Droughtlander Art Challenge
Week 22 - Yellow Dress Watercolor

Hi friends! Back from my travels as of 11pm last night! Here’s one last painting I did back in June as I recuperate. I was inspired to try watercolors again by @rachellbostick and her beautiful pieces! Excited to catch up on all I’ve missed these last two weeks! (It sounds like there’s been a lot!!)

Have a wonderful week! September’s a week closer!

Modern Zelink AU? Modern Zelink AU

@notsosilentprincess and me were chatting and SOMEHOW we came up with the most extra of zelink aus. HOLD ONTO YOUR BUTTS

  • link is a good boy from the country who goes to the city for uni
  • to help pay tuition he gets a job as a chauffeur for this rich lady’s daughter
  • the daughter is zelda, PLOTTWIST
  • link develops a dumb crush on her cause zelda is so nice, and smart, and pretty
  • he can’t do anything about it cause he needs his job
  • zelda, in fear that link would think of her as a rich asshole, does her best to be very friendly and nice to him
  • she tries to make conversation, and asks link about his day and his studies, she talks to him about her own studies and stuff
  • in turn, pining intensifies
  • link has a very vocal siamese rescue name navi
  • he shows zelda pics of her on his phone
  • zelda asks to meet her and link manages to bring navi for a ride one day, cause navi is a weirdly chill cat
  • zelda spends the drive cooing at navi and playing with her
  • link is dying on the driver’s seat
  • meanwhile, zelda has always been Too Focused™ to notice cute boys much
  • but THEN her plan to be very nice to her driver backfires 
  • cause link is not only Very Handsome, he’s cute, and funny, and so so smart, and kind, and not a jackass driver
  • zelda cannot handle this crush
  • they become very good friends despite their better judgement
  • and sometimes link stands in as zelda’s fake boyfriend so she can get out of set up dates her parents make for her
  • the first time it happened, he did it umpropted cause zelda’s date was douchey as hell
  • then it became a Thing
  • zelda and link are really dumb
  • (zelda’s mother may or may not have a grumpy pig named ganon who was supposed to be cute and teacup but is instead huge and very spoiled)
  • one day they’re celebrating a summer fellowship link got in the back of the limo
  • he gets tipsy for the first time….on fancy ass champagne
  • the limo is parked but that doesnt stop him from wooing from the roof like he’s seen in the movies
  • (link’s a dork but y’all know this already)
  • zelda is drinking champagne straight from the bottle and giggling at him
  • they fall asleep in the back seat and wake up kinda cuddling
  • it’s awkward and tense, but they move past it
  • when link graduates and leaves the job, zelda surprises him with a smooch 
  • that was link’s favorite graduation present BY FAR

Okay, I did Joseph’s romance and people, Mary is not the bad guy in that relationship. 

That’s a broken marriage for sure, but it sure as hell isn’t all on Mary. I have an urge to write a story about her, because I’m quite sure there are a lot of Dream Daddy players who are ready to run her out of town for what she’s doing to Joseph, but nuh-uh, it takes two. Joseph is absolutely complicit in that wreck.

anonymous asked:

hmm i'm not good with prompts but: one of the boys is having a horrible day for very trivial reasons (accidentally nicked himself shaving, slammed the door on his hand, phone died inconveniently etc) and then other tries help. cue: (DRUMROLL) SEX but with the one still halfheartedly grumpy

(read on AO3)

He wakes up slow, to an empty bed. He lays there for a few minutes, face half-buried in the pillow and making sure his breath comes steady, even. In half an hour he won’t even be able to really remember what he’d been dreaming about. No sense in dwelling on it.

He slept like shit, though—they got home late, after dealing with that annoying bitch of a naiad who’d been drowning guys on Lake Superior, and he hadn’t wanted to stay anywhere near water, just wanted to get back to their bed. His ribs are all bruised to shit, and his right wrist—he rotates it slowly, shuffling down the hall, and okay, maybe Sam’s right, maybe he did sprain it.

