Grantaire is such a drummer

He’s in a local band that does open mic nights and house show gigs around town. But even when he’s not physically in front of a drum set, he literally taps beats on everything and air drums when he can’t. 

It’s what his fidget patterns boil down to every single time as well.

Let's Talk Music
  • 1. Name a song/album/artist you’ve recently discovered that you’d like to share with your followers.
  • 2. List 3 songs you definitely would put on a road trip playlist.
  • 3. Name some songs you listen to while doing work.
  • 4. Can you play any instruments? If not, what instrument would you like to learn how to play?
  • 5. Do you sing? Do you consider yourself a good singer?
  • 6. Can you read music? Or can you simply hear a song or melody and just play?
  • 7. Do you have any songs that you just HAVE to listen to before you go to sleep? If so, what are they?
  • 8. Has an artist/band ever changed your life? If so, how?
  • 9. What are some songs you listen to when you need to escape from everything?
  • 10. What are some songs you listen to when you need a pick me up?
  • 11. Do you have any songs that you just HAVE to dance to when you listen to them?
  • 12. Do you have any songs that you would shamelessly and loudly sing along to in public? With a group of friends?
  • 13. Do you think your parents or siblings had any influence over your music taste?
  • 14. Can you recall the first song you ever listened to? If so, what was it? (Excluding nursery rhymes, unless you want to put Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, etc.)
  • 15. Assign some of your friends songs and lyrics from those songs that remind you of them.
  • 16. Assign some of your exes songs and lyrics from those songs that encompassed your relationship with them/remind you of them.
  • 17. Are there any songs that you feel are underrated? Overrated? If so, why?
  • 18. When you are jamming out to a song, do you play any air instruments? (air guitar, air drums, air banjo, air cello, etc.)
  • 19. What song holds your favorite air guitar solo? The one that has you one your knees, strumming/picking like crazy?
  • 20. Are there any artists/bands you personally admire? If so, why?
  • 21. Have you ever dreamt of being a street musician? If so, what kind of music do you play? What instrument?
  • 22. Do you have any favorite classical pieces? Any favorite classical composers?
  • 23. What are some of your favorite modern orchestra pieces? Any favorite modern composers?
  • 24. What are some of your favorite movie scores?
  • 25. Do you have a favorite movie soundtrack?
  • 26. Do you sometimes feel that music just takes the words out of your mouth when it comes to explaining your feelings?
  • 27. What are some songs you wish you could listen to with the person you care for so to explain your feelings?
  • 28. Do you have any songs that you could imagine yourself making love (not just sex) to?
  • 29. Do you have any song lyrics you want/wish you could tattoo on yourself? Any music themed tattoos?
  • 30. What is your definition of music? Or favorite definition of music?

dippington13  asked:

Hey! just been curious lately so i wanted to ask, What type of music do you think milo and the gang listen to?

Good question! I personally like listenning to a bit of everything, so I think it really depends on who you’re asking.

Zack, being how musical he is, would probably be into everything, Pop being dominant genre I think. Anything he can boogie to really.
Milo would probably add any kind of music with a positive message to his MP3. He’d also be the nerd who would rock out with an air guitar or air drums IMO. Or air accordion lol. I do that in my cubicle and I must look like a dork XD
Melissa I think Rock would be her dominant favourite. Anything that gives a good base. BOOM!

As a sidenote, I like to think Zack likes to dance a lot. You know, boyband. So he’s an ACE at choreography. But he doesn’t like dancing to that extent in public, so Milo and Melissa beg him to teach them when they have downtime. It’s probably the one time they see him really be passionate about something to the point of having books and DVDs and BluRays on it.

He probably has his own little choreography journal somewhere, where he writes down his own routines.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend Feelings

Summary: Your feelings for Sam scare the life out of you. So you cling to Dean for guidance. One day when you drag them out to go swimming, Sam asks you about your feelings for his older brother, only to be surprised when he learns he’s had it all wrong.

A/N: I don’t know why, but in my mind the A/C in the bunker just…sucks.

Request: Alright here’s hoping I get in cause your writing is FANTASTIC. Sam x reader. They’ve been friends for years and they’re both crazy about one another but Sam thinks she’s into dean because of all the to me they spend togethet but he’s actually trying to help her get Sammy. Thanks:)

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: Shirtless Winchesters - I know I need a warning for that.

