“Deep underwater is where I left my love.”

Here’s @buginette’s late christmas present for @voltron-ss c: (ps I’m theklancet, I accidentally deleted my blog and decided to give my new blog a makeover) I redid the entire thing and dropped the MLB idea, I hope you don’t mind!! HAHA Merry Christmas!!!!! 

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So, the hannah episode script writing is almost done! It’ll be named Captain’s Log, and will depict Hannah’s first day as captain of her galactic ship! It’s honestly more cutesy than funny, because I don’t think Hannah is one to curse out aliens.


Find someone who makes your heart race, and not only in the bed room.

Find someone who remembers the small things about you, like why you’re afraid of the ocean or why your anxiety gets so bad at night.

Find someone who gets the ways you work and doesn’t leave when you start acting like a little shit.

Find someone who talks to you and doesn’t just leave you in the dark when you’re feeling down.

Find someone who takes pictures of you all the time because they need something to look at when you’re gone.

Find someone who holds you while you sleep, even when they stay awake for hours.

Find someone who admires the smallest things about you, like your freckles or the way your voice changes with your mood.

Find someone who doesn’t let go, who is always there, who loves you for you, who doesn’t try to change the person you are deep down inside, but instead tries to bring it out more.

Find them, and please promise me you’ll never let them go.

—  Find them.

Happy birthday, Sen! @victornikiforovs ˉ̞̭(′͈∨‵͈♡)˄̻ ̊

I’ve always been told “Don’t invest all of your happiness in someone, because when they’re gone you have nothing left”. Truly, I think that is such a sad way of thinking. Why not invest it all? Why not put it all out on the line? Is the person you’re with not worth the chance of losing it all for? I don’t want a mediocre love. I want to completely drown in someone. I want to know that if one day, we don’t work, that I gave them every last inch of me and that there was nothing else I could’ve given them. I want them to know that they’re the reason I am the happiest version of myself. So what if you’re taking the chance of one day being completely broken again? Why isn’t love worth that anymore? Why do we live in a time where love is mediocre and no one is willing to risk it all for someone?
—  I want to drown in it