Jojo’s Ted Talk. So proud of this girl! I actually teared up during her dance. She’s very eloquent. I think people judge her for her speech impediment and don’t really listen to her speak, especially on the show. I think this talk proves how smart and articulate she is.

reasons i love jojo

• she acts her age
• she isn’t trying to be something she’s not
• she’s confident in who she is
• she’s not afraid at all to say what’s on her mind and just be herself
• her outfits/makeup/hair/etc. is all age appropriate
• basically my point is that jojo isn’t afraid to be herself and she acts her age. she isn’t trying to grow up too fast and she’s kind to everyone, she isn’t ever mean or exclusive. her clothes are appropriate for her age and she looks like she’s having fun discovering who she is and for that, jojo is my favorite dancer currently at the aldc (along w/ nia)