Word Count: 1.7k

Originally posted by shirtlesssammy

You doubled over with laughter at the sight of Dean trying to flip the bacon while shirtless. The grease was spitting everywhere, and the way that he jumped and yelped every time a drop hit him was almost worthy of recording.

Somehow, you and Dean were both awake and ready for the day before Sam. Normally he was the one up before both of you.

So here you and Dean were, goofing around in the kitchen while cooking breakfast. It was hot in the bunker, the middle of summer was always the worst. The air-conditioning system in the bunker needed a serious update. You were wearing only a pair of shorts and a tank top, while Dean was only wearing his pyjama pants.

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January 2017

Series: Birthday Month Imagines

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: Some mixup happens at Cochella turns out to be the greatest mixup ever.

Warnings: Sexual situations? Cute Tom

Word Count: 2,300+

A/N: Sorry it’s short my stomach isn’t feeling well again :( 

I love you all and look forward to a Mr. Holland update c:

I’m starting this series and will finish all the imagines for 2017 and then I will start January 2018 on New Years :)

[Reader’s POV]

   The smell of alcohol and weed filled the summer air. Music filled your ears as you saw tons of people heading off to different areas. A guy passes carrying a girl on his shoulders. Her hands in the air as she shouts excitedly.  Everyone dressed in fun and stylish different ways. It was always a dream to come here and you finally were able to come.

   You just grabbed your bags from the back of your Toyota Rav. Locking it you drag your bag towards the safari tents. This was your graduation gift from your parents since you got your degree. It was great as a gift because you would soon be starting your career after this vacation. This is going to be an experience you will never forget…. Well maybe forget some from how much you drink.

   Looking at the paper you look at the tent number. You signed a paper to room with someone so it’d be cheaper. You couldn’t get anyone to go with you so thankfully they had options to do this. Going to your tent you open the tarp to reveal one bed. Checking it again you look at the bed confused, there’s supposed to be two…

   Putting your bags down you leave the tent trying to find help. Tagging down a security guard he points you over to a table where people were sitting. They had sunglasses on and were wearing t-shirts that said ‘Coachella Staff.’ Once the person they were done helping leaves you place your printed information down on the table.

“I’m staying in tent thirteen, is there a reason why it’s on-”

“Ello, I’m in room thirteen and there’s been a mixup , I was supposed to be sharing with someone yet there’s only bed” an English accent makes your ears perk up. Turning to the side you see an attractive man with Ray bans on. His curls brushed back in a snapback.

“Well since the two of you are here, We’re sorry we can’t fix the situation since it’s the first day of the event..” the woman looks down at his paper , eyes widening a bit as she reads.

“Mr.Holland if you both don’t mind we can accommodate you free drinks while the two of you stay here to make up for our mistake we’re just going to ask if you could share the bed.. in return you get free drinks” The woman eyes were practically begging us to take their offer.

Why does that name seem so familiar?

“Hell if I can get free drinks I can sleep in the bed with some stranger” you laugh with a smile on your face. Who could say no to free drinks.

“Now that’s a sentence I did not expect to hear” the man beside you looks down at you. He takes off his shades looking you in the eyes. His eyes were brown but captivated your attention. You were at loss for words, he was handsome as fuck. It was Tom Holland, the actor who plays Spider-Man.

No wonder why you knew his name.

“C'mon let’s get back to the tent, we can get to know each other a bit yeah?” Tom smiles at you gesturing for you to follow him. Nodding you follow him as he slips his shades back on.

     The two of you walked back down the pathway leading to the tent. He held the cloth to the side letting you in. Taking your sunglasses off you set them down on the bed.He was wearing a floral shirt that was unbuttoned showing off his body. You couldn’t help but look at how his abs glistened from the sweat on his body. Looking away you blush after hearing him chuckle.

You were in the same room as a celebrity, you’ve never been in a situation like this.

“How bout we make this a drinking game?” you ask quirking an eyebrow up. Drinking games were your favorite and you barely lost.

“Drinking game? you’ve captured my attention love” his British accent kindling the fire inside you. God he sounded so damn hot.

“Truth or drink, we ask each other questions and if you don’t want to answer you have to take a shot” A woman walks into the room making the two of you look over. She had a tray of various alcohol bottles.

“We wanted to apologize Mr. Holland, here’s something you and her can share while you stay here..” She sets down the tray on top of the mini fridge that was in here. Waving goodbye she leaves the two of you alone. Your eyes locked on the variety of alcohol. The one bottle you know very well stands out to you.

