ALS ice bucket challenge


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - Pyropi / Terieri / Cowbutt Crunchies

Because what better way to rinse off our troll makeup at Dragon*Con than by supporting a great organization? We’re only sorry the ice bucket in our hotel room was a bit on the small side…. (And yes, we donated!)

Challenged by: Caledbuttscratch

We Challenge: Pearlgirl710 / Chairman Miaow / Andrew Hussie

Alex Kingston accepts ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from her Kinglets–

I had to record this with my phone pointing towards my iPad because there’s no way to download Instagram DMs, so I apologize for the quality. This is also why it took me so long to get the video up. I know a lot of you will probably have questions for me but I will go ahead and tell you now– I can’t answer them. Just enjoy the video, Kinglets!


When fluid dynamicists get into the ALS ice bucket challenge, they give it a good fluidsy twist. Here are some selections, including lots of high speed video and an infrared video. Check out all those liquid sheets breaking up. Links to the full videos are below. (Image credits: Ewoldt Research Group, source videoTAMU NAL, source video; BYU Splash Lab, source videos 1, 2, 3, 4)