!) because he’d probably show his S/O a side of him rarely seen: That he—*GASP*—actually cares!
  • However, he doesn’t ever dial down his pervertedness, much to his S/O’s embarrassment.
♥ - family headcanon
  • If ever he feels the need to settle down and start a family of his own, you’ll find that he’s surprisingly good with kids? Even though he’s the type of guy who would think that kids are too much work or just does’t like them at all.
  • However, he has a nasty habit of calling thins as he sees it, so when his kids ever ask him about the birds and the bees, his S/O needs to interfere… quickly.
  • Would be a great dad! His kids, whether girl or boy, would —at first—think that their dad is extremely cool.
  • Come his kids teen years, his daughter might think he’s embarrassing because he always calls things as they are, while his son would probably go to him for girl advice. Bad idea, Ao-mini!
☮ - friendship headcanon
  • He cares about his friends, but doesn’t really show it and acts indifferent.
  • If you’re his friend, you’ll probably have to babysit him and go around looking for him 99% of the time.
  • But be rest assured that he will be a very loyal, protective friend who has your back.
♦ - quirks/hobbies headcanon
  • Well, his hobbies are obvious: taking naps, reading gravure magazines, and basketball.
  • SORRY NOT A HEADCANON BUT I REALIZE THAT NOT MANY PEOPLE HAVE READ THIS The Characters Bible also mentioned that he loves caatching crayfish (probably in the summer when there’s plenty by the river) and other small animals.
  • And apparently he likes to write his own autobiography? Okay, Aomine.
  • So yeah he’s definitely the outdoors type and loves fishing, camping, and all that.
☯ - likes/dislikes headcanon
  • Likes: gravure, dogs, basketball.
  • Dislikes: when Satsuki wakes him up from his naps, when someone brings a bad name to basketball, when he loses to Kagami lol.
▼ - childhood headcanon
  • According to Momoi, he was a huge crybaby at losing— Like when he was little, he used to lose to a lot of “strong” people in streetball.
  • His basketball style and love of the outdoors is the same as it was when he was a kid, except he’s a lot more rowdy in either.
  • When he was little, he loved looking for weird bugs and one time, while fishing, he yelled about how he would raise these small crayfish he found into “HUGE LOBSTERS/SHRIMP” or something like that. What a dork.
  • I like to think that when Aomine was little, the way he actually became interested in basketball was by watching a bunch of kids play it on the streets when walking home with Momoi.
  • He thought this one guy looked really cool and the next day he tried imitating what he did with the large orange ball that they bounced around and pretty soon he was rockin’ some sweet street ball skills of his own.
∇ -. old age/aging headcanon
  • He’s especially prickly towards everyone and everything that annoys him.
  • He would probably be that somewhat cool-ish old man down the street who would totally look like he’s too old to be playing basketball so when some arrogant street ball player challenges him when he comments on his dirty tactics, G-Pa Aomine completely destroys him.
  • So basically, Aomine—even at his old age—would be basketball af.
♒ - cooking/food headcanon
  • Instead of just watching food channels, he began learning how to actually cook since Momoi’s cooking was really poisonous and deadly.
  • He totally got mad nd annoyed at the fact that Kagami can cook better than him.
  • He’ll probably never get over it, tbh.
☼ - appearance headcanon
  • He tends to pick clothes based on comfort rather than style, but he’s surprisingly good at balancing the latter in without knowing it.
  • In the summer, he likes wearing muscle shirts and basketball shorts.
  • And let’s be honest here: Aomine’s probably had that black winter coat since forever.
ൠ - random headcanon
  • Aomine’s dirty little secret is that he loves those J-Pop boybands and when he was a little younger—say, the early Teikō days—he would try to copy all their moves but it never worked up so he gave up. He gradually listened to them less but once in a while, that one song will pop up and he will remember.
◉ - Any other question of your choosing Yandere!Aomine
  • Extremely protective of his S/O.
  • He always has to walk her home and every with his arm wrapped around her at all times.
  • Every time a guy talks to his S/O, he has to pop up and point out that _____ is his.

Sorry about the last few Yandere ones! I only the default “anime personality” types, but I think that’s what yandere is sorta like? I can’t write that good omg >.<

Icing and Beer (part 2/?)

Skimmons neighbours AU. Part 2 to the Moving In series. Skye moves in next to Jemma. (part 1 here)
This time dedicated to a kind anon, thank you for sending me a message.

After two days of unpacking both with and without her super cute neighbour, Skye can finally say she moved in. She’s made it. Her house still smells like fresh paint and it smells like the cold, because her windows are open twenty-four seven in order to get that paint smell out. But it’s home.

She got her desk set up in the back near the window, the Hulk mug standing next to it. She grins foolishly, remembering the way Jemma looked every time drinking from it with a smear of paint on her cheek. It made her heart flutter, but it also made her a tiny bit sad. She had moved in, but that would also mean that she wasn’t exactly sure when she would see her again.

It takes her another two days before figuring that she really misses the woman, and strangely enough she also really misses Sarah, with her bubbly personality that is so alike her mother. She’ll go over there tonight, she decides; see if Jemma would maybe like to hang out.

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