I miss this so much I used to look so bloody bad ass!


Healer - the DVD teaser teasing us… [x]


wheezy junior  [a star wars fanmix]

i. tarzan boy / baltimora | ii. shooting stars / bag raiders | iii. dont you worry child / swedish house mafia feat. john martin | iv. blame it on the girls / mika | v. to the sky / owl city | vi. kill your heroes / awolnation | vii. underdog / imagine dragons | viii. work this body / walk the moon | ix. lets dance to joy division / the wombats | x. father of mine / everclear

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Orphan’s St. Patrick’s Day

So, I know it’s rather late, but it didn’t occur to me to write this until St. Patrick’s day, and I am a bit of a slow writer. It’s not much, just a little bit of fluff, but I think it’s cute, and I hope you will too. 

You can find the other parts of this series on my fics page here, if you are so inclined.

Orphan’s St. Patrick’s Day

As soon as she hears the banging, she knows what to expect on the other side. She’s already laughing as she shrugs her silk robe on over her pajamas, and makes her way through the living room.

The closer she gets to the door, the more clearly she can hear them in the hallway; two low bass voices in loose chorus with what must be Izzy’s high soprano. Rae winces, despite her smile. They’re making an awful racket and are bound to wake up Finn’s neighbors. She picks up the pace just a little.

“And it’s no, nay, nebber. No nay nebber…” Finn’s voice is less tune and more shout.

“I play the rover dover foreeevvvverrr mooorrre!” Izzy sings broadly, mangling both the lyrics and the melody.

“Spent all my money on whiskey and beer!” Archie chimes in.

The banging sounds again, followed by Chop’s irritated voice. “Oh, fucks sake! Shut up, you lot! Rae!”

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Kylie out in West Hollywood

therapy dog au

okay. so, many moons ago, back in the s1 to s2 hiatus when none of us really knew the full extent of fitz’s injuries, i did what a lot of people did: just guessed, basically, and then worked out a recovery program for him. my version of events just happened to include jemma getting fitz a therapy dog. so when skye made her comment this week about fitz wanting a dog, i got to thinking about this therapy dog au again, and after getting a few requests (shout out to mightyjemma and polkadotsandplatypi in particular, as well as all the anons who asked) i decided to make a post of headcanons.

so here we are!!! happy therapy dog headcanons, where things are drastically less terrible!!!

[note: this occurs in a universe where may and coulson contact maria hill pretty much immediately after the events of 1x22, so there are other forces involved in rebuilding SHIELD and the team actually gets the time to recover, rather than spending their time immediately chasing after hydra.]

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Kylie out in West Hollywood

My talk of Gravity Falls is starting to get to my boyfriend.
  • BF:I've been rewatching Arrested Development. It's great because there's so much to look for and dissect in each episode.
  • Me:Yeah! I mean,, all those little clues and allusions and nods to other things in the series.
  • BF:The writing is just fantastic, very well done.
  • Me:I only know two shows like that, Arrested Development and-
  • BF:-If you even say "Gravity Falls" I am walking away from you right now.
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:*opens mouth*
  • BF:
  • Me:
  • BF:
  • Me:
  • BF:Don't
  • Me:Grav-
  • BF:Oh my god *walks away*

I got tagged by lithiyachan kji-hzt-is-perfection kyungsoosnachos and kai-soon (why do you all want to see my face? D:) to tag 20(holy shit 20?) beautiful women. 

Fuck it this is me lol This is the closest your’e gonna get to see my face in here sorry :D Look how cool I am and my eyebrow game is so strong (lol no) Sorry im covering my nose cuz i hate my nose and yes i was in bed

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