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Dave: terrachained

Editing: alexissam

Art: synnesai

Alpha!Stridercest in which Dave and Dirk have parents, and they’re kind of shitty. 

They’re very religious and conservative living in Texas. When Dave was eighteen he decided to move out and follow his dreams, heading to an arts college in California where he ended up making it big as a movie producer before even graduating. Despite his parents saying he would never get anywhere in life, he really proved them wrong.

Not long after he left, they had baby Dirk. Who turns out to be totally blind.

Now Dave’s not too close with his unsupportive family and his work keeps his busy, so he doesn’t really talk to them all that much besides the obligatory phone calls home in which he only really talks to his mom and wow is it taxing because while they claim they’re proud of him, they always bring up something about how his subject matter is a little on the inappropriate side and if you keep that up, Davey, you’ll end up going to hell. 

So he doesn’t call often or come home at all. 

Dirk is raised in that very religious household where his brother’s fame is constantly praised but criticized. His parents brag about Dave all the time, but it’s more of a way to share in the fame. 

So Dirk does his own things. He gets into robotics and puppets despite his disability and he grows up not really know his brother. He finds out he’s gay but he’s smart enough to keep that hidden from his parents. 

They don’t support his hobbies. The puppets are too sexual and he’s asked to stop making them pretty quick. The robotics thing is okay, but when Dirk starts making robots that can seemingly think for themselves, Dirk’s told he’s delving into territory of playing god and that’s not right. When he’s caught having an intellectual conversation with his shades, they ban him from all robotics. 

And then the worst happens. They end up dying in a car accident and suddenly everything is happening really quick. There’s a funeral, Dave can’t make it, but Dave now becomes Dirk’s guardian. 

Dave’s not sure what to expect when he flies Dirk down, but it’s certainly not this kid. He’s snarky and confident, walking around with long, sure strides despite being blind and having to use a cane. He barely needs any help with anything, he’s nothing like mom and dad, and then this kid starts bringing out his laptop and asking for Dave’s credit card number so he can buy these weird things on eBay and shit. Eventually Dave just hands over his card and let’s the kid do whatever. 

Then suddenly there’s a robot. 

And Dave’s so fucking pissed because every time he asked his mom about Dirk, she would say, oh yeah, he’s pretty smart and capable, but there was always that /for a blind kid/ silently tacked onto the end in her tone and she never once mentioned robots. No way, this kid is fucking brilliant, and then his shades start talking! 

Dave’s just absolutely floored by his blind little brother and so immensely proud. His parents made him give up on family but Dirk is bringing back that pride.

Plus you have cute scenes of Dirk feeling up Dave’s face and saying he looks like a nerd, and then Hal popping in to confirm that yes, yes Dave does indeed look like a nerd. 

And one day something happens and for the first time since his parents’ death, Dirk finally starts grieving over it and starts crying and Dave pretty much panics because he’s not sure how to handle that. And Dirk’s babbling about every good thing he remembers mom and dad doing and then Dave starts remembering and he starts crying too because he never got to say goodbye and they last time he talked to his parents he had to cut off the phone call for a meeting and he never said that he loved them and never got to patch up his relationship with them. 

So they sit on the couch all night holding each other and crying. 

Somehow sex happens, I’m sure, because I ship them but whatever. This is cute, don’t even tell me it’s not. I love blind Dirk.

gutter-punk: chp. 13

Rating: E
Relationships: Dirk Strider/Alpha Dave Strider, (non-romantic) Dirk Strider/Bro Strider
Additional Tags: References to Drugs, Sexual Content, Illegal Activities, Mental Health Issues, Self-Medication, Stalker-ish Tendencies, Reference and discussion of alcoholism, Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism, mild(?) description of panic attacks, Panic Attacks, Mildly Dubious Consent, Sibling Incest

Say what you want about trailer trash, but growing up in this environment offers a unique perspective on life.

Or: Dirk Strider grows up in a trailer park, all the while acutely aware of his billionaire older brother that has no idea he exists living two states away.

New chapter: so could you tell me how you’re sleeping easy

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Homestuck fanfics

Just gonna post & link some of the HS fanfics I like (Mainly Stridercest) :3

Stridercest/ Alpha Stridercest:

StriderClan: A collection of Stridercest fanfics (rating from fluff to smut) that includes: Dave Strider, Dirk Strider, Bro Strider, D Strider (Alpha Dave)

The Morning After (Not the pill, you dunce - the apocalypse): Dirk Strider/ Dave Strider (Rating mature) Zombie au, twin Strider’s.

Will You Hear Me: Bro Strider/ Dave Strider (Rating mature) Cant really describe this one…. you just have to read it.

Prodigy : Alpha Dave Strider/ Dirk Strider (Rating Teen and up) THE BEST ALPHA STRIDERCEST I HAVE SEEN YET!!! <3

Drunken Mishaps: Bro Strider/ Dave Strider (Rating explicit) I just love this one~ <3

Heat: Bro Strider/ Dave Strider (Rating explicit) Omegaverse~!

The Cat of the House: Bro Strider/ Dave Strider (Rating explicit) Bro Likes cats. Dave decides to tease him about it.

Other Pairings:

Somewhere I Belong: Dad/Dave Strider (Really cute, just fluffyness <3) Neko Dave.

Oh, I Miss the Kiss of Treachery: Dave Strider/ Karkat Vantas (Rating explicit) Beta kids are in a band, Karkat is a fanboy. Human au.   

Youtube is Not a Dating Website: Sollux Captor/ Aradia Megido (Rating mature) Adorakable.

Growing Up Without You: Cronus Ampora/ Kankri Vantas (Rating mature) childhood friends, human au.

Blackeyed: Mituna Captor/ Kurloz Makara, Sollux Captor/ Gamzee Makara, Helmsman/ GHB (Rating Teen and up) Love love love love love <3