what my fandoms are doing currently:

Steven Universe: literally crying over the stream of endless episodes,, full of character development and actual pure wholesome goodness™; (may contain small traces of additional angst)

Over the Garden Wall: excitedly waiting on the release of more merch!! a vinyl record of the show’s soundtrack! a hardcover book of the comics! Wirt and Greg plushies! hot dog, it’s raining collectables!!

Star vs the forces of evil: BACK FROM THE DEAD FOR SEASON TWO BABY!!!!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!!!! wE’VE be eN WaiTING 10 MoNTHS FOR tHisS!!!!1!!111!!11!

Adventure Time: waiting for the hiatus to be over……again…..

Gravity Falls: huddled in a diner till 5am, trying ever so hard to piece together a puzzle to find a treasure their madman cult leader left for them to find with elaborate, coded clues.

  • Moffat:Yeah you know representation is very important. And when you could get axed any second it's just 'to hell with deferred pleasure.'
  • Amanda:yeah Mary would kill me if I spoke to her and wow....she's been. ""Pregnant" for. A Long Time and. She needs to chill also- this is going to make history?
  • Ben:Sherlock, you know. He's. The hero for the different people. John has- helped him grow a lot. Changed. Love conquers all. Also he's gay.
  • Sue:
  • Mark:
  • Sue:we don't know them
  • Mark:what is a sherlock

#rey never once reacts to kylo with anything other than fear anger or disgust #in all three (3!) of the scenes they have together she’s shown to be visibly upset by his actions #there is not one single moment she is happy or comfortable in his presence #this is not the face of a woman even slightly in love or remotely romantically interested

As a student in university, I don’t have a lot of money to spend on supplies. You only need a notebook and a pen to start but it’s always fun to make things more colorful. Please let me know if any links don’t work!! 

The Notebook

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{25.07.16} // 87 days to O Levels

[13/100 days of productivity]

// a math will be the death of me (ಥ﹏ಥ) //

really sorry for the bad quality pic!! anyway today i went for night study with @listudying, and i wrote a cheat sheet to help for my additional mathematics test tomorrow!! i’m really hoping to at least pass this test. 


° Magnus & Alec II Wicked Game (my new video!)