I honestly had suuch an amazing time!! Unfortunately I couldn’t really take pictures or record anything (security were hawk-like lol) & my phone died around the start anyways -_- but omg I had so much fun :DD

I was pretty far from the stage so I didnt really get to experience their existence up close lol but from what I could see, they were all beautiful *O* especially jeonghan! My god, is this boy perfect! All the VIP ticket holders were so lucky in that they were ALL guaranteed to meet the boys :) esp those that were chosen for the photo-ops with seventeen!

Joshua did such a good job at MC-ing :) I was expecting him to kinda stumble with his english or hosting (from what I saw of his performance when he MCeed the like show with jeonghan) but he was great :D.

Seungkwan was so hilarious, I love him :D he really lifted the mood at times- esp when he was trying to speak english, it was so cute!. Vernon was pre funny too when he had to do a punishment where did the elephant-spin 10 times and then had to pose like a model ahah he also helped Joshua at times :). I think one of the funniest things I remember from the concert was their translator hahaha. It’d just be hilarious hearing his dead-pan voice translating what the members are saying during the games or whatever but it came off as if the translator was a part of conversation/giving his input like he was in seventeen or something haha it was so funny!!

We also got to see Wonwoo do a sexy dance at the concert which was a first apparently (he was so cute) BUT OMG WOOZI’S SEXY DANCE TIME WAS TOO MUCH!!! WHEN COULD THIS SMOL CHILD DO SUCH THINGS D:

The thing I noted the most and what was really heart-breaking was seeing one of my biases look sooooo tired D: my poor bb Jun! The other members looked really worn out too, it really showed on their faces and how quiet most of them were during the concert. I hope after the end of their tour they’ll get a much deserved break <3

Lastly and most importantly, I got a new bias from this concert!!! I now officially stan Minghao :D HE WAS SUCH A PRECIOUS CUTIE IN REAL LIFE ;~; the chinaline had been creeping up my bias list-where Jun actually became one in the end lol.. But now I can add minghao to that :D (lol jesus how do I handle 4 biases in seventeen now xD) He needs more love <3

All in all I had an AMAZING time :D it was so much fun!!! I screamed pretty crazily the whole night so now my throat is kinda paying for it >.<; Definitely would love to see the boys again ^^ (maybe with better seats haha)

In my sweetest dreams I’m with you.
Even if somebody tried to stop my heart,
I’m still alive, I will never give up.

“Still Alive” by Negative

My friend introduced me to this heartbreaking song the other day. She said, ‘Close your eyes and think of Steve and Bucky.’ So I did.

love Mythology.
You know what I love most about Mythology?

Everyone just assumes Hades is a badass.
Hades isn’t a badass.
Hades named his three-headed-guard-of-the-underworld-dog that looks like it can chew your head leg and arm off instantaneously - spot. He called his dog spot! (Not joking look it up,“Cerberus” is a Latinised version of the Greek Kerberos, from a Proto-Indo-European word *ḱerberos, meaning “spotted”. Literally I laughed myself senseless.)
Hades whispers to his flowers to make them grow.
Hades grows fruit, there is no sun in the underworld.
Let’s be honest the guy probably double knots his laces and cries when there are no more ice cream tubs left in the freezer after a tough day of dealing with Zeus and Poseidon.

Persephone however, that so called frail little thing that he “kidnapped” ? Yeah, about that. She’s another case all together. When Hermes went to the Underworld he expected to find a scared little girl. Instead he found a thriving Queen.
No like literally she would fight anyone who said anything bad or that hurt Hade’s feelings. She’d probably pet his head and constantly reassured him he was a fantastic King of the Underworld, and that he was totally scary and all that shit - while she glared at anyone who dared think differently, telling them to meet her in the pit.
That girl didn’t want to be another Maiden in the field. She knew exactly what she was doing when she ate those seeds.
She wanted a Kingdom, and that’s what she got.

If that isn’t life goals , then I don’t know what is.

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Consider: despite the differences in opinion between independent Ricks and Council Ricks, Rick’s self-loathing is so persistent in the central finite curve that “fuck you” has been replaced by “fuck me”.