My Top 10 Women of the DCTVU!

Sara Lance - I love her, she tough and clever and resourceful, she’s human and flawed but strong. She doesn’t follow conventions and breaks molds. She is kick ass and beautiful and a great leader. I love her.

Alex Danvers - storng and confident but also fragile and sensitive. She’s an amazing person loyal and protective, can kick ass, is ver caring and supportive but also human and relatable. She’s beautiful inside and out.

Lena Luthor - oh boy is she beautiful, she another strong confident but flawed and insecure beauty. She’s tough and resourceful with grace and dignity and super smart. Oh please let he not be a bad guy my heart wont take it!

Cat Grant - the amazing rock of season 1 she was the moral compus and so much more than meets the eye. She was supergirls greatest supporter and she has a lot of strength and dignity. She cares and puts up walls but inside she is a kind person and a strong woman.

Kara Danvers - how can you not like Supergirl, its not just that she heroic and kind and fights for what right but its that she cares. She’s loyal to her friends and very protective but also sensitive and has inner strengh. Shes adorale and def someone I’d be friends with.

Nyssa al Ghul - stronge and beautful, a little out of touch with everyday human interaction and that makes her adorable. She loves full heartedle and can kick ass. She loyal and strong and a good leader.

Roulette - Oh she is evil, total bad guy but damn sexy! She’s calculating and manipulative but has such an air of confidence and cunning. She drips with sensuallity and is a little scary.

Gypsy - may have only been in one ep but was enough to enamour me to her. She’s another kick ass women with a sharp sense of humour and a soft spot for Cisco.

Thea Queen -  has been through a lot and has grown as a character to someone I really enjoy watching. She’s strong and flawed but speaks her mind and is clever. She’s loya to her family and can kick ass.

Iris West - she is just such a nice person she’s loyal and caring and loving. I love her ralationships with her family and that she is supportive and intelligent. She’d make a great friend how would look out for you.

It’s pretty easy to see my type is a women that would kick my ass (and thats even with me having a black belt in taskwondo), I love strong powerful women who break molds but still have depth and insecurity and love in them. Also as someone who is mixed race asian I love seeing diverse beautiful ethnic women in strong roles.

Vista de la “bat-señal” proyectada en la fachada del Ayuntamiento de Los Ángeles, California el jueves 15 de junio en memoria del fallecido actor estadounidense Adam West.

Adam West interpretó al célebre hombre murciélago en la serie televisiva “Batman” en los años 60. El actor falleció el 9 de junio, a los 88 años de edad.



MCU fan-cast: Charlize Theron as Ororo Munroe/Storm

I’m sure she has her fans, but for me, Halle Berry never really captured the character of Storm. It’s not entirely her fault; however much the actress was miscast, the character suffered from the X-Men movies’ Notbeingplayedbyhughjackman Syndrome, a common malady. And instead of being defined by her warmth, her elegance, her power, or her regal nature, Storm ended up literally an angry black woman.

Recasting the character, you want a complete break and paradigm shift from what is, after four movies, unmistakably a failed character. Instead of a flaccid ‘leadership role’ that looks a lot like playing second banana to Wolverine, let’s emphasize the character’s strength, her beauty, her assertiveness, her regal nature. You can do all these things, even without making the character the grand leader–look at Thor or Black Widow in The Avengers, who take orders from Captain America while remaining effortlessly cool and badass. But, in deference to the character’s importance, I don’t want an unknown or some TV actress playing her. I want a genuine A-list Oscar winner backing the character, making audiences sit up and take notice from frame one.

Charlize Theron has been game for a number of weird, small genre roles. Even when the end result let her down, like with Aeon Flux, Snow White & The Huntsman, Prometheus, A Million Ways To Die In The West, et al, I think she still deserves kudos for putting herself out there, and with the right part + good writing backing her up, I think she could be as downright iconic as she was playing Furiosa (and she shaved her head for that role, so we are halfway to mohawk!).

And unlike some other Ororo Munroes, she’s from Africa. I’m sorry, I hate to get all ‘politically correct,’ but when you have a character that was born in Africa and married an African monarch, maybe we should cast an African. I might be the only one who feels this way, but representation matters, and Africans deserve to see themselves on-screen.
US 'bombed mosque during evening prayers, killing 46 people'
US Central Command says it carried out strike targeting al-Qaeda militants nearby but did not hit house of worship

At least 46 people - most of them civilians - have been killed, and dozens more injured, after warplanes struck a mosque in rebel-held Aleppo province during prayer time, Syrian war monitors have reported.

Mandatory Minimums (1.20)
  • Sam: The American Medical Association says that addiction is a disease.
  • Al Keifer: You're not going to be able to sell that.
  • Sam: Al!
  • Al: You're not going to be able to sell it.
  • Toby: The AMA says it, why does it he have to sell it?
  • Al: Because -
  • Toby: Drug addiction is a disease. It's's... it's a...medical problem. It can be treated. This isn't ideological. It's science.
  • Al: It's science to you.
  • Toby: Science is science to everybody, Al.

U.S. forces use heavy equipment to pull a MiG-25R Foxbat-B from beneath the sands in Iraq on July 6, 2003. A U.S. military search team has uncovered several MiG-25s and Su-25 ground attack jets found buried at Al-Taqqadum airfield west of Baghdad.

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Favourite Season: autumn - the in-between season, not too hot and breezy but not bitingly cold, light jacket weather /meg    

Favourite Book(s): gone with the wind by margaret mitchell  

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Favourite Animal(s): canaries (is anyone surprised about that)

Favourite Beverage: tea, or if we’re going for cold drinks, then mango juice

Average Hours of Sleep: nowadays 10-12 which is fab.

Favourite Fictional Characters: laurel lance, nyssa al ghul, iris west, alex danvers, james olsen, sameen shaw, annie sawyer

Number of Blankets You Sleep with: one duvet/comforter, but if I’m feeling hot I’ll just sleep with a blanket which is thinner.

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