Alex Hall born in 1988 just outside of Chicago, Illinois, Alex grew up exposed to and involved in, the arts. In 1996 he moved to Nashville, Tennessee. Hall graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in 2010 with a degree in adverting & marketing. 

Working with oil paint on masonite panels, Alex Hall combines surrealism & figuration to create beautifully rendered, contemporary works. He draws inspiration from his own life encounters and the everyday struggles with which so many people can relate. Upon the panels of thin glazes and tight brush work, Hall creates pieces that are both euphoric & chaotic, giving rise to a distinct tension.


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#ART: “Relativity” by Alex Hall

After graduating college Nashville-based artist Alex Hall found himself on an uncertain path, overwhelmed and unsure of what was going to happen next.

In an attempt to visualize his emotions and inner turmoil he set about creating a series of surreal oil paintings titled Relativity depicting anonymous people in similar forms of free-fall and indecision. More after the jump:

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Ben Drowned

Original Story by Alex Hall (Jadusable)

This one is a classic, and like all my favorite creepypastas it offers actual evidence. There are videos to back up the narrators claim and they’re really awesome. It was probably one of the first videogame pastas I ever read (if not the first) and I was deeply impressed.

I actually have a narration playlist for you here instead of one video, it’s got videos of the text part narrated as well as the videos from the original creepypasta. You can check that out here:
MrCreepyPasta’s Ben Drowned List

Disclaimer: I do not own nor wish to take credit for the story, narration, or the image. The image is currently uncredited because I’m not sure who does own it, but will happy to add a credit if/when I find out. The author is unknown.

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