SJM Fandom Podcast-Week 4 (Best SJM Ships)
SJM Fandom Podcast-Week 4 (Best SJM Ships)

This is nearly 20 minutes long with my exhausted voice. Applause for anyone who makes it till the end xD Sorry I’m slightly unhinged.
Thank you Gusty, @aelin-and-feyre darling for coming up with these. I loved gushing about my babies SO. MUCH.
I realise I left out so much gushing, so many reasons why I love them. But you already know. ACOMAF is all you need to know.

This is the fic I was talking about, it’s on Ao3. Here it is.

Okay so I have a BUNCH of favorite fanarts for them.

First and foremost, this is my ultimate favorite one, by the brilliant @charliebowater

And this

By the lovely @taratjah

This adorable art by @meabhd

And of COURSE, the following three by the amazing @merwild

Thank you to whoever listened to this again!! :* <3


Really Old Art time! sven the nine-foot-three-inch carnivorous vampire beast, and annuska, the only being kind enough to stick with him for five hundred years. she came from a merchant family so she SORT of knew enough swedish(ish) to communicate with him when he first literally tripped over her on that fateful night in the middle ages, and she’s great with balancing figures and acting the lawyer for him these days (he’s collecting houses now). mostly sven’s the scary figurehead for the coven, while annuska’s the real backbone of their operation.

frrrrrrom my forever-on-hiatus webcomic. my babbys.

My awesome girlfriend put this note in my wallet the other day. My past was a bad time and she supports me so much and knows that I have changed since than. It reminds me that people, even I’ve made mistakes, but It doesn’t make me who I am today or my future. People really can change It means a lot to me. Thank you so much


This man is my all. Sunday (Sept. 1, 2013) was our 8 month anniversary and it was perfect. He’s the cutest thing and I feel just lovely when I am with him. I feel like no one in the world even matters. Sunday night he got to sleep on the floor right beside my hotel bed. Even though we couldn’t lay side by side it was great because he was right there(the picture of our hands is when we were going to sleep Sunday night).
He spent the night in our extra bedroom Monday night and this morning he came in my room and I woke up to his beautiful face and perfect kiss. I seriously can not wait for the day when I can marry him. While we were talking about it with my mother he said that he couldn’t wait to make me his. It’s such an amazing feeling to know that this is the one. I thank God everyday that he sent this amazing man into my life. I’m completely in love with him.