Gentle eyes soften, melting completely so that she wouldn’t be surprised if the green began to leak out and turn her skin into forests too.

And there’s words now but she can’t answer because she’s choking on her frantic lungs and she’s scared of what blood and guts will come out if she opens her mouth. But then comes her name as a battle cry and there’s only one person who’s ever been able to say her name like that.

And despite herself, despite her anger and her self hatred and her loss, she reaches a hand out of the darkness she’d curled herself under, throwing out a lifeline, the last one she’s got. When fingers find hers, when she feels weight press down beside her, she almost recoils but then there’s the warmth she remembers and she struggles to keep still.

Things dissolve within her, bones crumbling to pieces beneath her skin. But the fingers holding hers are trembling, I bring life. And victory has always stood on the back of sacrifice.

—  ~Excerpts from a book I’ll never write #98

You know what makes me pout a little? That shows don’t release longer versions of blooper reels. The blooper reel for Game of Thrones’ sixth season has been released, and it’s only 2 minutes mostly consisting of Peter Dinklage’s tongue’s problem to enunciate the word “benevolent”. Then there was the blooper reel for OUAT’s third season that consisted mostly of the actors making funny faces in-between takes.

And then you have Galavant’s first season. Not that I didn’t enjoy the former, but let’s do some math. 

Game of Thrones, Season Six: 10 episodes of ~55 minutes each = ~550 minutes of screentime = 2 minutes of bloopers. Ratio = ~275/1.

Once Upon a Time, Season Three: 22 episodes = ~954 hours of screentime = less than 2 minutes of bloopers. Ratio < 477/1.

Galavant, Season One: 8 episodes = 169 minutes of screentime = 12 fucking minutes of adorable bloopers. Ratio > 13/1.

Shows, get your shit together. Fans love these stuff.

Do actors even have a say in what is released from those?

In my sweetest dreams I’m with you.
Even if somebody tried to stop my heart,
I’m still alive, I will never give up.

“Still Alive” by Negative

My friend introduced me to this heartbreaking song the other day. She said, ‘Close your eyes and think of Steve and Bucky.’ So I did.

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Consider: despite the differences in opinion between independent Ricks and Council Ricks, Rick’s self-loathing is so persistent in the central finite curve that “fuck you” has been replaced by “fuck me”.