    Walking over to the tray you pick up one of the shot glasses and open the bottle of Hpnotiq. The blurry blue vodka pours into the glass making you smile. Raising the glass to your lips  you knock it back letting it go down quickly. Taking the bottle you walk over to the bed after kicking your sandals off.

   Getting on the bed you sit down on your knees sinking slightly into the plus bed. Pouring another shot you take another one. Tom’s gaze was scanning your body up and down. He then looks over at the tray picking up a different bottle of vodka. Taking a shot glass he takes two like you and heads over to the bed.

   Tom climbs onto the bed sitting across from you. The alcohol buzzing through your system enticing you to drink more. Filling up your shot glass you wait for him to fill his up. The smell of his vodka reminded you of a party you blacked out at. That’s a strong vodka, maybe he might beat you?

“Alright angel, lets play the game” you two clink the shot glasses together before downing them. Licking your lower lip of the little droplet that remained. Tom’s eyes darting to your lips then back up to your eyes.

“Hmmm have you ever thought about roleplaying in your Spiderman suit and tying the girl up?” you ask smirking as his eyes widen a bit. Taking your lower lip in between your teeth as you wait for an answer.

“Yes I have thought about it.. do you like being tied up?” your hand tightened around the neck of the bottle a bit. Okay Holland, nice comeback. A cheeky grin plastered on his face as silence filled the air.

“I do like being tied up actually” filling up your shot glass you down another. You definitely needed a drink after that confession. Tom’s tongue darting out, he licks his lower lip. Raising his hand he runs his fingers through his curls. Yet all you could look at is his muscles flexing and moving as he did so.

“Are you bothered we have to share the same bed for three days?” you ask setting the shot glass on the bed side table. You get up and move closer sitting in front of Tom. Raising the bottle you take a few sips from it.

“No I’m not bothered.. It’s going to be interesting spending three days with you” he smirks  doing the same and just drinking from the bottle. It’s turned into just confession time cause none of you want to hide anything. The music getting louder in the background, cheering started filling the air. The beat of drums getting louder and louder signaling a new person was on stage. Before it was chill music now this band was loud.

“What do you wear to sleep?” Tom asks hissing slightly after chugging some of the vodka. His cheeks slightly tinting pink. He wipes the back of his hand against his lips.

“I normally sleep naked but that would be a problem” you hiccup before drinking more from the bottle.Toms eyes sliding down your figure making your chest tighten.Setting down the bottle on the table you get closer to Tom. His body was now resting against a headboard.

“Why do you think that would be a problem?” he asks you watching your every move. Swinging your leg over his legs you sit down on his lap. Your hands slide down his chest and get slower as the tips of your fingers brush against his abs.

“I mean.. I’ll want to do something if you’re in the same bed as me” your voice light as your fingertips glide back up his body. His arm extends to the side letting the bottle clink against the table.

“What would you want to do?” Tom’s hands grip your waist as your hips start grinding against his. Pulling his face against yours you press your lips against his. A grunt escapes him as his hands move to your ass gripping it. A smack fills the air from how hard his hand came down against the clothed skin.

    Your lips kiss down his jaw towards his neck. Lips attaching to the base of his neck you bite the skin lightly. Tom moans tilting his head to the side giving you more access. Your hips still moving against his in a slow steady motion. The alcohol buzzing in your system and his touch making a fire inside you grow bigger.

    As your hips performed their torture on Tom you could feel him getting hard beneath you. His breathing ragged and the smell of vodka blended with his breath. Tom gets up moving your body so it falls back onto the mattress. Your hair sprawled against the comforter. His hands felt like fire against your skin as they slid up your legs.

   Spreading your legs apart he settles himself in between your legs. Anticipation making your chest rise and fall faster. His face lowers so he’s close enough to kiss you but isn’t. Tom’s lips press against your forehead making you look at him confused. His chest vibrates from his deep chuckle. Sitting up on your elbows you release a sigh of frustration.

“Don’t be like that love, I would love to fuck you relentlessly now but I want to spend the weekend with you and take you as many times as you want on the last day?” his smile making the ache between your legs become worse. His accent sounding like the hottest thing you heard.

“You better make it worth it Holland” you smirk reaching up and gliding your fingertips over the hickeys your made on his fair skin.

