Harry and Louis singing the first part of Little Black Dress together 4/27/14

pRAY FOR ME EVERYONE i’m going on holiday tomorrow to germany to visit my gF and go to hOBBITCON and i’ve never been at an airport before so this will be interesting

if anyone has aNY last minute advice about airports then i will gladly hear it bc i’m so nervous and really scared about tomorrow ;A;

edit: i fORGOT OBLIGATORY THRANDUIL AT THE END OF THE POST (also dont forget to vote for thranduil in torn’s contest okay)


Hey guysss I’ll be opening up a booth in AFA SG 2014’s Creator’s Hub! 

You can find me on booth number C22 and I’ll be selling these TG babbus and some merchandise that I sell at AFA ID too!

They are VERY VERY VERY LIMITED in quantity so grab ‘em fast!!

Okay so why should you meet me at AFA SG?

  1. You get to meet me and we can fangirl TG together! (Like ye come say hi to this poor lonely rabbit will you?)
  2. I WILL DO SOME SHORT RANDOM TG LIVE DRAWING IN FRIDAY~! (whooo only at Friday though they are going to be done with black markers o(-( )
  3. COME TO ME IN TOKYO GHOUL COSPLAY AND I SHALL GIVE OUT TG STICKERS FOR FREE TO THE FIRST 10 PEOPLE EACH DAY DURING AFA SG! Shout out the password: “SOUCCHI HIDE IS STILL ALIVE SOMEWHERE!" to get the stickers. (I just really wanna see some TG cosplayers askjfhasdlkjafkjdsfaf come to me okayyyyy)
  4. First 10 TG keychain buyer thoughout the whole AFA SG event will get a special limited TG postcard distributed at AFA SG only!
  5. Last, I think it’s more like I wanna meet you guys :))

With that I’ll just end this super long promotion post~! Please help me reblog so that I can meet more of Singapore’s TG Fans and you ;D

Let’s meet at AFA SG 2014 okay?!