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what an incredibly powerful and moving scene this is. 

like you guys already know that i have A LOT of haruka and usagi feels but this one really gets me. this one really cuts me deep.

usagi is just so sad. she’s sad and she’s desperate. she wants answers and she wants the truth. she wants haruka to say something. it doesnt matter what she says at that point, she just wants her to say anything at all. but haruka. look at haruka. it is literally KILLING her to do this. to have usagi at her door in tears, begging her to say something, begging her to tell her why they cant work with one another. that they’re both senshi and they should be able to understand one another. she would have rather cut off her own arm than deal with this. why else would she have run? she cant even face her. its now so painful for haruka to even look her in the face that she would rather just not look at her at all. it hurts but its just easier if she distances herself.

but how can she?

these are two girls who need one another. thats it, thats all there really is to this. they need one another. this whole thing is a mess and is ripping them apart on the inside. how many sleepless nights do they both have? how many times a day do they think of the other? how much pain must they both suffer? 


Q: If I were the main lead, who is the prince that I might fall in love with? (amen to all)

the kids~

is anyone else just not able to cry? like people always say crying can make you feel better and im so stressed out ive never been more stressed in my life but all i can manage is a few tears i cant. cry? i can feel when i want to, my throat gets tight and i tremble and i just want to scream til my voice is raw and sob til tears wont fall and tear my pillow apart but i cant and that only makes me want cry more but i. cant.

Imagine Hakyeon singing Feliz Navidad.