“Well I’m Spider-Man so shut your face” Tom laughs taking your hand and kissing the palm of it. The action making you smile from how cute he is.

“Well you don’t have the suit on now or any rope.. cause then we could have some fun” giggling at the way his eyes widened and cheeks flushed pink.

“You’ll be the death of me this weekend” his hands slide down your body and back up. Letting out a heavy breath you get up off the bed.

“Well lets get out of here and have some fun.. maybe I can change your mind to help your friend out” your hand reaching and cupping his erection through his pants.

“Fuckin hell lets get out of here before I take you now” as you bent over to pick up your shoes a hard slap lands against your ass. Letting out a shriek you look up to see a smirking Tom.

“Fuck you Holland” glaring at him through narrowed eyes. His laughter fills the air making you furrow your eyebrows.

“You will be fucking me this weekend…”

“Tom!” picking up the bottle you laugh before taking a couple sips from it. The liquid burning its way down but feeling so good.

“It’s true though, you’ll be begging for it.. now hurry up I want to go get drunk as fuck I need it after finishing filming” Taking off his shirt he tossed it onto the ground and searched through his bag. Pulling out some paint he takes your hands.

    Rubbing the paint on your hands he places your hands on his pecs. Sliding your hands slightly to the side smearing the handprint but it still being visible. He takes two of your fingers on your cheeks moving them horizontally. Walking over to the basin you rinse the paint off of your hands. Drying your hands you change your outfit a bit.

   The two of you walk out of the tent and head down the pathway. A security guard walked past followed by another shortly after. Tom takes your hand in his as his free hand readjusts his snapback. His muscles on full display making you die on the inside at the sight. Yet the fact that he was holding your hand made your heart hammer in your chest.

“Ready to have an amazing weekend you’ll never forget?” he asks as the two of you walk toward the crowd.

“If I get to spend it with you thats all I care about” blushing a bit at your confession.

“Trust me I would never forget this for the world” he winks picking you up. Your body being slung over his shoulder. He takes off running towards the crowd and the two of you disappear into the crowd starting a weekend adventure together. This was going to be a weekend you would never forget.

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have some headcanons

• when Ice listens to rock/alternative, he will always be seen air drumming

• ice’s room is warm and he really feels comfortable that way! It’s probably because of all the technology that’s in his room

• Norway has burn scars on his body from the witch trials

• when sweden’s sick, he likes to watch game shows like Price Is Right, Jeopardy, etc.

• denmark thinks ballet and ballroom are very pretty. he personally likes the waltz and jive. he is also always impressed when he watches petite allegro!! “Wooooow they’re legs and feet are moving so fast what????”

• I forgot who gave this headcanon, but all the credit goes to them. I like the idea of Finland having a prosthetic arm!

• iceland used to listen to 8-bit dubstep all the time

• Nordics in overwatch:
- Denmark: Junkrat or Roadhog!! he loves their story too; he thinks they’re very fun
- Norway: Zenyatta, Reaper, or d.Va
- Iceland: Reaper, Tracer, or Lucío!
- Sweden: Soldier76, d.Va, or Mercy!
- Finland: of course widowmaker or Ana, but I feel he would also enjoy Hanzo

• sweden gets notifications on when there’s a new minecraft update

• finland and Hungary are usually seen hanging out!!

• Norway can literally just sleep anywhere and everywhere. He’s also a deep sleeper. Sometimes he sleeps with his eyes open. (I forgot who came up with that one too, but credit to you!) He sometimes falls asleep at World Meetings, and when he does, his eyes are open. He hasn’t been caught yet. (The man is old and just tired let him sleep)

• England and America really helped Iceland work on his English during WW2, and if he ever forgets a word, he’ll call either of them. He’s gotten better at American lingo lately!

• sometimes at world meetings there’s “free seating” and that’s only if they have a meeting but nothing to discuss. So, Iceland will usually sit his friends: Hong Kong, Seychelles, Liechtenstein, and Taiwan. (Maybe South Korea, Seborga, or New Zealand will sit with them too?) ((basically it’s the physically younger aged nations altogether (maybe not the younger ones like sealand and Wy?) and they talk the whole time))

•with the countries mentioned above, Iceland’s in a group chat with them, and it’s always blowing up his phone

• the Nordics have reenacted the Friends intro

• order of who wakes up first and at what time:
1. Sweden (5:00 am)
2. Denmark (between 5:00- 5:45 am)
3. Finland (7:30 am. sharp.)
4. Norway (11:00 am)
5. Iceland (2:00 pm) (he doesn’t go to bed until almost sunrise) (it’s very bad)

• sweden has kept every single IKEA catalog produced because it reminds him of how far the company has come and it makes him really happy

• at family dinners, finland will talk the whole time, and it’s very interesting to listen to what he has to say! (Even if, canonically, he’s a misunderstood storyteller) everyone will stop eating and listen to him!!

