AJC Photo

Ice Storm

Jan 31, 1908- Copy of a negative of men standing beside a streetcar on North Green Street during an ice storm in Gainesville, Ga.This enclosed winter car ran from the Southern Railway depot at the end of Main Street to Chattahoochee Park at the end of Riverside Drive. Streetcars pulled by horses first made their appearance in Gainesville in 1874. The first streetcars to run on electric rails were seen in 1903. Over the years, the lines were expanded. In 1928, some of the tracks in the business district were taken up. During World War II, the rest of them were removed so that the materials could be used in the war effort.  Go to myajc.com for more images from ice storms in Georgia through the years.

Photo by Ramsey Wiles from the AJC archives

We meet again…

Feb 9, 1987–The Rev. C.T. Vivian (speaking) and three others give a press conference just outside of the Forsyth County jail where they posted bond to free themselves on misdemeanor charges by the GBI. Vivian had been arrested with Hosea Williams for picketing the Oprah Winfrey show

Today, President Barack Obama will award Vivian with the Presidential Medal of Freedom….and Oprah Winfrey.

Photo by W.A. Bridges

Present and Accounted For

“Nov. 16, 1979 - Atlanta, Ga.: Ronald Reagan entering the Georgia World Congress Center to announce his intention to run for president.” Reagan didn’t win the majority vote in Georgia in 1980 but he won the presidency and inspired Georgia Republicans. Many consider his 1980 win the starting point for the strong Republican trend in Georgia that con­tinued this year. Republican presidential candidates have won in Georgia every election since 1984 except in 1992.

Photo courtesy of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Sex Education in the 80’s

January 26, 1988 - Bobby Roberts, 11, 5th grader at Chapel Hill Elementary School holding a baby in a sex education class taught by Linda Lamb at Fernbank Science Center. “We try and use the scientific names so everybody knows what we are talking about,” Lamb said.

Photo by Michael Schwarz