Anyone want to hear a headcanon/theory about the 2016 LazyTown Live shows? No??? Too bad!

So in the live shows it starts off with these two air crew members flying the audience to lazytown

They’re really sweet and friendly, and wave goodbye once you arrive in LazyTown, but they reappear to dance with everyone at the ending!

So anyway, during the middle of the show, Robbie decides to get rid of all the sportscandy in town, so Sportacus is forced to eat his candy apple. However since there’s a lot of sportscandy, he hires two villains to help him get rid of them all.

These are who he hires, they call themselves simply Number One, and Number Two (The girl in orange being number one) and they’re basically if Bobby/Tobby/Flobby were only two people that were also mobsters

Now here’s what’s interesting! The Aircrew members and the villains for hire are played by the two same people!

So here’s my theory: These two are a chaotic neutral duo willing to play both sides and do any job as long as they get to dance

I’m nicknaming them Villains On Air


naval aircrew video (by con5tant)

Ohh cheetohs! I’m so excited for this! asdakfdjsalkhdfskajljfdsaklhflksdhjfdklsh!! 


If you haven’t yet seen today’s new video of Fiona and her takeoff from San Francisco on the @aerlingus A330, here is a short version of it.

Watch the full video at JUSTPLANES.COM

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February 3

In 1961, the US Air Force began Operation Looking Glass, in which a command-and-control aircraft was kept flying 24 hours per day (several aircraft rotated through 8-hour shifts).  The idea being that if a Soviet nuclear strike destroyed the Strategic Air Command headquarters, the American military could still launch a devastating nuclear counter-strike because there would be someone still alive to give the orders.

This mission would continue without interruption for twenty-nine-and-a-half years.

The Cold War was fucked up, but it had its own perverse, inexorable logic.  Once you’ve committed to the concept of mutually assured destruction, you better make sure all the i’s are dotted.  And here’s how the people of Operation Looking Glass dotted their i’s:  The pilot and co-pilot of each plane were required to wear eye patches over one eye.  That way, in case there was a sudden, blinding nuclear detonation, they would still have one useful eye each and could continue flying while the rest of the aircrew made sure that Armageddon would continue on schedule.

As time went on and new technologies were developed, the flight deck crew changed from eye patches to special goggles that would, like military-grade Transitions lenses, instantly darken in the event of a nuclear flash.  While I’m sure that was better for the pilots, one can’t help but think that they were a bit sad to give up their Doomsday Pirate look.

So Bodhi Rook is happening =D I found a black Tie Fighter jump suit that I will bleach and attempt to dye the right color. The vest that he wears is a SARVIP aircrew survival vest.

Unfortunately I’m having a hard time finding a used one online so I’m going to use a simple VISM Mesh Tactical vest and mess with it

They aren’t the same but it’ll work =) Not like I’m trying to join the rebel legion =D



@flysas Boeing 717 operated by Blue1 landing 01R at Stockholm Arlanda

More than 300 Flight in the Cockpit Films available at JUSTPLANES.COM

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Misha Collins - Operational Risk Management
(Misha's first on-screen acting gig)

I actually remember watching this safety video (one of DOZENS we were forced to sit through) when I was at Navy Aircrew School in Pensacola, FL. This clip is only about a minute long, but the original video goes on for an additional 20 minutes or so.