what the signs are listening to

aries: last young renegade
taurus: last young renegade
gemini: last young renegade
cancer: last young renegade
leo: last young renegade
virgo: last young renegade
libra: last young renegade
scorpio: last young renegade
sagittarius: last young renegade
capricorn: last young renegade
aquarius: last young renegade
pisces: last young renegade


NEW MUSIC VIDEO: All Time Low - “Last Young Renegade”

I have a theory. At the end of the Last Young Renegade video, you see a black and white video where the future hearts logo turns upside down and Alex is standing in a room with three figures (I still think they’re Jack, Zack and Rian but anyway). We already know that LYR is played in the Dirty Laundry video, so this could be referring to the next/a future video.

What i’m trying to say is, i THINK it could be referring to the song/video for Nightmares. I mean, Alex said Stranger Things (which I still need to watch but ignore that for now) influenced the album, and even though I haven’t seen the show, I know the Upside Down is the other dimension with monsters, and it’s generally darker than the real world. See where I’m going with this? Nightmares can contain monsters, and are often darker than the real world, when you’re awake. ALSO THE LOGO TURNS UPSIDE DOWN FOR FUCK’S SAKE

Also, it kinda fits with the video story so far? Alex does his laundry, goes to play at an atl show (okay fine, The Young Renegades show), and then after the show he could go to bed and sing about his Nightmares.

I mean this is a total guess, so take this with a pinch of salt, but I kinda think it could be right? Idk tell me you agree with me please.