I’ve always thought the reason they don’t touch on stage is because they don’t know how to keep it non boyfriendy and seeing the way they look at each other just further confirms that and needless to say the moment a hand or an arm goes near a shoulder I’m going to die 800 times

Don’t get me wrong; I’m super happy about all the amazing, witty, sexy kingsman/hartwin fics. But I want more silly stuff.

I want Eggsy trying to be suave in the bedroom but ending up sliding off fancy satin sheets onto the floor. I want Harry to be so ticklish that he reflexively knees Eggsy in the gut and kills the mood. I want Roxy to be so awful at walking in heels higher than three inches that she wobbles around like a baby deer and knocks shit over.

I want Merlin to get drunk on some neon frilly booze and recite poetry or Shakespeare to whoever will hold still long enough. I want Gazelle to use her amazing deadly beautiful prosthetics to do mundane shit like sharpen pencils or kill spiders that freak Valentine out when he’s showering.

And I really want Daisy to be let loose at Kingsman headquarters Baby’s Day Out style. My god, I need these things.

everyone is finally going over the last two seasons and picking out every little korrasami moment and analyzing every glance and touch and word spoken between them i love it give it all to me

I love (SINCERELY, THIS IS NOT SARCASM) that writing a sitcom dedicated to sexual innuendo, then moving on to a show about nutso time travel stories, then helping to pioneer a huge gay conspiracy full of FILTHY symbolism qualifies one for an OBE.

Like I would never want to live in any other universe but this one.


ok but why are they talking like they’re being held hostage and the guy filming is pointing a gun at them. help them??
I think my favorite bit is “they live just as long as whales in the wild” hahah please, we all see you’re desperate as hell but stop omg this is so embarrassing.