Dean and Cas knowing each other so well.

so well that they can communicate with just a flick of an eyebrow, a tilt of the head, a deliberate shift of weight from one foot to the other. they know when it’s “I’m ok” and when it’s “I’m okay”, and what the difference is. they understand everything in a gaze that could have lasted a second, but lingered longer, because half the meaning there was just look at me. keep your eyes on me.

when they touch, they know how. Cas knows what will make Dean shiver, what will make him smile, what will make him blush, what will make him cry. Dean knows how to hold Cas - how hard to kiss him, where to put his hands, how to make it feel right. Dean knows that Cas doesn’t smile when he’s most in love, his eyes solemn and clear. Cas knows when Dean’s skin is aching from lack of touch, and how to lay him down, how to settle his palms softly.

both of them know when to look to the other to catch a joke, a loaded glance, a silent warning. they’re the deep dub beat of the same lover’s song, and they hear it always. and the only words are, just look at me. keep your eyes on me.

anonymous asked:

As a hardcore Johnlock shipper, it can be a little hard watching this growing relationship between Sherlock and Molly, when it seems to come to romance. It makes me wonder if the writers are trying to open something up there. She's single now, presumably because she realized she's still in love with Sherlock. And with Jim coming back, it's seems like that might be another way for her to come in and play a huge part, which is fine, I love Molly. Just not as a romantic interest. Thoughts?

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