•they’ve all got ghosts in their houses (which…would be very strange if they’ve lived in that house for centuries on top of centuries, right?)

• on separate note, Iceland and Sweden are easily startled by anything

• I love the freckles headcanon for Denmark, but consider that he also has eczema/“chicken skin” on his arms too. It’s little red bumps on the skin that are super annoying (I have them but they’ve gone away over the years)

• finland has a beauty marks on the right side of his collarbone, his left temple, on his left wrist, and a few on his chest

• contrary to popular opinion, Iceland reads a whole lot. Like he really enjoys the reading. His library is too small for all the books he has.

• Iceland and Norway share books frequently. They’ll send each other new books they’ve read and really recommend. It’s a form of bonding, I guess.

• Iceland was shown trap music by America, and although he thinks it gets kind of annoying, he likes a few songs. Those songs are used in memes that America has also shown him (he doesn’t fully understand memes yet either).

• Ice would rather stick with his alternative music

• Denmark gets severe panic attacks. Everyone helps him out in the ways they can, but most of the time it’s Sweden and Norway who can get him to fully calm down.

How Far

A little something for @alphacrone​ who wanted to read some Friendship!Jack and Bitty.  A restless night at the Haus leads to an impromptu visit to the local bowling alley.

“Just trust me on this one, Jack,” Bitty said out of the side of his mouth as he reached for a bowling ball.

Jack nodded, then turned toward Shitty.

“Yeah, sure.  I’m in,” Jack said as he handed Shitty a twenty dollar bill. 

“Lord, that’s kind of steep for me right now,” Bitty said hemming and hawing. “Well, at least it’ll be fun.”

“I feel bad taking your money, Bitty,” Shitty said as he took two crumpled tens. “But not too bad!”

Bitty looked at the balls, and decided on a neon green 12 pound ball.  

“How hard can it be?” he asked Shitty as he lifted the ball and held it to his chest.

Jack smirked, and sat down as he entered everyone’s name into the automatic scorer.  

Lardo and Shitty had been restless at the Haus that evening, and their restlessness began to spread to the rest of the team.  Even with midterms quickly approaching, no one else had any real inclination of actually doing work.

“It’s Friday night.  We’re young and alive… let’s do something. Anything for fuck’s sake,” Shitty moaned as he dramatically spread himself across the kitchen table and sighed.  

Lardo sat on the counter looking through her Instagram feed while Bitty frosted some cupcakes, and frowned upon seeing Shitty plastered on the table.

“Can you please get your stank ass head off my kitchen table?  We eat there, you know.”

“Stank ass head.  Good one, Bittle,” Jack snorted as he also sat at the table, doodling some hockey plays in the margin of his history book.

Lardo jumped off the counter and shoved her phone in front of Shitty’s face.  

“Look!  An online coupon for free pizza with a paid game at Strikers.  Get up, peeps.  We’re going bowling.”

Shitty immediately sat up and threw his fist into the air.

“Yes! A little ten pin, m’lady and gents?”

“Bowling?” Bitty said with a slight moue.

Jack stood up and said, “I could bowl.  You don’t bowl, Bittle?”

Bitty shrugged and put down the last cupcake.  “Fine… let’s go bowling, I guess.”

“Thank god, I was just about to pass out of boredom,” Lardo said as she grabbed the Haus keys from the glass bowl on the kitchen counter.

“Let’s go, kiddles.  And bring those cupcakes,” Shitty said as he followed Lardo outside.

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Bartender AU)
Word Count: 3422
Warnings: Slight angst, fluff, some language

Summary: You’re at bar with your friends when you see something unexpected, but maybe the hot bartender can turn your night around!

