Please elaborate further, Mob.

Also this is the last preview I’ll post cause I’ll end up spoiling too much haha (´∀`;)

  • me, on my deathbed: ai gonplei ste odon...
  • my family, confused af: wtf did she just say??

It’s one of those days where I get very happy because I remember that Donut grew up with two moms, Caboose is from a moon colony and had 17 sisters growing up, Epsilon refers to Carolina as “Sis” and they’ve obviously bonded a lot, Tucker is a good single dad and proudly carries Junior’s picture around in an obsolete wallet just to show him off, and Grif raised Kai on his own when their mom went to the circus.

Like. Families. Families! Families.


Ok I just remember something important when I read Vampire Knight Memories. The soul of the female ancestor lived on within her heart despite it having been removed from her body.

So that means with Yuuki’s heart being in Kaname’s body, her soul is resting inside him and she is existing along side his existence? ;A;