U.S. Soccer: Show some backbone, get your stars back to their NWSL teams
Carli Lloyd reportedly won't be with Houston when Dash play at Flash on Saturday

And right now they’re setting a bad example, one this league can’t afford.

You want to stay at nicer hotels, practice at better facilities and travel in a more first-class way — all things Solo slammed the NWSL for in a scathing blog before the Olympics — then turn your league into something special, one that generates more revenue via ticket and sponsorship sales? Not reporting back to your clubs in a timely fashion is not how you sell this sport and that’s why the USSF finally needs to put its foot down.

Anyone remember how how many days it took some American stars to report back to their club teams after losing the 2011 World Cup on PKs to Japan?


The U.S. lost on Sunday, July 17 that year and by Wednesday night, July 20, some of them were in Rochester, as the Flash beat magicJack 3-1 in front of a stadium-record crowd of 15,404 fans.


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