A/N: This is my submission for @marvelous-fvcks 3k writing challenge. Congrats Chels! My prompt was a Bartender AU. not my gif, source (x)

Natasha smiled as you slipped behind her, checking the mirror to see that your makeup didn’t look awful. You had been out with her all day and didn’t feel like reapplying anything. There was no one to impress anyway considering you were already taken, in a fairly new relationship with your boyfriend Grant. The redhead effortlessly applied her eyeliner. You’ll never get over your jealousy for her makeup skills, it always takes you at least a few minutes to paint your own lids with several frustrating attempts at makes the wings even.

“It’ll be fun tonight,” Natasha said, hanging her mouth open as she applied her mascara. “Clint’s heard them before, they’re pretty good.”

Natasha was referring to the band playing at a bar near Clint’s apartment. With Grant being away on a business trip this weekend you were lonely but thankfully your best friend came through with plans. You pump a liquid from whatever hair product is on Natasha’s sink into your hand a few times, it makes her hair look perfect so clearly it couldn’t hurt you.

Nat drove to Clint’s apartment, kissing him hello as he opens the door. He greets you with a firm hug before the three of you walk a few blocks to The Captain, the bar appropriately named after its owner, a former Captain in the army. It was a pretty popular bar with live music every weekend. You got there early enough to grab a table in the back before the band started.

Heading to the bar with Natasha you squeeze your way in between the crowd, locking eyes with the bartender who wordlessly lets you know he’ll be right there. Your heart flutters, damn was he good looking! Tall and broad, with brown hair falling just above his shoulders and stubble peppering his sharp jawline. Even in the dim bar lighting you could see his sparkling blue eyes.

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So I saw Dear Evan Hansen for the second time on Saturday, August 26th at 2:00PM. Colton Ryan was on as Evan and Lisa Brescia was on as Heidi, but the rest of the cast was all OBC. The first time I saw the show it was the full OBC. I’m going to be honest with you all and say I liked the second time better.

It may have something to do with the fact I had seen it before and was able to soak in a little bit more since it wasn’t the first time, or that my memory of the first time has faded, but still.

I’m not say Colton is better than Ben, or that Ben is better than Colton in any way. I enjoyed both performances thoroughly and would pay good money to see either of them again.

The entire cast was so on point. With Ben, they all have it down to a science. The cast has been doing this together for so long that it’s almost like they can read each other’s minds. It’s a well oiled machine and it’s a beautiful piece of theatre that I’ll never forget seeing all OBC, but Colton took a lot of risks. And the others really bounced off of him really well, especially Mike.

Mike played a mean Connor. Even when he went to sign Evan’s cast, he was rude. We never saw a softer side of Connor, it was just rude the whole time. And even when he came back to talk to Evan as Ghost Connor or whatever he was much harsher. I was pretty shocked by this, but also pleasantly surprised by it as well.

Will was fantastic, as always ;) but you could really see how hurt he was during Good For You. It was bomb. His ability to read the stage and drop his quips right on time is impeccable.

Kristolyn’s Waving Through A Window was the prettiest part of the whole show. Damn girl. Alana was very lost during the beginning less pushy or distracted? If that makes sense.

The first time I saw the show, Laura’s performance was good, but she really didn’t stand out much, but this time, HOT DAMN her Requiem was FELT. The tears were real. The emotion was so raw I could hardly contain myself. Only Us was absolutely precious and she was just phenomenal.

Jennifer broke my heart. She was amazing both times I’ve seen her and honestly plays her role so well. I think she was really over looked this award season. She’s outstanding.

MICHAEL FREAKING PARK. I didn’t think he could get better honestly. The first time I saw it I was so shook. Like I knew he was good, but I didn’t know he was THAT GOOD. and then Saturday…HE WAS EVEN BETTER. I think he was actually crying during the Principal office Scene which was different. Like he was showing emotions so much earlier than before. Larry can be an ass, but depending on when you see the show, you might like him more than others.

I will say that I enjoyed Rachel’s take on Heidi more. Lisa has a fantastic voice, and her So Big/So Small was amazing, but she played a much stricter Heidi. A meaner mother, no, a more entitled mother. Reminded me a little too much of my own I think.

