THE   E N D.

Come catch me~

I shall be attending ALA, Anime Los Angeles next week, sadly not selling but just as a normal guest.

But I always enjoy chatting and high fives! I’ll still be handing out my business cards in hopes to at least make new friends and followers so we can get this follower give away started, we are so close! Just 11 away!

So if you see me, feel free to  say hi or seriously, I love high fives.

These are the cosplays you’ll see me in, in the order of the three days.

Plus this nerd.

See you guys there!


My three days of ALA. It was super fun tho a slow going con. I didn’t take too many photos but I’m gonna queue/reblog some. Anyway my next con is slc comic con fanx. I’ll only be going like one day. Maybe two. And I’ll probably use my Charlie Weasley cosplay for that since it’s so soon. But it’ll be more done by then. Haha.

This sucks. ALA hit their 4000 paid membership cap earlier and a number of people I know cant get badges now.

If someone is looking to tranfer badges for two people please contact me as soon as possible! It would be greatly appreciated and will pay for the badge prices.