The kitchen’s empty, when he wanders in. No coffee in the pot, and no grounds left in the jar when he checks. Groceries kept slipping down the priority list, with the last few hunts they’ve been on. He looks into the nearly-empty fridge, holding his wrist up against his chest, vague unease still lapping slowly at the back of his mind. Maybe he can force Sam to make the run into town. Surely he must’ve earned a day off, by now.

When he heads into the library to try to wheedle Sam, though, it’s empty, too. He checks his watch—it’s already ten, so Sam ought to be back from a run if he took one, the freak, and—oh. A note, propped on Sam’s laptop. Got a tip on a grimoire in Topeka, it says, in Sam’s goofy handwriting. Home late. Dean drops the note on the table and sighs, rubbing his eyes with his good hand. Okay, so no lounging around with Sammy. He can get some stuff done, instead.

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me and my dad was watching Chopped and a commercial for Hannah Hart's tv show came on and i pointed it out and he said "she's gay right?" and i confirmed and the he responded with "you're going to be 18 soon, i wouldn't mind her as my daughter in law" i brushed it off and laughed but my dad lowkey knows im bi af but im not out yet and im sCreaminG, why is he so cute wowowowowow

i wish my dad didn’t hate the gays omg this is goals

Papyrus spending time with his new friend! Apparently, they’re not very familiar with the Nice Cream…

seriously, though, I’ve been thinking about this way too much


Papyrus befriends the Gaster Followers and occasionally hangs out with them, and they actually enjoy spending time with him since they’re lonely and all that;;

It’s just

too good

I’ve decided to hop onto the bandwagon and make a mayor ref!! 

♡ Mayor Citrine ♡

  • Loves plants!! She owns a plant shop and cares v much for her flowers!
  • Her town is her garden, she loves planting trees and bushes.
  • She likes to plant mushrooms and clovers everywhere.
  • Very neat, makes sure everything inside and outside is organized!
  • Her best friends are Stella and Baabara! She loves to read with them.
  • Likes to wear sweaters/cardigans and skirts!
  • She’s an early bird. Loves doing house/yard work between 5-6 a.m.
  • Likes to visit her twin sister’s boutique!!
  • Very kind mayor! She does many favors for everyone and makes sure Isabelle gets many breaks as she deserves. She loves all of her villagers and makes sure they’re happy and comfortable in her town of Nodrya! 

♡ Appearance ♡

  • Lottie’s bun - plays with her hair constantly, messy bun, undershave
  • Round glasses
  • Denim skirt 
  • Freckles! She’s always out in the sun! 
  • Birthmark on forehead - her twin has one on her chin! 
  • White socks + Brown pumps

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I DEMAND (politely request) MORE SOFT JOTAKAK PLEASE. (If you're still doing these.)

Your wish is my command~
Thanks for the request!! 
(slowly but surely working through ship requests!!!) 


I was tagged by @galaxytrotter to do this bias selfie tag ^^ thanks for tagging me ^^

I know no one asked but I will comment my selfies ( cause Tao’s selfies don’t need any comments, they’re already perfect ) ^^ So the first one shows me trying to make an aesthetic selfie but failing miserably ( also that is the face I make every time Tao says word swag ) and the second one is me matching with my child, Steph!!! ^^

I tag @7deer-ofthe-dawn7 @saranghaeyeols @1oveyoon @jungkookies-babygirl @sakura-gucci-panda @syondga @kais-daddy @kai-aaah @eau-de-low-budget @babypeachtaozii @chogiwapark @taos-left-eyelid @collateralllove @junmie and anyone that wants to do this ^^ You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to ^^

You guys, Dream Daddy is such a good game, it just makes me so happy! Now I gotta figure out who Elden would have a crush on.

I’ve been busy lately, but finally getting around to this.

“Once you get this, you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then you have to send this to ten of your favourite followers (non-negotiable, positivity is cool~)

1) I’m pretty creative? I like doing a lot of artsy things.

2) I’ve slowly gotten better with people. They still stress me out and I regret a lot during conversations, but I’ve actually been able to hang out with people without freaking out?