Now Colton. My boy. First of all, he’s a total sweetheart. Take to my several times at the stagedoor. Made sure to thank everyone, maybe overly so. Saw him again the next morning when a young girl was giving him presents before he went in for work and he was so kind and understanding. It really was very sweet. NOW the performance!
He plays a lot younger than Ben does. Like A LOT younger. Colton can definitely pull of being a 17 year old. His voice is much younger (and his southern twang comes out sometimes and it’s so beautiful) but still mature at the same time. He’s much softer at the beginning. Like anxiety is a lot of Evan’s character through Ben, but Colton’s Evan is obviously a very kind and soft spoken even without the anxiety. During Sincerely Me he hugged Mike around the waist instead of putting his arm around his shoulder and it was ADORABLE. But then he got to Good For You and just completely changed. He went at Jared with such force. It was incredible. He shows his anxiety a lot more through facial expressions and posture. There is a lot less shirt tugging, but he does shake his hand and leg(when he’s sitting) he has a very Theater voice(like someone let this boy sing some opera) whereas Ben’s is more radio. Absolutely loved his performance, oh! and he did air drums on the way out after curtain call XD

All in all the show is fantastic and I’m extremely grateful to have even seen it once, but I’m honestly floored that I had the privilege to see it twice. If you get a chance to see it and the standbys are on, know you’re in for a treat. It may not be Ben Platt, but it will be better than anything you could ever imagine.

(I’ve also heard Michael Lee Brown is amazing as well, and he’s probably the nicest person I’ve ever met so love to him as well)

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Aw omg but if Patton walked in on Virgil playing air drums he 100 percent has Virgil play his music out loud and they have an awesome air drums/air guitar rock sesh

this is so cutee????

- He asks Virgil to blast that music as loud as he wants and Virgil smiles and turns it all the way up

- While Virgil does air drums (with startling accuracy) Pat just pretends to play the guitar and jumps around a lot. Even Virgil has to admit that it’s super adorable

- After like fifty of Virgil’s songs, he asks Pat to play one of his favorites, expecting like, country music, and Patton turns on “Kick Me When I’m Down” by Sleeping with Sirens and Virgil just What the fuck

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I love love love your blog! Almost as much as Saeran ;) Could we get #5 for the 'I Love You' prompt? <3

5. Over a beer bottle

A/N: Quickie because I’m sneaking out a small break from studying :3 (save me pls I’m drowning under all these readings)

He peers over the rim of his near empty beer bottle, and it dangles loosely from his grasp. He’s seated across you, weight leaning on his elbows that are rested on the table. His eyes are half-closed, consciousness clouded by the alcohol, and his cheeks flushed a deep pink that can almost compare with his red hair.

You sigh, taking a swig from your own bottle. You seriously contemplate smacking Zen upside the head the next time you see him for introducing Saeran to beer in the first place. Now it’s all Saeran does when he’s upset, when he gets into an argument with his brother, or even when he’s simply bored and has nothing to do. Today is one of those days when he just doesn’t want to stay home for some reason, and so he called you earlier to invite you out for a drink.

Knowing how Saeran isn’t exactly the best drunk, you dropped everything to go to him, despite how busy you were. Admittedly, it was also because you like spending time with him. But as far as feelings go, you’re just attracted to him. That’s all there is to it… you think. 

And Saeran is always just… Saeran. Blank. Stoic. Never showing you more than a couple glimpses into his thoughts or emotions. He just seemed to tolerate your presence at the start. Even now, you suppose the only reason he asks you out occasionally is because he’s gotten quite used to being around you. You’re not sure that he actually likes you being around him though, so you never initiate things too much, and neither does he because Saeran isn’t exactly the poster boy for taking initiative in social situations.

“I want more…” he mutters then, causing you to raise a brow and snap out of your own thoughts. He leans back on the sofa, movements sluggish as he slams his now empty bottle onto the table with a loud clunk.

And that makes it the sixth bottle he’s had for the night.

“We’re done here,” you say, standing up a little too fast. You’re just slightly unsteady on your feet, a little more tipsy than you intended to be. But you easily regain your balance, and step over to tug on his sleeve. “Let’s go.”

“Nooooo, not done, I want moreeee,” he slurs, unfocused eyes taking a couple seconds to narrow into a glare at your figure. It’s a little comical how his pupils start drifting away, as if the room is spinning around him and you’re not standing in one spot.

Your observation proves true when he clutches his head with a grimace, face scrunching up. “Stop moving,” he groans, pointing a middle finger that’s directed at apparently, nothing. “Stop spinning like that, you fucker!” 

You lower your head slightly under the gazes from patrons nearby. Yep, you made the right decision coming here. 

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