Three Year Anniversary

I haven’t written anything in a long time, so please excuse my bad writing (I was never good at writing stories anyways heh… ) Anyways, I came up with this, but it turned out completely different from what I started with xD. I really wanted to post something for Sasuhina Month though, so I decided to just go with what I have. I will edit and change this soon…maybe someday…probably… 

Genre: One-shot

Rated: T 

Summary: Hinata and Sasuke celebrates their 3 year anniversary. 

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The opportunity for me to come study in Spain came from a scholarship contest with the theme: Design for a Better World. After ruling out themes I could not relate to, I was inspired by a group of street workers in Panama while they shouted obscenities at me. Inspired by conversations with friends who have experienced a similar forms of harassment and the unbearable discomfort it produces inside us all, I went ahead and created a few #GRLPWR 🚺 designs and turned it all in.

It’s all thanks to a good friend, Michelle Khafif, who advised me to further the project, that 3 designs wasn’t enough. She helped me realize my full potential and for that I am eternally grateful. I’ve taken the concept, redesigned the ideas, and this is one of the first finished ones!

Be my girlfriend because:

-I’ll buy/make you food
-Staying in and watching a movie is always an option
-I will surprise you with flowers for no reason other than I love you
-Cuddles, all the time
-We can be nerds and geek out over stupid things together
-I’ll (try to) harmonize with you while singing in the car
-Sad? We can make out. Happy? We can make out.
-I’ll rub your butt
-We can treat dogs like our babies
-I’ll protect you from anything scary
-I’ll never ask for anything except a genuine smile
-We can take naps together, any time of day

I loved you once.
I loved our conversations,
Your hugs,
Your kisses.
I loved your stories.
The way you would think out loud,
Tell me stories.
I once loved how much you cared.
As they say, all good things come to an end and darling our ending was a long time ago.
Conversations got shorter,
I marked the absence of your hugs and your kisses.
You didn’t tell me stories anymore.
You made sure to chose every word carefully and no longer thought out loud.
Suddenly, I realized you no longer cared. Shame on me for thinking you were different.
—  AL

“Don’t Forget 3.Oct.11”

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