3)  My photography has gotten a lot better, and I actually love some of my photos!

4) I like how I’ve gotten a little better with Epic, and I’ve been able to fully accept that she will never be a good family dog. (There’s still way more to go and learn.)

5) Idk, I’m pretty good at hiding my feelings? And I can take a little bit more without breaking.

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Because this issue keeps coming back around, I thought I’d outline just a few of my thoughts, namely of the “ship and let ship” variety.

To begin with, let me just say that I don’t care care what anyone says about Christine Daaé. If someone thinks that Christine didn’t deserve Erik, or that Raoul is a jerk, or that Christine is a jerk, ultimately, it has zero effect on my life, because they’re imaginary. If reading these opinions upsets me, I can hit the back-button on the fic, block the blog, use any of the numerous filtering tools available to me, or just scroll past. 

As far as “romanticizing abuse,” well, for one, if someone is going to claim that these fics and metas substantively contribute to real-life abuse, they’re going to need to provide corroborated evidence of reading “bad” fic and meta causing a real person to enter a real abusive relationship. If there’s no documented evidence, only speculation, that argument can definitely be put to bed.

It’s also worth noting that it’s mostly women (likely mostly girls), the very people we’re supposed to be protecting, who are creating the “problematic” material. Now, I’m not straight, but from everything that I’ve been able to gather, having a powerful, mysterious man obsessed with you, with a dark past only you can heal through your love is a fairly common romantic and sexual fantasy for straight women. While there are always a minority of vulnerable people who can’t tell the difference between fiction and reality (see the cases of murderers inspired by The Catcher in the Rye), the vast majority of people can and are capable of engaging in a little fantasizing and roleplaying.

For example, anyone who’s been on my blog knows that I’m kind of, sort of mildly obsessed with La Carlotta. As much as I gush about how much I love her, I also know that in real life I probably wouldn’t want to date a woman who’s domineering, rude, short-tempered, and self-centered. But, the fantasy is fun, and I have enough respect for everyone I interact with to trust that I don’t have to constantly specify that I know this is bad in real life.

Fandom is a silly hobby we do in our off-time. None of us has to be each other’s mom. We don’t have to police what  content other people create or consume. If you don’t like it, it’s incredibly easy to avoid it. Feel free to complain about characterizations you don’t like: I do it all the time. But don’t act like any of us is a moral authority that gets to decide what content is bad and problematic and should be expunged.

Remember the three golden rules of fandom (and phandom): Ship and Let Ship, Your Kink is Not My Kink, and Don’t Like; Don’t Read. And, above all, be excellent to each other.

Public Service Announcement

Hey guys, Cubbi here!

I wanna alert y'all on something that’ll be affecting this blog.

By 2018, I’ll officially be leaving tumblr. I’ve picked this date since it’s so far away and it’ll give you guys a big enough heads up with our roleplays and conversations.

Recently, my life have been full of stress and tensions. Tumblr was something I always considered to be a hobby, something on he side for fun- but lately it’s been feeling more and more like a chore. What with everybody attacking each other based on their opinions, blocking and reporting based on political stand points, with all the porn bots and the numerous problems that Tumblr has- it’s been taking a toll on my well being!

I’ve been going down in my grades (via Summer School) because of the toxicity and stress Tumblr has on me- so on January 1st, I’m going to archive my blogs and leave Tumblr.

I’m really really sorry for putting this on you guys, especially on my mutuals- we’ve been through a lot together from our roleplays to conversations and more, but sadly, my health comes first..

However! I won’t disappear off the face of the internet! I have a discord that’s always open and I am totes up for roleplays and such on Discord post-Tumblr with my mutuals only.

I’ll also be on WritScrib as First-Access Beta User presumably near the end of August (remember that I’ll be leaving Tumblr in 2018)

Tl;Dr : I’ll be leaving Tumblr come 2018 of January, but my blogs will be archived for memories and I can be contacted on Tumblr for my mutuals only. I am also up for roleplays on Discord. I’ll be moving to WritScrib as an art alternative.

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