At the end of the day, new ghostbusters isn’t for adults who want to whine about their childhood ending. It’s for all the girls who’ve had to endure rape plots, dumb blondes, faux strong women, the token girl, etc. It’s for all the little girls who now have heroes that look and act like /them/, not some heroine who has to be emotionally disconnected to be strong or always the overly sexual bad girl who sexually confused the good guy. The original ghostbusters was good but are you really telling me you prefer the literal demonization of the only strong women, who gets harassed and raped, and then sold off as a trophy at the end than a fucking ghost getting shot in the dick? You don’t get the jokes because you’re too wrapped up in your childhood, which, guess what, it’s fucking over. Let real kids have this. It’s not about you and your ugly ass lime green plastic toilet bowl or Bill rape jokes Murray worship. It’s about girls who’ve been sick of not having characters to look up to. Get real, you only hate this movie because it’s women playing your male wank dream heroes, and they’re not even super sexy. I have NEVER seen a remake get such bad fucking reviews from men, even the Percy Jackson fandom (who got 10000% fucked over) didn’t throw this massive a fit. Step down and let people have some fun.