Benedict Cumberbatch’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - BRILLIANT!


I told you guys!

I didn’t mean to pull the ‘I told you’ card, but it’s right there. These were the exact figures I was reading from in my video. (although the salary part must have been updated since I was reading from their 2012 earnings).

But this isn’t the first time this has happened. Solar Roadways… was a scam. Received 2 million+

Kony2012 was a scam. also received millions.

Are people simply incapable of critical thinking in masses? Do people ignore things if others are falling for something?

Sure there are individuals who can waggle their finger about it and be like 'Pffft I knew this would happen’, but did you? or were you just trying to dodge a trend with pessimism. Who actually did their research on this thing? Because it looks like MILLIONS did not.

I didn’t expect another big scam this close to the last, the solar roadways trend JUST left us.

I wonder what the next one will be….


Here’s a link to the article pictured (x)


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